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  • Announcements

    (1962 Topics/6096 Posts)
    Last post at 8:40pm on 18 Apr 14 by CreightonView the latest post
    Found out any role playing news that you think UK Role Players would benefit from knowing about? Well, post them here.
  • Reviews

    (104 Topics/837 Posts)
    Last post at 2:24pm on 06 Apr 14 by jonthemanView the latest post
    Found a roleplaying product (game, scenario, supplement, or, basically, anything) that you want to review? Then start a new thread here. Full instructions are contained within.
  • Actual Play

    (157 Topics/1109 Posts)
    Last post at 10:05pm on 17 Apr 14 by 5h4neView the latest post
    Here you can give a rundown on what you're actually running. Go on, let us all know about it - perhaps we can pick up some ideas...
  • Columns

    (46 Topics/191 Posts)
    Last post at 9:00am on 01 Apr 14 by dpmcalisterView the latest post
    A forum for discussing the latest articles from UK Role Players columnists.
  • Freeforms/LARPs

    (86 Topics/369 Posts)
    Last post at 6:18pm on 24 Mar 14 by The StorytellerView the latest post
    Discussion on various aspects of freeforms and LARPs from writing to playing in them.
    Moderators: queenortart, Darran
  • Open RPG Discussion

    (2162 Topics/37601 Posts)
    Last post at 11:17am on 19 Apr 14 by ShaneView the latest post
    Want to talk, specifically, about RPGs? Then post it here. Questions, comments, and views are all welcomed.
    Subforum: Brainstorming
  • Open Miniature Discussion

    (195 Topics/980 Posts)
    Last post at 9:16pm on 29 Jan 14 by BerianView the latest post
    Want to talk minis? Got some pictures you want to show or some links to interesting sites? Whatever you want to talk about, do it here.
  • Artwork

    (65 Topics/418 Posts)
    Last post at 10:37pm on 10 Apr 14 by catty_bigView the latest post
    Want to show everyone your artwork? Then post it (or a link to it) here.
  • Ideas & Feedback

    (99 Topics/1335 Posts)
    Last post at 5:34pm on 18 Feb 14 by Mick RedView the latest post
    Do you have any ideas or feedback that you'd like to provide? Is there something you'd like to see on the website that isn't here? Or, perhaps, there's something here that really annoys you? Whatever it is, let me know here and I'll see what I can do to correct the situation.
  • Miscellaneous

    (825 Topics/12237 Posts)
    Last post at 3:42pm on 11 Apr 14 by w00hooView the latest post
    Want to talk about non-RPG stuff? Then here's the place...
    Subforums: Left4Dead, Book & Film Clubs
  • Sales, Trades, and Wants

    (559 Topics/2090 Posts)
    Last post at 6:02pm on 15 Apr 14 by aethelwulf22View the latest post
    Want to sell or trade roleplaying games? Perhaps you're looking for something in particular. Then post the details here. Remember to read the rules of the forum before you post though...
  • Clubs

    (268 Topics/1482 Posts)
    Last post at 2:01am on 17 Apr 14 by p1fxView the latest post
    Do you run a club within the UK? Want some free publicity? Then post within this topic and see if you can't get some more people involved in your games.
  • Gamers

    (1249 Topics/5939 Posts)
    Last post at 12:36pm on 17 Apr 14 by IrrelevancetheoryView the latest post
    Can't find any other gamers in your area? Tried the Clubs forum, but nothing near you? Then post your details in this forum and try to drum up some interest in your area.
  • Shops

    (120 Topics/705 Posts)
    Last post at 8:56pm on 26 Feb 14 by BoostersByPostView the latest post
    If you run, or just know of, a roleplaying shop, be it online or offline, let everyone else know about it by posting here.
  • Internet Games

    (56 Topics/1584 Posts)
    Last post at 3:20pm on 17 Apr 14 by wraithbenView the latest post
    If you're looking for other gamers for an internet-based game (using one of the many virtual tabletop pieces of software) post the details here. Likewise, if you're looking to try it out, post here and our experts will help you out ;)
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    AmberCon NI

    (2 Topics/30 Posts)
    Last post at 4:33pm on 02 Apr 14 by BadgersView the latest post
    A three-day convention devoted Diceless Roleplaying Games, held in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
    Moderator: Kevin
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    (846 Topics/11074 Posts)
    Last post at 4:55pm on 16 Mar 14 by SJEView the latest post
    The premier convention on the south coast of England. Held in February since 2000 in Christchurch, nr Bournemouth.
    Moderators: havedice, The Crypt Keeper, Grinnen Baeritt, pagan angel, cade_tosscobble, Kithran, Ytene
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    Concrete Cow

    (46 Topics/837 Posts)
    Last post at 6:11pm on 26 Mar 14 by dpmcalisterView the latest post
    Concrete Cow is a twice-yearly gaming day held in Milton Keynes.
    Moderator: Neil Smith
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    (78 Topics/364 Posts)
    Last post at 12:07am on 18 Apr 14 by Craig OxbrowView the latest post
    An event held at the Teviot Row Student Union in Edinburgh.
    Moderator: PhilipGHarris
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    (88 Topics/761 Posts)
    Last post at 3:24pm on 10 Feb 14 by dpmcalisterView the latest post
    A single day event covering all gaming held in Derby.
    Moderator: Darran
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    (180 Topics/1891 Posts)
    Last post at 5:34pm on 27 Nov 12 by queenortartView the latest post
    A weekend of LARPs/freeforms and tabletops of all kinds in Christchurch, nr Bournemouth.
    Moderators: ibarhis, queenortart
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    (134 Topics/1123 Posts)
    Last post at 3:17pm on 01 Apr 14 by DuchessKView the latest post
    A biannual games convention held in Leicester.
    Moderators: Rolgan, Julia
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    (2 Topics/14 Posts)
    Last post at 7:24pm on 26 Jul 13 by DMWCarolView the latest post
    A weekend of gaming and socialising near Peterborough.
    Moderator: DMWCarol
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    (7 Topics/53 Posts)
    Last post at 11:36pm on 29 Mar 14 by DramaScapeView the latest post
    Dragondaze is all about having fun, its a one day convention celebrating all things gaming. There will be many things to see and play.
    Moderator: DramaScape
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    (169 Topics/1859 Posts)
    Last post at 10:33am on 13 Dec 13 by Dan_HellsingView the latest post
    Dragonmeet takes place at Kensington Town Hall! A single day event with guests, games, seminars and a trade hall!
    Moderators: Jon Hodgson, CatTHM, dommcdowall
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    (142 Topics/2186 Posts)
    Last post at 6:00pm on 09 Mar 14 by First AgeView the latest post
    Furnace is an annual roleplaying convention in Sheffield, around October, which is held in a converted gaol.
    Moderator: ElaineM
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    Gamma Con

    (4 Topics/17 Posts)
    Last post at 5:07pm on 29 Jan 12 by catty_bigView the latest post
    A one day gaming event in Lichfield, Staffordshire for roleplayers, wargamers, boardgamers and cardplayers.
    Moderator: jontheman
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    Grand Tribunal UK

    (8 Topics/11 Posts)
    Last post at 3:03pm on 03 Mar 14 by cj.23View the latest post
    Grand Tribunal UK is a convention for players of Ars Magica, published by Atlas Games.
    Moderator: cj.23
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    (471 Topics/5656 Posts)
    Last post at 2:45pm on 16 Apr 14 by Leonidas300View the latest post
    A convention for independent RPG publishers.
    Moderator: Leonidas300
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    (35 Topics/279 Posts)
    Last post at 7:32pm on 04 Mar 14 by scorpionkissView the latest post
    A mini con in the Fareham/Portsmouth area
    Moderator: scorpionkiss
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    Nine Worlds

    (9 Topics/72 Posts)
    Last post at 10:06am on 28 Mar 14 by WeathermanView the latest post
    Nine Worlds is a new convention in London, UK, 9–11 August 2013. It’s about gaming, film, cosplay, fandom, literature, science, geek culture, meeting people and having a really big party.
    Moderator: Weatherman
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    PaizoCon UK

    (9 Topics/71 Posts)
    Last post at 11:57pm on 31 Jul 13 by Paul HView the latest post
    An event for UK players of Paizo's Pathfinder Society.
    Moderators: Rob Silk, Wintergreen
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    Seven Hills

    (7 Topics/129 Posts)
    Last post at 1:37pm on 19 Apr 14 by ragrView the latest post
    Seven Hills is a new roleplaying convention, to be held in Sheffield, the Rome of the north, on the 26th and 27th of April 2014.
    Moderator: dr_mitch
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    (8 Topics/23 Posts)
    Last post at 5:16pm on 24 Mar 14 by SJEView the latest post
    Travcon UK is an annual con dedicated to all things Traveller run by British Isles Traveller Support aka BITS UK Ltd.
    Moderators: BITS, richardtalbotuk
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    UK Games Expo

    (122 Topics/840 Posts)
    Last post at 9:12am on 27 Mar 14 by MaxBantlemanView the latest post
    Everything about Games
    The UK's best attended, multi-category, games convention.
    Moderators: NachoMan, rdenning, Weatherman
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    (5 Topics/28 Posts)
    Last post at 7:02am on 11 Apr 14 by simonpaulburleyView the latest post
    WynterCon 2014 is a new convention celebrating alternative realities across the Sci-Fi, Fantasy,
    Horror and Alternative Genres and will be held from the 31st October - 2nd November 2014
    at the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne.
    Moderators: Weatherman, AndyKybett
  • Other Events

    (169 Topics/1594 Posts)
    Last post at 1:13pm on 24 Mar 14 by catty_bigView the latest post
    Running a UK convention and want some free publicity? Then create a topic within this forum and let everyone know about it.
  • Old Events

    (186 Topics/2317 Posts)
    Last post at 11:20am on 31 Aug 12 by Phil MastersView the latest post
    A forum (and sub-forums) for events that are no longer run (for whatever reason).
  • Wanna Lift?

    (26 Topics/54 Posts)
    Last post at 2:20am on 11 Nov 13 by SJEView the latest post
    Got spare seats in your mode of transport? Looking for a lift yourself? Have a look in here and let's see if we can't share the costs of the journey to and from conventions.
  • The Welcome Inn...

    (10 Topics/395 Posts)
    Last post at 5:02pm on 06 Nov 13 by KevinView the latest post
    An out of character area for the Play by Message Board (PbMB) games. Here you can request your own game forum or just chat about the games.

    (1 Topics/36 Posts)
    Last post at 8:04pm on 10 Apr 13 by OmnifrayView the latest post
    An arena for playtesting Matt West's rules-lite generic/universal storygame CHIEFS, a GM-less game for four players. Rules are freely downloadable from Lulu:- Just search for CHIEFS (by Matt West).
    Moderator: Omnifray
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    De Profundis

    (14 Topics/210 Posts)
    Last post at 2:00pm on 12 Apr 14 by dr_mitchView the latest post
    A play by message board game of De Profundis
    Moderator: queenortart
  • Old Games

    (88 Topics/2008 Posts)
    Last post at 10:51am on 02 Apr 12 by wraithbenView the latest post
    A forum (and sub-forums) for games that are no longer run (for whatever reason).
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    Dutch Invaders

    (59 Topics/655 Posts)
    Last post at 10:35am on 01 Apr 14 by wraithbenView the latest post
    A place to discuss all things to do with the Dutch Invaders, Home Games, UK cons, Game discussion and ideas. We're in your cons, sinking your ships...
    Moderators: Silhouette, Lyanna
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    (132 Topics/1960 Posts)
    Last post at 7:16pm on 17 Apr 14 by Paul HView the latest post
    A forum for use by the gamers at the iWARPUK club.
    Moderators: Alex, John_B
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    (59 Topics/262 Posts)
    Last post at 5:35pm on 01 Apr 14 by spookyzeusView the latest post
    A forum for all gamers in the Kent region so they can chat about and organise games.
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    London Indie RPG Meetup Group

    (208 Topics/2126 Posts)
    Last post at 12:57am on 13 Apr 14 by jamesgrahamView the latest post
    We meet one Saturday a month from 12pm to 9pm to play Indie RPGs. Check our Meetup site for dates and times. Post here for suggestions, comments, ideas for upcoming events and loving good vibes.
    Moderator: Magus
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    (701 Topics/10110 Posts)
    Last post at 3:11pm on 22 Mar 14 by Mick RedView the latest post
    A forum for use by the gamers at the Portsmouth club.
    Moderator: mr toad
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    Stockport Unorganised Role Players (STURP)

    (60 Topics/270 Posts)
    Last post at 11:22pm on 08 Feb 14 by PaulBaldowskiView the latest post
    We members of STURP are a ragtag band of role players with years of experience, and far too many unplayed supplements, seeking to spend a few hours each week getting our gaming fix. We try to meet every Monday evening (7.30 - 8PM) at the KRO in Heaton Moor and new members are always welcome.
    Moderator: silver.waterlily
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    Age of Arthur

    (13 Topics/101 Posts)
    Last post at 4:32pm on 02 Apr 14 by dr_mitchView the latest post
    Dark Ages Roleplaying in War Torn Britannia

    Age of Arthur is the forthcoming pen and paper roleplaying game set in Britannia, two generations after the withdrawal of the Roman Empire.
    Moderator: dr_mitch
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    d101 Games

    (10 Topics/12 Posts)
    Last post at 7:59am on 27 May 13 by NewtView the latest post
    Publishers of fine Roleplaying Game books in both print and pdf format. Supporting both modern and old school systems, with a strong emphasis on story telling. We publish: Monkey, OpenQuest, Wordplay the Big Five and Hearts in Glorantha.
    Moderator: Newt
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    Farsight Games

    (9 Topics/13 Posts)
    Last post at 9:51pm on 18 Nov 11 by LawbagView the latest post
    The discussion forum for all things from Farsight Games - The SKETCH system, ODDS ezine and others
    Moderator: jontheman
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    (10 Topics/66 Posts)
    Last post at 9:03am on 10 May 12 by WolverineView the latest post
    Intense political, intrigue and character-based roleplaying in a world beset by war.
    Moderator: Tylorva
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    (41 Topics/380 Posts)
    Last post at 7:05pm on 18 Apr 14 by OmnifrayView the latest post
    Omnifray:- fantasy roleplay in the mysterious Enshrouded Lands, "a thousand worlds in one", where magic bubbles away beneath the surface, beyond the ken of the common folk, with a unique, detailed, highly flexible rules system
    Moderator: Omnifray
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    Radical Approach

    (31 Topics/121 Posts)
    Last post at 7:39pm on 17 Apr 14 by ClausView the latest post
    Publisher of the Crimson Exodus sword & sorcery style roleplaying game, the stand alone wound encyclopedia Trauma, and the Fantasy Dice game system known for fast and simple game mechanics with lots of tactical depth.
    Moderator: Claus
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    Silver Branch Games

    (4 Topics/25 Posts)
    Last post at 4:59pm on 12 May 13 by Tim GrayView the latest post
    Publisher of a range of games including Jaws of the Six Serpents and Albion.
    Moderator: Tim Gray
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    UKRP Design Collective

    (61 Topics/681 Posts)
    Last post at 6:52am on 17 Apr 14 by smiorganView the latest post
    The Design Collective is an idea spawned from the UK Role Players forum, to gather a group of people involved in the creation and publishing of independent roleplaying games.
    Moderator: JohnK

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