[D101 Games] The Hollow West

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[D101 Games] The Hollow West

Postby Newt » 10:46pm on 05 Oct 17

The Hollow West is a role-playing game set in a Wild West at the centre of the Hollow Earth.

Now available to buy from:

D101 Games web store


Players take on the role of cowboys, gunslingers, academics, Native Americans, and even occultists all looking for adventure on the edges of civilisation, in the wondrous and vast unknown of the Hollow Earth in the year 1895 AD.

In this book, we present a complete game. There are rules for character generation, how to play, and details of this fantastic new Wild West. There are details of the different factions present, along with the geography of the Hollow Earth, supernatural beasts and a complete introductory scenario.

The game uses Fortune System is a light version of the Fate rules, somewhere between Fate Accelerated and Fate Core in complexity.

The book is 118 pages long in softcover A5 format. Like Hunters of Alexandria before it, it is designed to be read quickly and easily absorbed, with an introductory adventure and premade characters which means it can be easily picked up and played.


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