Omnifray Lite at Indiecon? Gauging interest

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Omnifray:- fantasy roleplay in the mysterious Enshrouded Lands, "a thousand worlds in one", where magic bubbles away beneath the surface, beyond the ken of the common folk, with a unique, detailed, highly flexible rules system

Omnifray Lite at Indiecon? Gauging interest

Postby Omnifray » 2:49pm on 17 Sep 09

An easy-to-learn game of mystery, suspense and intrigue in a fantasy world...

Omnifray LITE has its private playtest debut tonight and with any luck will have its public playtest launch before Christmas. The keyword here (for any of you who are familiar with Omnifray) is LITE:- I am trying to make a game that the average gamer can comfortably ref straight out of the book, a game that runs fluidly and easily without much time spent on looking at tables etc., a game that is exciting, quick to play, with tactical depth and [with Core Guide + Booster Book] capable of being enormously flexible but also relatively simple to learn and play, the most tightly holistically [not combat-puristically] balanced game EVER, with mechanics which believably reflect how things could work in a credible fantasy world but above all a game designed for mystery, intrigue, suspense and atmosphere.

I would love to gauge interest from Indieconners before I finalise booking arrangements and (assuming I attend) before deciding how many sessions to offer. You can expect:-

The Game:-

--- a tabletop fantasy roleplaying game

--- core setting assumptions:- the supernatural is well hidden; known inhabitants of the world are humans/animals;
--- technology levels:- no firearms (but full plate yes, arbalests yes)
--- you can port the Enshrouded Lands setting directly into Omnifray Lite if you wish

--- core mechanic does not use tables
--- only type of dice in use is d12, the king of dice :-)
--- core mechanic is basically roll and add v. roll and add
--- two versions of core mechanic (single or double roll) allow gradated results if desired
--- roundless combat means 1 roll for reaction time, 1 unified roll for attack (may be a double roll), possibly then
.... rolling for consequences of injury
--- 8 main stats; basically no derived stats;
--- CharGen - random or points-buy
--- optional stances make combat more tactical - each is summarised in a single page for easy reference
--- energy tokens, luck tokens and ref tokens add tactical depth but are easy to use
--- no alignments as such but spiritual status, e.g. primordial, fallen or redeemed
--- play your chosen behavioural tendencies if you wish to earn bonus ref points
--- resolve or create intrigue (or both) to earn booster points (xp)

The Product:-

--- playtest edition Core Guide to be followed by Booster Book
--- Core Guide Chapter 1 will take you through character generation step by step
--- very carefully designed character sheets with key rules prompts on them
--- character sheets will be 1-sided for non-spellcasters in the Core Guide

Indiecon playtesters may get free copy of playtest edition Core Guide (to be confirmed) and possibly future playtest credits.

Please post here or PM if potentially interested in playing this exciting game at Indiecon.
Looking for playtesters for the Implodarc Tabletop RPG. If you'd like to playtest it and post public feedback or an AP thread, ask me for the private link to download it, or I can e-mail it to you. At least compared to my usual stuff, it's meant to be simple and quick to play with quick CharGen.
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