Soul's Calling Playtest Softcover Available - PDF shortly

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Omnifray:- fantasy roleplay in the mysterious Enshrouded Lands, "a thousand worlds in one", where magic bubbles away beneath the surface, beyond the ken of the common folk, with a unique, detailed, highly flexible rules system

Soul's Calling Playtest Softcover Available - PDF shortly

Postby Omnifray » 4:34am on 12 Mar 13 ... 44052.html

A game with a laser-like focus on helping you step into your fantasy adventurer's shoes for a rivetingly immersive experience, Soul's Calling will put the magic back into roleplaying for you. It's all about how to most fully suspend your disbelief that your adventurer is who you are. This book contains all the rules and setting material essential for running or playing the Soul's Calling tabletop RPG. More or less everything about this game is designed to help you suspend your disbelief in being an adventurer in the fantasy setting of the Enshrouded Lands, where magic's hidden from ordinary folk. The game encourages a slightly actor-ish style of roleplay, bringing aspects of live roleplay to your living room. Storygamers and wargamers are accommodated despite the game's dedicated focus on immersion. The text in the book is mainly in OpenDyslexic font. A free PDF containing most but not all of the content of this publication is planned, on the footing that it's a playtest edition. There are placeholder pages where the artwork is intended to go in the final release.


Intro the essentials of play i
1 character generation 1
2 core mechanics 57
3 persuasion & empathy 101
4 combat cycles (initiative) 113
5 injury (deadly attacks) 121
6 stealth 139
7 magic 145
8 the workings of the mind 187
9 the game-world 193
10 herbal concoctions 231
11 character advancement 243
12 creatures & NPCs 265
13 pregens & customisation 273
Appendix intended playstyle 283
Glossary stats 336

Sadly there’s no index for the playtest edition of the game yet. However I do intend to make a PDF index of the print-on-demand playtest edition softcover book available if the game receives sufficient interest to justify the work. The final release of the Basic Handbook will have an index.
Looking for playtesters for the Implodarc Tabletop RPG. If you'd like to playtest it and post public feedback or an AP thread, ask me for the private link to download it, or I can e-mail it to you. At least compared to my usual stuff, it's meant to be simple and quick to play with quick CharGen.
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