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Dave has been roleplaying for over 30 years, having played and/or run most mainstream systems with the espionage genre being an early favourite. So much so that, in 1999, he started Modus Operandi. That same year he joined the Sarbreenar "Living" campaign team as their plotline controller before moving across to the Living Spycraft campaign team (as UK Regional Branch Director) in 2003. 2003 also saw the birth of UK Role Players as well as Dave's first freelance writing appointment (co-writing World Militaries and consulting on both US Militaries and Battlegrounds, all for Spycraft). Since then, Dave has concentrated on supporting the UK gaming scene. He has organised and run several small, one-day, events and was the RPG Area Manager for Gen Con UK in 2004. His current favourite systems are Dungeons & Dragons (specifically 5th Edition), Savage Worlds and Cinematic Unisystem. He has a (currently neglected) blog at and runs a D&D 5e SRD website at
  • [Mongoose Publishing] Paranoia: Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues (Remastered)
    [Mongoose Publishing] Paranoia: Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues (Remastered)

    You are YELLOW Clearance! Congratulations! The original Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues – revised, updated… Remastered! One of the most famous missions in Troubleshooter history has returned to enhance the lives of a new generation of clones....

    • Posted November 15, 2017
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  • [Just Crunch Games] Three Faces of the Wendigo
    [Just Crunch Games] Three Faces of the Wendigo

    “That stern quality of the tangled backwoods which can only be described as merciless and terrible, rose out of these far blue woods swimming upon the horizon, and revealed itself. He understood the silent warning. He realized his own...

    • Posted November 14, 2017
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  • [Ennead Games] Encounters & Events: SciFi Volume 3 - Planets
    [Ennead Games] Encounters & Events: SciFi Volume 3 – Planets

    Throughout your adventures, quests and missions, you will run into various individuals and experience odd sometimes random-seeming events and encounters. They might puzzle you, endanger your group or simply be a mystery you can never solve. This...

    • Posted November 13, 2017
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  • [Ennead Games] Equipment Maker 5: Rings
    [Ennead Games] Equipment Maker 5: Rings

    Everyone who goes on an adventure uses equipment. Without it, their adventuring days would come to a halt quite quickly. This generator doesn’t give you the details of any powers or abilities that are named or generated,...

    • Posted November 6, 2017
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  • [DramaScape] Modern Ruins 7
    [DramaScape] Modern Ruins 7

    This is a 48 x 30 inch Battlemap of a Modern Ruin, it has Hex, Square and No Overlays, it also includes the VTT files for online play. “There ain’t much left here. Be on guard though, enemy...

    • Posted November 3, 2017
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  • [Ennead Games] Lifeform Maker
    [Ennead Games] Lifeform Maker

    “Our sun is one of 100 billion stars in our galaxy. Our galaxy is one of the billions of galaxies populating the universe. It would be the height of presumption to think that we are the only...

    • Posted October 30, 2017
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  • Mongoose Publishing
    New Event for Female Gamers

    Recent events in the tabletop gaming hobby have made many of us aware that it is all too easy for an atmosphere to develop around gaming events that is uncomfortable for or even hostile to female gamers....

    • Posted October 26, 2017
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  • [D101 Games] Free Adventure: Bite of the Crocodile God
    [D101 Games] Free Adventure: Bite of the Crocodile God

    Available now, Bite of the Crocodile God is a short demo adventure by Guy Milner intended to teach the workings of d101 Games’ Fate based Hunters of Alexandria RPG. This adventure takes 35-45 minutes to play, using the pre-made...

    • Posted October 23, 2017
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  • [Astronautilus Productions] Squaddies: The U.S.E.-Akurran War
    [Astronautilus Productions] Squaddies Adventures

    Two additional Squaddies adventures are up on DriveThruRPG: Sector 37 Someone keeps getting a weapons lock – or worse, actual missile hits – on aircraft overflying an agricultural area. The PCs’ company is sent to track the...

    • Posted October 22, 2017
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  • Symbaroum - Monster Codex
    Symbaroum – Monster Codex Kickstarter

    You might’ve heard a lot about the Scandi-dark-fantasy game Symbaroum? Dark and brooding forests, howling Rage Trolls and the corrupting taint of magic… Oh, and all that gorgeous artwork that catches the eye and captures the mind....

    • Posted October 19, 2017
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