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Omnifray:- fantasy roleplay in the mysterious Enshrouded Lands, "a thousand worlds in one", where magic bubbles away beneath the surface, beyond the ken of the common folk, with a unique, detailed, highly flexible rules system

Re: Soul's Calling Blurb

Postby Omnifray » 3:35pm on 18 May 14

First Age wrote:I suggest you take a look at it.

I do plan to; plate a bit full atm.

The text is looking to be 400 pages long (US letter format, hardback), primarily in 12-point Helvetica, including illustrations, allowing 4 pages for the index. It is basically finished now, though I will give it a general read-through before doing anything further with it.

My current draft blurb then:-

Be faerie-blooded, or be a merchant-adventurer, a cultist, a scout, a warrior, or a leader of warriors. A game designed specifically for immersion, the riveting experience of stepping entirely into your character’s shoes, Soul’s Calling will put true magic into your roleplay. It’s all about suspending your disbelief that you’ve left the real-world you behind and become your adventurer – the illusion of being that hero, or anti-hero.

The Soul's Calling tabletop RPG encourages a style of roleplay inspired by acting methods, bringing aspects of live roleplay to your living room. Tone of voice, posture and facial expression are key tools in portraying your adventurer. The game has a unique take on social interaction, maximising fluid in-character dialogue without jettisoning social stats. For personality traits it favours the lightest-touch approach, encouraging you to focus on your adventurer’s golden motive. For combat and magic it has special, flexible tools for skewing the odds of different outcomes to reflect your adventurer's precise intentions. Even the Medievalesque fantasy setting of the Enshrouded Lands is favourable for immersion, with magic kept hidden from ordinary folk. The game also supports a sense of exploring the unknown and the mysterious and of confronting trickery and intrigue.

Included are all the rules, advice and setting materials essential for running or playing Soul's Calling. Characters are portable into the expanded edition (which still requires this book). This game isn’t designed for purely tactical play, nor for pure storygaming, but careful thought has been applied to facilitating those styles of gaming within a primarily immersive RPG.

May your fellow gamers look forward to fighting dragons with you!
Looking for playtesters for the Implodarc Tabletop RPG. If you'd like to playtest it and post public feedback or an AP thread, ask me for the private link to download it, or I can e-mail it to you. At least compared to my usual stuff, it's meant to be simple and quick to play with quick CharGen.
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