SJE's 2017 Furnace con report

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Furnace is an annual roleplaying convention in Sheffield, around October, which is held in a converted gaol.

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SJE's 2017 Furnace con report

Postby SJE » 10:24pm on 09 Oct 17

Furnace 2017 was nigh on perfect for me. To kick off the weekend on Friday we started with an nearby escape room (the cheap but well designed bank job from the nearby Enigma room - definitely not for the physically handicapped with its tunnels) and then when for a commiserating charcoal grilled steak at Sheffields La Vaca for the largest steak I think I've ever eaten.

Gamingwise I started off by running the 3rd run of my WFRP/Hot War mashup- Karl Franz is Dead! in which the PC's play the Elector Counts of the Empire as the elect a new Emperor after Karl Franz is assassinated in Empire in Flames. It was a delight to run the game for a table of Hot War veterans and the politics proved suprisingly deadly. As ever Grand Theogenist Yorri held the balance of power but had to choose between the candidates he least hated, and in the end went with Countess Emmanuelle of Nuln becoming Empress- better a progressive feminist than a mutant after all! Great moments included the conversion to Sigmar of the Ulrican champion Boris Todbringer Yorri, the attemped possession of Boris Todbringer by Mannfred von Carstein which was repelled by the holy hammer of Ghal Maraz that sent the vampiric soul shrieking back into the outer darkness and the wonderfully petulent Crown Prince Wolfgang who enacted his own "Sept of Baelor/Guy Fawkes conspiracy) and blew up both Yorri and Ar-Ulric at the Cathedral of Sigmar as they celebrated the victory over the Storm of Chaos. A great game, that I really enjoyed watching (and only had to roll once, so intent were the PC's in battling each other) (Lynn as Countess Emannuelle of Nuln, John as Graf Boris, Elaine as Crown Prince Wolfgang, Neil as Grand Theogenist Yorri and Andrew as the Count Alberich of Stirland and Sylvania)

Slot 2 was Andrew Watsons Avengers game in which my Captain America didnt just save school kids of Midtown Elementary but taught them howto work as a team to save themselves when Ultron took over Avengers tower. After freeing the Hulk from Ultrons mind control, I then got to swaps PC's and played the Hulk as we went into space to finish off Ultron's scheme and I got to punch a mind-controlled Thor into the moon! Fate Accelerated worked surprisingly well, even if the stunts are a bit too constrained, and it at least has the virtue of simplicity. As we'd agreed not to be comic book nerd purists and purists I did need to bite my tongue when the Quinjet got called an AvengeJet and just rolled with it, but overall a fun and exciting game. Elina as Black Widow, Elaine as Hawkeye, Suey as Iron Man.

Slot 3 was Bubblegumshoe meets Horror - our teen 'tecs discovered a huge Satanic conspiracy in town to summon a blood demon from the now closed mines. My favourite moment was perhaps crashing a real demon summoning with a fake demon suit and some dry ice mist and my bullied bookworm took delight in tormenting back my bullies with the demands of Baphomet. It was also a delight to see Neil Gow's extensive prep for the game and working out how all the moving bits of Beaverbrooke's social circles interlocked. Great game too. (Elina as Teri, Jamie as Hypatia, Declan as Kristi, Suey as Taylor)

Slot 4 + 5 was a great Night's Black Agents 2 parter by Paul Mitchener called "A Tale of 2 Cities" in which our 1968 vampire hunting secret agents split our time between London in the morning (in which we discovered the vampires had their hooks into the Kray twins and were split into warring factions. We then discovered their blocks (wild roses) and banes (meteoric iron) and worked up to killing Lord Ruthven the head UK vampire who'd burned Nick and my characters from MI5) and then off to prevent a catastrophe in Paris at the behest of our French counterparts (Elina & Elaine) where we discovered a Roisicrucian vampiric conspiracy to turn the 1968 French student protests into a bloodbath that would so flood the streets that a terrible monster would burst from the catacombs. To avert it, we saved the Gendarmerie Police Prefect from a messy death, abducted and interrogated a vampire, borrowed an umbrella from the Romanians and took out another key pawn on a bridge to prevent the massacre and then lured Gilles de Rais and an army of creepy child vampires to come after us in the tombs under Notre Dame Cathedral where Elina took the monsters head. Had great fun playing NBA again, and realised that there is nothing more dangerous than one of my PC's with a plan.

And in the raffle, I won the Golden Ticket for North Star and despite some misgivings (I'm already doing TravCon and my convention calendar and budget is already fairly tight) I think I shall have to go now! Next, Revelation!
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