Council of Thieves recap

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Council of Thieves recap

Postby Balgin Stondraeg » 6:15pm on 20 Jan 12

Okay, here's a general reminder, not so much of events taking place but in the interest of keeping the storyline/plot familiar so people don't ask "what are we doing this for again?"

As we know our brave bunch of heroes became involved with the Gem Crown - a bunch of freedom fighters against the oppression and institutionalised corruption that is running the city of Westcrown (former capitol of Cheliax) into the ground. Shadow beasts roam the streets at night and the city guards do not patrol in the poorer parts of town as much as they sued to. Gangs also run riot, and roam the streets at night, and the authorirties don't seem to be doing much about it.

It was while taking down one such gang that the parties found a letter written implying that the gang had been sponsored by some sort of group calling themselves "the council". It also made it clear that this gang had fallen from favour somehow.

When the powers of government moved from Westcrown to the city of Egorian the Pathfinder lodge in Westcrown was closed down by the authorities and no-one has been inside since. No-one, that is, save for some Chelaxian Pathfinders who explored ita little and then closed it down for good. Why is this important? Well a visitting Pathfinder (she's on unofficial business so cannot be seen to be involved) has noticed that the shutdown of the lodge coincides with the same dates the first shadow beasts were sene roaming the streets and she wishes to investigate and, if at all possible, put an end to the shadow beast threat. The place is heavily booby trapped and locked up tight with both magical locks and the normal kind.

Any documents relating to the old Pathfinder Lodge and the keys for these locks were to be found within the governor's mansion. A place wich is, unfortunately very high security level. It was then discovered that the governor was funding a play - a very dangerous play (essentialy a snuff movie with a script) and that he would be inviting the cast back to his mansion afterwards to celebrate. Our bold heroes took the aprt of actors and gave it their all, gaining entrance to the mayor's mansion where they managed to steal into an extra dimensional space in the attic and retrieve the box they sought. A fiendish twelve sided puzzle box containing te information that they seek. With this in hand they can begin to investigate the Pathfinder lodge.

Now all they need to do is open the box.
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