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Font and Format

Postby Omnifray » 11:19am on 25 Apr 14

With Soul's Calling I'm concerned to improve readability for dyslexics and other people with reading difficulties (including poor vision). But I'm also concerned about readability and attractiveness for my general readership.

My current thoughts are to use Helvetica font and I've been influenced in that by this research:-

(This goes against what I've been doing previously.)

Recommended for dyslexics is left-justification with a right ragged edge ( but I can't stand that...

I'm probably going to be sticking with 12 point font, margins of up to an inch where it's solid text, and single column presentation.

I'm also thinking - US letter sized, casewrap hardcover, priced in dollars, with a US storefront on Lulu, if that's doable from the UK, which I can't currently think of any reason why it shouldn't be. This is at least for the Core Edition and Expanded Edition books. Maybe the Freeform Edition should be Trade sized. Hmm.

Any thoughts... ?
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