The End of an Era

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The End of an Era

Postby dpmcalister » 12:15pm on 15 Dec 17

I was going to post a nice, poetic post but as I've just been accused of running this site for a profit and my own benefit, I just can't be arsed anymore.

The domain name here expires in April. I won't be renewing it. That means UK Role Players will close in 4 months.
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Re: The End of an Era

Postby ragr » 1:33pm on 15 Dec 17

I know you've been pondering this for a while and weighing it all up so it's not a bombshell although it is incredibly disappointing to say the least. This site was a major influence in getting me back into role-playing as a hobby after my two year walk in the wilderness and for that I reserve special thanks for you, Dave.

This place has been a complete hub of my RP life for the last 6 years and other people's for a lot longer. It won't be replaced by anything I can foresee and certainly not by the likes of Facebook and G+; to be honest, I'd rather wander back in the wilderness than subject myself to those platforms on any regular basis.

On the negative side I know that you've felt pushed in this direction as much as pulled and that has been very galling to watch; you have my sympathies on this* and we've talked about it anyway.

Thanks for everything you've done with the site in the period it's been running and a personal thanks in playing a major part of keeping me in the hobby.

(*EDIT: And FULL support.)
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Re: The End of an Era

Postby Vile » 1:59pm on 15 Dec 17

Ah, bugger. And here's me just reading how this site is no. 25 in a list of the top 100 RPG thingies or something. I come here because it's a small island of normality in the often rather overblown RPG community dominated by our friends over the pond. And because this is the current resting place of The Tavern. Oh, well, the way the internet is going it's not a decision I would argue with, though I hope there will be a successor and that you'll find your way there as a poster, at least.. :|
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Re: The End of an Era

Postby Polar Blues » 2:16pm on 15 Dec 17

Eek! That's heartbreaking news.

I don't know any of the background to this decision so I won't comment, just respect whatever decision is made. But damn, I really like this site. I mean, have you guys seen the rest of the Internet? It's crazy out there!

Thanks for years of support to the community and creating a really good, civilised site for UK roleplayers.
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Re: The End of an Era

Postby Darran » 2:33pm on 15 Dec 17

That is a great shame.

Dave, you have put in a great amount of work and dedication over the decades that has certainly been appreciated by myself and no doubt a great many others.
It will be sorely missed.

The rest of the RPG sites on the internet are awful. This was the only beacon of civilisation out there!
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Re: The End of an Era

Postby Evilgaz » 2:40pm on 15 Dec 17

Fair play Dave, I think you've done a stalwart job over the years and it's been a great achievement.

It does feel like other media platforms are winning out - and it's impossible to go to one place these days as a catch all, with my usual journey round several places to try and connect with different people.

I know from speaking at conventions and at other times you seem to be putting in a large amount of admin effort, but little positive benefit - and to coin a phrase Baz is fond of - if it's not fun, don't do it.

I'm sure everyone here appreciates the time and effort you've put in over the years, I know I do.

(PS I'd suggest people don't attempt to find the top 100 thingy mentioned above, The Smart Party and others are on the list, but it appears to be a site for harvesting the details of those who sign up and has negative reviews! :) )
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Re: The End of an Era

Postby nclarke » 3:12pm on 15 Dec 17

Sorry to hear this news Dave. I've enjoyed my time here and it's a shame that people being **** have caused you to carefully ponder your position before pulling the plug. Now that there won't be a UKRP some folks will complain and some might regret not doing more to support and encourage the site. I'll retreat to G+ which sort of works for me and a few other forums where I find the company congenial.
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Re: The End of an Era

Postby satbunny » 3:29pm on 15 Dec 17

I've emailed you.
I'll just place here the most important point in that email that I want everyone to read:

I was not so sad when the Tavern burnt down cause I knew that UKRP had outperformed it and was happy to come over.
Now I am somewhat devastated, since the combined bubble and brew on UKRP has been great this year.
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Re: The End of an Era

Postby MongooseMatt » 3:29pm on 15 Dec 17

If you would consider a re-hosting/continuation, drop me a line ( We might be able to help.
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Re: The End of an Era

Postby Morthrai » 3:49pm on 15 Dec 17

It will be a damn shame to lose this place. I haven't spent a lot of time here, preferring to pop in and out, but it's always been mostly calm and collected and people have been supportive of my small efforts. I also got some free pencils one time :)

Whatever happens, a hearty thanks to you for everything Dave.
Lee Williams.
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Re: The End of an Era

Postby James Mullen » 4:10pm on 15 Dec 17

Ah, grunnocks :(

I'll be sorry to lose this site, it's been fantastic for connecting with other role-players, but you have to do what's best for you Dave.

My only personal interaction with you was when sitting running a game on the comfy sofas at Naish (I know, go figure...) and you gave me a UKRPG die because every time you passed that spot, I was there running something. :D

Thanks again for everything!
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Re: The End of an Era

Postby Baz King » 4:31pm on 15 Dec 17

This is ****. I’m sad and actually a bit angry that things have come to this.

Absolutely respect your decision Dave, but hope you’ll change your mind. If you don’t mind me asking publically, what would it take to make that happen?
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Re: The End of an Era

Postby dr_mitch » 4:36pm on 15 Dec 17

Firstly, I find this an enormous pity. I've lost count of the ways that this site has been useful to me. To give just one example, there's absolutely no way I'd have got people together for the first Seven Hills without this site. To give another, a new player in a face to face group is from here too.

But with gratitude and regret, you've got to do what you've got to do Dave. I know that these days you're finding UKRP a demanding and thankless task, and one taking a lot of energy and taxing your patience. I hope that in this thread we've at least made it feel a bit less thankless, at least.
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Re: The End of an Era

Postby First Age » 4:40pm on 15 Dec 17

Very sorry to see the place go and huge thanks to you Dave, for everything. We know you've been wanting to close for a while, for a variety of reasons, but I'm sorry that you are closing with those feelings.

G+ would be OK, there's already such a lot going on there. If that is where we go I hope we all do and see each other over there. If not then somewhere else.

But, mostly, thanks to you Dave.
First Age

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Re: The End of an Era

Postby Shane » 4:45pm on 15 Dec 17

Dave, thanks for everything. UKRP is an island of sanity in an RPG internet of hassle.

And if the person/people that pushed Dave to this are reading this: you're why we can't have nice things. Feel free to **** off.

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