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A forum (and sub-forums) for games that are no longer run (for whatever reason).
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    7th Sea

    (2 Topics/21 Posts)
    Last post at 3:35pm on 13 Mar 09 by LawbagView the latest post
    A play by message board campaign using 7th Sea.
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    Apocalypse World

    (17 Topics/257 Posts)
    Last post at 3:48pm on 09 Apr 11 by Jake RobinsonView the latest post
    There's something wrong with the world and I don't know what it is.
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    Beat to Quarters

    (17 Topics/238 Posts)
    Last post at 11:41am on 25 Nov 11 by kremmenView the latest post
    A play by message board game of Beat to Quarters

    (1 Topics/36 Posts)
    Last post at 8:04pm on 10 Apr 13 by OmnifrayView the latest post
    An arena for playtesting Matt West's rules-lite generic/universal storygame CHIEFS, a GM-less game for four players. Rules are freely downloadable from Lulu:- http://www.lulu.com. Just search for CHIEFS (by Matt West).
    Moderator: Omnifray
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    Duty and Honour

    (22 Topics/460 Posts)
    Last post at 3:21pm on 07 Apr 11 by HalfbatView the latest post
    A play by message board game of Duty and Honour
    Moderator: Neil Gow
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    Haven's Ravens

    (10 Topics/533 Posts)
    Last post at 3:53pm on 21 Feb 08 by Grinnen BaerittView the latest post
    A Republic Rimworld StarFighter Squadron during the Clone Wars. See the campaign website for more information.
    Moderator: Halfbat
    Subforum: Haven's Ravens Campaign Website
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    Star Wars - Empire

    (15 Topics/399 Posts)
    Last post at 10:51am on 02 Apr 12 by wraithbenView the latest post
    Play-by-Forum game set during teh rise of teh New Order in the Star Wars universe. Uses a modified version of the Empire (Beat to Quarters and Duty and Honour) rule.
  • The Stout British Explorers Club

    (5 Topics/100 Posts)
    Last post at 10:52pm on 11 Mar 11 by VrachovView the latest post
    Posters take on the roles of intrepid explorers, daring adventurers and thwarters of the plans of sinister agents of a dastardly foreign power (or at least claim to be as such) and tell outrageous stories of their exploits.
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    De Profundis

    (16 Topics/267 Posts)
    Last post at 10:50am on 23 Dec 14 by smiorganView the latest post
    A play by message board game of De Profundis
    Moderator: queenortart
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