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By on 6 February 2015

Gillingham Games Club is seeking new players to join its ranks. The club has been going for over 25 years which makes it one of the longest running clubs in Kent, let alone the country and has had a number of different names in the past including Fools Gold and Cauldron. They are seeking new role players to come and take part in merry battle. Be it on the frozen flood plains of the north or the deep dark depths of space.

Where: Top floor of the Oast House, Rainham Community Centre which is located directly by Rainham Station.
When: Wednesday Night from 7pm until 10:30pm.

If you have any queries then please send blu3shad0w a private message through the forums.

About Dave McAlister

Dave has been roleplaying for over 30 years, having played and/or run most mainstream systems with the espionage genre being an early favourite. So much so that, in 1999, he started Modus Operandi. That same year he joined the Sarbreenar "Living" campaign team as their plotline controller before moving across to the Living Spycraft campaign team (as UK Regional Branch Director) in 2003. 2003 also saw the birth of UK Role Players as well as Dave's first freelance writing appointment (co-writing World Militaries and consulting on both US Militaries and Battlegrounds, all for Spycraft). Since then, Dave has concentrated on supporting the UK gaming scene. He has organised and run several small, one-day, events and was the RPG Area Manager for Gen Con UK in 2004. His current favourite systems are Dungeons & Dragons (specifically 5th Edition), Savage Worlds and Cinematic Unisystem. He has a (currently neglected) blog at and runs a D&D 5e SRD website at


  1. Paul Armstrong

    3 April 2016 at 7:03 pm

    Good Evening.

    I am moving to the area and will be looking for a RP club in or around Gillingham and have come across this entry on the tinterweb.

    I am a 46 year old player, been doing it since 1986 and have played most main systems (D*D, White Wolf, Cyberpunk) along with loads of smaller games, but nothing in the last 10 years or so.

    Is this club still in operation and looking for players?

    On the non-RP side I have been playing Infinity, Bolt Action and still have my old 40K Orks and Blood Angels.

  2. Sarah Tyler

    8 April 2016 at 11:28 pm

    Hi there Paul,
    Yes this club is still running. Please feel free to come down for a chat and a meet and greet.
    For more information please contact me directly on

    Many thanks

  3. Steve Hall

    22 September 2016 at 2:25 pm


    Please could you tell me if the Club are still looking for new members? I live in the next Town, and would like to learn how to play RPGs again.

    I am 42 years old, and used to play in the 80s/90s and last played WFRP 2e and DnD 3.5 about 10 years ago. I have all of the (A)DnD rulesets from Basic to 5e.

    Thanks in a advance and regards


  4. John Greasby

    20 February 2017 at 9:22 pm

    My name is John and I am 45. I used to play D&D but that was *cough, 30 years ago. I am now looking to rekindle some old memories and start playing again. I have a base knowledge of the 5th edition rules. I also have a 17 year son that is also looking to learn the game and play. Just wondering if the club was still looking for active members?

    Thanks for your help.



    • Sarah

      20 February 2017 at 9:29 pm

      Hi John.

      We are always looking for players 🙂
      There are a couple of groups playing d n d I believe at the moment. You are more than welcome to come and have a chat with me and have a look round. We run every Wednesday from 7pm until 10pm.
      Feel free to email me directly also at


  5. John

    17 August 2017 at 9:19 pm

    Hi there. I’m John from sittingbourne and haven’t played anything in ages but would like to restart. If you’re still looking for people I’d like to join in when work allows?

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