WFRP Humble Bundle

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WFRP Humble Bundle

Postby j0rdi » 7:41pm on 13 Sep 17

WFRP Humble Bundle

Get loads of WFRP pdfs at varying costs including WFRP 2e and sourcebooks for 75p!

The £15 level also gets you the 1st Ed in pdf form and 26 other pdfs.
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Re: WFRP Humble Bundle

Postby negromaestro » 9:10pm on 13 Sep 17

I was about to post this too, how Cubicle 7 is winning fans with Warhammer Fantasy Role Play in the Old World. :D
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Re: WFRP Humble Bundle

Postby decfeeney » 9:26am on 14 Sep 17

No 'Enemy Within'. Such a shame.

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Re: WFRP Humble Bundle

Postby dpmcalister » 10:26am on 14 Sep 17

I have all of the 1st Edition WFRP books apart from Marienburg. Hopefully, the 1st Edition core rules in PDF is the start of something for the rest of that line. Certainly £15 is a brilliant price and I didn't need to think twice before jumping in ;)
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