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    Concrete Cow

    (84 Topics/1308 Posts)
    Last post at 11:09am on 19 Aug 17 by Neil SmithView the latest post
    Concrete Cow is a twice-yearly gaming day held in Milton Keynes.
    Moderators: Neil Smith, sedahren
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    (93 Topics/791 Posts)
    Last post at 11:36am on 12 May 17 by James_BView the latest post
    A single day event covering all gaming.
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    (28 Topics/163 Posts)
    Last post at 11:43pm on 30 Apr 17 by AvatarView the latest post
    A convention designed to fill the gap in our calendars that has been left by Conception.
    Moderators: Wintergreen, DMWCarol, simonpaulburley, Grinnen Baeritt, cade_tosscobble, Blackfeather_PFS
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    (158 Topics/1276 Posts)
    Last post at 1:22pm on 22 Jul 17 by satbunnyView the latest post
    A biannual games convention held in Leicester.
    Moderators: Julia, Rolgan
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    (21 Topics/81 Posts)
    Last post at 2:01pm on 03 May 17 by svartsynView the latest post
    Have Dice present Con-Troll. One Day of Games. Breakfast, Lunch & Buffet. Tea & Coffee. Dorchester Corn Exchange.
    Moderator: svartsyn
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    (5 Topics/9 Posts)
    Last post at 3:56pm on 13 Aug 17 by DramaScapeView the latest post
    Dragondaze is all about having fun, its a one day convention celebrating all things gaming. There will be many things to see and play.
    Moderator: DramaScape
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    (231 Topics/2316 Posts)
    Last post at 12:42am on 19 Aug 17 by Epistolary RichardView the latest post
    Dragonmeet takes place at the Ibis Hotel, Earls Court! A single day event with guests, games, seminars and a trade hall!
    Moderator: ChrisBirch
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    (212 Topics/3111 Posts)
    Last post at 2:26pm on 15 Aug 17 by ragrView the latest post
    Furnace is an annual roleplaying convention in Sheffield, around October, which is held in a converted gaol.
    Moderator: ElaineM
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    Grand Tribunal UK

    (12 Topics/23 Posts)
    Last post at 5:40pm on 07 Aug 16 by simonpaulburleyView the latest post
    Grand Tribunal UK is a convention for players of Ars Magica, published by Atlas Games.
    Moderator: cj.23
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    Go Play Leeds

    (21 Topics/57 Posts)
    Last post at 11:51pm on 23 Jul 17 by negromaestroView the latest post
    A forum for the Go Play Leeds team and their events.
    Moderators: decfeeney, GuyMilner
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    (37 Topics/464 Posts)
    Last post at 2:57pm on 11 Aug 17 by thenovalordView the latest post
    For all those who miss putting aside the whole weekend for a single game.
    Moderator: Weatherman
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    PaizoCon UK

    (12 Topics/78 Posts)
    Last post at 3:45pm on 28 Jun 17 by WintergreenView the latest post
    An event for UK players of Paizo's Pathfinder Society.
    Moderators: Wintergreen, Rob Silk, DMWCarol
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    Seven Hills

    (88 Topics/1172 Posts)
    Last post at 10:18pm on 04 May 17 by The Crypt KeeperView the latest post
    Seven Hills is a new roleplaying convention, to be held in Sheffield, the Rome of the north, on the 26th and 27th of April 2014.
    Moderators: dr_mitch, First Age
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    ShaCon : Welcome to Hell

    (28 Topics/311 Posts)
    Last post at 10:04am on 19 Aug 17 by zackspacksView the latest post
    A UK convention purely for Savage Worlds games. Currently in the planning stages.
    Moderators: zackspacks, j0rdi, TPK
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    Shadow Con

    (14 Topics/146 Posts)
    Last post at 8:55am on 18 Aug 17 by magestonesView the latest post
    A weekend-long convention held at Northfields Community Centre, Northfields, West London by the Shadow Warriors.
    Moderator: simonpaulburley
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    Spaghetti ConJunction

    (10 Topics/57 Posts)
    Last post at 9:31am on 06 Aug 17 by simonpaulburleyView the latest post
    Simon Burley, James Mullen and Pookie are thrilled to announce: Spaghetti ConJunction, a one day convention devoted to Tabletop Roleplaying Games right in centre of Birmingham.
    Moderators: simonpaulburley, James Mullen
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    UK Games Expo

    (191 Topics/1599 Posts)
    Last post at 5:21pm on 12 Jun 17 by First AgeView the latest post
    Everything about Games The UK's best attended, multi-category, games convention.
    Moderators: rdenning, Weatherman, NachoMan
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    (19 Topics/99 Posts)
    Last post at 7:25am on 15 May 17 by purpledragonwitchView the latest post
    WynterCon is a convention celebrating alternative realities across the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Alternative Genres.
    Moderators: Weatherman, AndyKybett
  • Other Events

    (242 Topics/1934 Posts)
    Last post at 1:28pm on 19 Aug 17 by DarranView the latest post
    Running a UK convention and want some free publicity? Then create a topic within this forum and let everyone know about it.
  • Old Events

    (2023 Topics/23243 Posts)
    Last post at 10:36pm on 04 Jul 16 by DMWCarolView the latest post
    A forum (and sub-forums) for events that are no longer run (for whatever reason).
  • Wanna Lift?

    (26 Topics/54 Posts)
    Last post at 2:20am on 11 Nov 13 by SJEView the latest post
    Got spare seats in your mode of transport? Looking for a lift yourself? Have a look in here and let's see if we can't share the costs of the journey to and from conventions.

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