Flying on the seat of your pants: the closure

By on 12 August 2011

So there I was a few months back, drawing maps and making lists of NPCs, assorted fluff and then the night of the game was upon me and I’d forgot one vital component… the campaign. Readers will remember me talking about this campaign a few months back, completely designed from the ground up, pinching ideas left right and centre and all carefully balanced on top of the Savage Worlds system. We finally reached the opus of our campaign, a campaign where I said I’d have no wizards in big towers. So the bad guys ended as an alchemist transfusing mage blood into him to become an all-powerful being, marrying the power of alchemy with magic and all these events unfolding upon a floating island made of obsidian.

I’ll be honest all that literally popped into my head as I was saying it and the players must have enjoyed it because they didn’t get up and leave.

I feel happy about the way the campaign turned out but I’d have to admit I’m more proud of the players. Each of them is very new to role play gaming but they took to it so quickly and they didn’t get fed up when they struggled with the system or the plot. They stuck with it and that’s what really impressed me about the campaign as a whole. On top of that it was great to see that the players were interested in trying a new campaign. So with the rising popularity of George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice and Fire I’ll be planning a Savage Thrones campaign. The only concerns I have so far are with the setting and the method of how I’ll define the players in the environment but I’m sure that I’ll pull something from my head closer to the time of running it.

I enjoy converting things like this, it gives me chance to write, build worlds, societies, customs and just breathing life into an imagination. I like to think also that one day I’ll be a great writer of some form, but this is once again why I love role playing, it has opened up so much more to me, I never knew I could write or make things up so quickly and precisely before I started gaming.

I have to apologise to you all about the lack of content in my work over the last few months but stick with it because next month will be an interview with Chris Tregenza from!

‘Til next time adventurers.

About James Grimes

James is writer from Derbyshire and when he's not running games he's writing them. He has spent 3 years running games trying to perfect his craft. Like a reluctant hipster he supports indie games and new systems that people haven't probably heard of but that doesn't jade his opinion of the classics and greats.

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  1. Ooooshie

    28 September 2011 at 8:36 pm

    Hi James I’m really enjoying reading your posts! How great that a campaign turned out so differently to how the GM thought it would, it just shows how these games evolve.
    Savage Thrones……Now that’s something I think I would enjoy!
    Look forward to your next post
    Ooooshie xx

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