Flunace 2017

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Furnace is an annual roleplaying convention in Sheffield, around October, which is held in a converted gaol.

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Flunace 2017

Postby ragr » 3:24pm on 10 Oct 17

It probably wasn't flu at all but certainly something unpleasant plagued me throughout the lead up and duration of the con.

Friday night was nearly a washout after beer number two as I realised I was totally detached from just about everything was being said around me. I was all ready to call it quits and hit the room when a third beer was thrust upon me and my fate sealed for the rest of the evening. I still didn't come out of it as badly as others. (I did have a chat with some bloke in the bar from the murder mystery evening and mentioned that Gaz was eyeing up his Bennies. He seemed angered by this and intent upon his own murder. Don't know what happened next.)

Coffee and more coffee Saturday morning leads to mad, staring eyes, a head like a rung bell and still an inability to feel better.

Game One was j0rdi's Actung Cthulhu! with Joolz, Massie and Minor. A start of a trend for the weekend where I picked up the outsider character with no belief in or knowledge of what was going on supernaturally. It was a great game that was heavy on the war side of things and lighter on the Cthulhu especially as my character couldn't get the occult angle anyway. I managed to spunk all 70 Luck points in pursuit of my goal of nabbing the Nazi agent and whilst I would have liked to have bombarded the somewhat insular and web-handed locals from an offshore destroyer it didn't quite work out that way. Joolz does a really superb Icelandic accent by the way so be sure and ask for a demonstration someday. Great game, great start to the con. Cheers, j0rdi.

Game Two was Paul Baldowski's Star Trek with Jenny, Minor and Mitch. A game of two halves with the first being an investigative, away team type of affair that was full of flavoursome ST goodness and challenge. Not played 2d20 before and the system was okay in facilitating the action although not innovative in any way. I was happy to be able to use the dice I had at hand, however. We solved the mystery and returned to the USS Furnace when, lo and behold, we were attacked by Klingons. Three of the buggers. The game went a bit South for me here as it was a space combat system that required lots of rolls and minimum actual role-playing, which is a bane of many sci-fi games; didn't help that I had a medical officer character perhaps. I would much rather a lot less rolls or a pre-decided outcome that allowed more intimate things to happen, like beaming on-board the enemy captain rather than that happening at the end when we'd run out of time to interact with them and find out what they heck was going on. I may be biased because I never was a fan of star fleet battles or the like. The first half was a great piece of Star Trek fun, however so there was a lot to enjoy. Thanks, Paul.

I decided that I'd skip slot three in favour of a meal and a quiet evening.

Slot Four was back with J0rdi and some Interface Zero Fate Accelerated with Dave C, Keary and Minor. I had the outsider character here as well in that everyone else was wi-fi and integrated and I was an old school, analogue kid. A robbery of a high tech building from a corp was accomplished before a flashback revealed the inevitable facts that it wasn't really that simple. We then spent the rest of the game avoiding being wasted by the corporation vengeance machine before handing over the miracle machine to the people. Who would clearly know exactly what to do with it. At least, that was the case in Keary's Utopian dreamworld vision. Me, I had darker thoughts but was out voted/emotionally blackmailed. Still, I got to dive over a balcony whilst cuddling an old friend/criminal contact so I got some noir pathos on. Another great game from the j0rdster and my record of nver having less than an excellent game of Fate continues.

Slot Five was me running Dale, Ferg, Harriet and j0rdi through some Hellfrost. All the players set this one on fire which kept me on my feet despite the cloudy head and it all went a little differently from at Shacon albeit with the same end result of family treachery duly punished. Thanks, guys.

I had a wonderful time again at Furnace despite the lurgs so thanks as always to Dom, Elaine and Graham for their sterling efforts and the garrison for being such fine hosts. and thanks for all the inspiring chats with a wide range of folks.
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