Oceans 11 With Polearms

By on 22 June 2015
What Would The Smart Party Do? The Smart Party

Episode 1: Trad or Indie? Who would win in a fight?
(a.k.a. Oceans 11 with polearms)

Is there such a thing Trad or Indie? What does the Venn diagram look like? What the blue blazes is Trindie? This and more awaits you, gentle listener.

Gaz and Baz have spent decades talking about games, ever since University, which was far too long ago for their liking.

All RPG problems were solved in whiskey-fuelled late night sessions, with the disappointing realisation they couldn’t remember any of it the following day being the only fly in the ointment.

Now older, wiser and more experienced, the plucky duo have decided to commit their enthralling discussion to this new fangled podcast technology, in the vain hopes of capturing something useful or interesting.

It should be conversation starter if nothing else. Getting them to start talking was never the problem. Making them stop however…

About Gaz Bowerbank

Founder member of The Smart Party, Gaz has been roleplaying for what is rapidly approaching 30 years, which makes him feel old. On the plus side he'd run and or played just about all the games that were out there, until small press publishing got popular, and now there's never enough time. Roleplaying is only one of an eclectic mix of hobbies, but takes up most of his time and Gaz can be seen at many UK conventions and one or two abroad too, his name's in the odd publication and the list of playtest credits is too big to mention. If you want an opinion or advice (on just about anything) ask this man. Bring beer.


  1. Jo Bain

    23 June 2015 at 12:45 pm

    Ahoi hoi! Bloke that lost the briefcase of bags of flour here.

    Cool Podcast. Few things that came to mind. Mentioned hacks being an indie thing but sounded a lot like the house rules of trad’ games and put me in mind of all those D20 variants, twisting a game into being something it isn’t, sometimes to such an extent the end result couldn’t really fit under its umbrella (d20) descriptor.

    Later mentioned how indie games have lessons to teach trad’ but not the other way around – although earlier had stressed how all indie developers had inevitably come from a trad’ background. So you’d think the lessons would have flowed that way too, even if it was just “well, we don’t want to do it like that”.

    When getting into which indie games worked for you’s or not. seemed like good examples of NGS – games with a focus other than one the player enjoyed, as much as it did that some games are just a bit ropey.

    Feng Shui and WFRP3 came to mind in the trindie bit. How the former has a indie-esque focus, with simple mechanics that support the type of game it purports to be, the valuable lessons it bestows on a player in how to regard role rather roll-playing a combat (with the hunched shoulders, leaning in and getting into tactical mode), and how “mooks” have been taken up by other games. The latter with its non-traditional “bits”, would that count, or be some other peculiarity, hybrid of rpg absorbing board game and MMO elements?
    I understand one of the D&D incarnations took on a lot of MMO influence too. With all classes having all abilities (like a heal) to some extent, and abilities on per encounter/day timers. I dare say the D&D peeps are even less likely for indie status than WFRP3’s FFG.

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