SNUGGLE NOOK: The Next Generation

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Here you can give a rundown on what you're actually running. Go on, let us all know about it - perhaps we can pick up some ideas...

Re: SNUGGLE NOOK: The Next Generation

Postby Maxen » 5:35pm on 21 Dec 10

New Face on the Scene – Blue Blood

Grift-Meister's Campaign Log for the on-going Snuggle Nook adventure.

Despite the cold-weather (in real-life), with people arriving at different times, others leaving as players arrived, this weeks Grift-Meister (Hannibal) being snowed-in, Paco-Jay also not being able to make it, meant we were thin on the ground for players. However, we did get a game in, Snuggle-Nook style. With me in the story-teller's seat, we resumed play as normal...

While Paco-Jay went back to the village of Milborne, to oversee the renovation of the burned little town, his companion, Morris the hobbit druid did much the same. Helping with the reparations made to the scorched temple. (These two were N.P.C.'s for this session – though I hasten to add that Morris, in real-life made it round for a network Battle-field: Vietnam game, which was fun for a time. While the new-player rolled up his character.) Alas, even the mysterious Tehlu was unable to meet his companion Maggie McFinnigan, he too aided the reconstruction of the town. Masquerading as a butch labourer, Tehlu was motived by a need to right a wrong. Her guilty concionce compelling her to redress the balance, a penance through good old-fashioned hard-work, elbow grease.

Maggie McFinnigan however, wandered through the Færie-Forest, north east of Thurmeister town. The infamous half-elven renegade-sorceress (Mage/Thief) made her way through the glades and wooded, inhabited by the little people, pixie-kin, færie-folk and even a sprite or two. Maggie happened upon a stranger, wandering through the woods. A tall looking lady, a grey-elf, sporting a mane of black hair, with a streak of white that seemed to glow, to radiate magickal power and presence. (Andurian Bloodmark.) Maggie recognised the noble-woman, as princess Sophia of Eltharion, heir to the throne of Æthyr, third in line for the throne. “Mi'lady.”, said Sophia to Maggie in the elfæn tongue. “Sophia Sovereignsson I presume? How do you do?” “Well-met. I am indeed she, and you must be Margret of the clan McFinnigan the second: your reputation preceeds you.” Maggie grinned a wicked smile and whispered “Indeed it does.” “What brings you out here in the woods” Maggie brings Sophia up-to speed on what was happening. The need to bring about a stop to the flooding of Marshenmire. Also the quest to investigate the whereabouts of the missing Jenneleth – the wizards apprentice; as well as other abducted folk in the area. Not only that, but their remained the question of finding the (airborne) bandit-gang, that ambushed them on the river.

So they went a-wandering in the woods, the Færie-Forest. As it so happened, the two came across a lone wild draft horse, high-spirited it was. Her royal highness Sophie of Eltharion went to calm the beast, and with a successful Animal Handling check made, the level one battle-mage/princess enticed her first N.P.C. beast of burden. Sophia also had her faithful elven war-dawg, Tœfu; from starting with the Animal Companion talent. Anyway, aside from befriending equines, the two princesses also stumbled upon a lone hobbit, walking through the woods. Hailing them as friends it was the lone [N.P.C.] Berenger Baggins, captain of the Santa Maria III, and local Patriarch. He healed then blessed the player-characters after chatting idly, saying something about looking for his son, and telling them he was headed to the Baron of Mutton tavern. Maggie bade him good luck on that one. (As we all know, that was levelled not so long ago by Maggie and Tehlu!)

Then, about a day or so of adventuring later, the two royals saw the silhouette of a large figure, in plate-armour, standing under the roots of an enormous tree. In a well-spoken typical Anglyn accent, the figure called out, “Ho there! Who art thou?” As he stepped forward into the light, the huge nine-feet tall enigma turned out to be a troll! A civilized troll (a.k.a. a glamour troll), dressed in a bright red tabard, emblazoned with a golden lion-rampant; who bantered with the home-grown crew about this and that. Sheathed his two-handed sword, and invited the ladies in for a spot of tea. They accepted cautiously, but exchanged pleasantries with the rather eccentric troll. After pondering whether to try and slay him or not, Maggie eventually took up his offer of being a henchman for the two wandering wizards, in exchange for a third share of any booty. A new fellowship was formed. The two royal elven magickers now had some serious protection. Merkin is his name, he became Maggie's henchman for the time being.

They informed Merkin on what they were up-to, and proceeded, without further ado, to the cave, where the monsters were last seen. Merkin went first, some high-pitched squeeking could be heard, then calm-ish grumbling sounds. A gathering of goblins, a whole crowd of them now, maybe thirty or more were audible as the N.P.C. troll-kin spoke to them in Undercommon. Merkin came back out a few minutes later explaining, “I spoke with the little fellows. They understand we are here to investigate the Marshenmire mystery. They have agreed to let you enter there abode. Before long, about three-dozen goblins, all stood around the royal elves, both clearing six-feet tall, with a nine-foot glamour-troll towering over everybody. The home-brew posse stood negotiating for a while. Merkin translated. After trading some items with them, the only real magick-artifact of interest to our two princess-wizards was a magick ring, the tribe shaman had. He didn't want to loose it, saying it had been carved by the goblin gawds and gifted to him personally. At saying this, all the other goblins, even their leader, all bowed in reverence to the shaman. Merkin suspected an artifice. The trio spoke to the goblin shaman in private, he reluctantly agreed to give up the ring, for a dagger +2 and an exact replica of the ring, brought to him by the next full-moon. The heroes gave their word. The two groups parted amicably.

The home-grown crew decided to head back into town, to go and see the wizard Tauster to see about getting a replica made. The journey was uneventful. After a three week long wait, the group went back to the goblin cave. Along the trail, the trio all surprised a nest of a dozen shrill lancers (screech stirge), they decided to skirt-around them, and evaded combat. They also came across a great eagle, Sophia tried to use her Animal Handling skill, it failed, that bird had flown. Then the group of heroes happened upon ten pitbulls. Rolling the specified chance of them being either angry or hungry (i.e. likely to attack) I rolled a critical-failure (96 on the percentile), so the pack of dawgs began licking the feet of Maggie McFinnigan, playing with his pet wolf – Shady. T'would seem his Reynir blood-line ability of Animal Affinity – Canine had an effect. Maggie acquired ten formerly wild pitbull terrier dawgs to his followers.

On the last day before arriving at the goblin cave, the two spied a pair of flying monstrosities (though only three feet long) coming at them. Stone-birds. Cockatrice. The mythological birds were surprised, giving the home-grown crew time to act. Maggie let rip with a Phantasmal Fireball spell, caining the cockatrice for twenty-odd points of damage. Meanwhile Sophia telepathically conveyed to his faithful elven war-dawg, Tœfu to use her Entangle spell innate-ability. The cockatrice were then stuck, snared in the trees by living branches, animated plants magickally grabbed hold of the stone-birds, hampering the fabulous beasts. The pitbulls surrounded the tree while Merkin began to climb the tree, getting up to the enemy. One of the cockatrice managed to successfully turn the branches to stone, helping free itself of the trap. Merkin took a swipe at it, taking a chunk out of it's side as the stone-bird freed itself from the branches. It attacked back, missing Merkin. Maggie let rip with another Phantasmal Fireball but both the beasts made their saving throw against the illusionary balls of fire, thus were unaffected. While a dozen dawgs and wolves bayed at the bottom of the tree, Sophia co-ordinated the attack from the rear. It didn't take long for the Entangle spell to wear off. Maggie struck the thing with darts, wounding it for a lone point of damage. The other free stone-bird swooped down to attack Sophia, missing the unarmoured battle-mage by a fraction of an inch. (He may have been petrified, in the true sense of the word, if the thing had hit!) The cockatrice soon had a pack of ravenous canines surrounding it. Merkin jumped after the wounded assailant, his greatsword in both hands coming down and slicing the thing in two. A couple of the pitbulls started to munch on it's bloody carcass in the snow, after it had fallen to the earth, albeit in two pieces. Then the other one tried to get away, not so fast, Sophia bagged it with a swipe from her quarterstaff, downing the bird, it slumped in a pile of freshly fallen snow. The two royals called off their dawgs and used the Bone Saw of Optimal Yields to recover a few hundred feathers, to be used to pen magickal dweomers. They also found a stack of treasure, many hundred coins in gold, several precious gems and some art objects, about the stone-birds' lair.

In the end, Sophia and Merkin managed to deliver the imitation ring to the goblin Shaman, traded off a dagger +2 to gain the real ring (still unidentified), and clean up on the X.P. Gravy-train, catapulting Sophia to level two battle-mage, and Maggie to levels three and four in mage/theif respectively. The half-elf gained the Glitterdust spell, while Sophia the grey-elf learned Divining Rod. Seeing as we were running late (so had no time to buy equipment at the start) the grey-elven princess bought a suit of armour (elven chainmail) and also a Quarterstaff +1. Here endeth the session.

Watch out, Hannibal's about this Christmas, so next week will be his adventure. I'll bring y'all updates as it develops. While I'm on the subject, were organising a second session on a regular basis so I should have plenty to write on that front, also, Morris (a.k.a. Berenger Baggins) is pencilled-in to start another new group, composed entirely of different players, possibly in Terry Pratchett's Discworld. It'll be his first stab at being story-teller. Good luck Berenger. When I heard he might be Grift-Meistering, I was told that he said to the players, “It will have to be Hack-Master.” which was music to my ears. That's two more groups that have spawned here, and both are converts to the only roleplaying system of worth: all hail to the mighty Hack-Master. Forget fakers of 3.5 and 4th edition, you're all lameos. Hack-Master is much much closer to the original D&D than these new-comers in the world of roleplaying. As Conn Iggulden said in his “Dangerous Book for Boys”: “The first edition dungeons and dragons is the original and still the best, by far.” Although Hack-Master is somewhat expanded upon than the texts written way-back in the '70s, it still has that classic feel to it that you just don't get with the newer, more commercial rovus systems. I brought them up well. Both new Grift-Meister's respect the tradition of D&D, they know darn well that the best system is the one we've been playing. Sure, we've tried other systems (d20, 3.5 and Wfrp 2nd edition), we've had other G.M.'s but we always end-up coming about, full-circle, back to our roots, the tradition that has become Hack-Master. Dust off your first edition character sheets and resurrect your old heroes, they fit in perfectly with this system, adapted with minimal complication or fuss. Bring 'em back from the time that taste forgot (the 1970's). Never mind all the rest, accept only the best. You fools keep playing your steam-punk, d20 and world of w**kraft (4th edition), here we play almost exclusively “the Master”. I'm off to Switzerland to buy some more gem-stone dice, and of course study towards my history degree under the tutelage of professor Pangloss. Maybe play some gigs there. See you all in the spring! Max-out.
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Re: SNUGGLE NOOK: The Next Generation

Postby Maxen » 1:04am on 22 Dec 10

The CONAN method of rolling stats (Generic for any D&D system)

Easily the best method of rolling dice for generating statistics, by far,

Roll a D8, a D6, and a D4. You [the player] are then allowed to retain as many of the dice as you wish, but you must retain at least one of the die. Then you may re-roll t'others, again, the player's obliged to hold one of those dice, etc. Whatever the second result stands, even if it is lower than the first dice roll.

e.g. Bob the Barbarian rolls 'dem bones, he gets a 6 (on the D8), another 6 (on the D6), and 1 on the D4; he decides to retain the D6 (because he rolled maximum), then re-rolls them bones again (the D8 and the D4). This time the D8 comes up with a 1, but the D4 result is a 3. He holds the D4, because it's the best he can improve his rolls on. He re-rolls the D8, it comes up with a 1. Unlucky Bob, who must keep the result of a one. Man up. Reach down and grow a pair. Take it. So his total stat roll is 10. (That's 6 on the D6 + 3 on the D4 + 1 on the D8)

Repeat this process, in order, (Str, Dex, Con, etc.) until all the stats are rolled for.
robus rules!
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Re: SNUGGLE NOOK: The Next Generation

Postby Maxen » 1:38pm on 11 Jan 11

Morris Berenger Baggins the Second took a break from light clerical duties and decided to take a long walk in the forest, if only to commune to with the spirit of the universe. Of Ki. Of Nature. While breathing in the fecundity of the oak, the ash and the evergreen, he was surprised to find a lone Ogre Lord, who happened to be taking a stroll in the woods at the same time, in the very same spot that Beren'junior was meditating. The Megasapien was equally just as surprised to see little Morris. As both people recovered their wits, the Ogre Lord said, “I challenge you to a duel, to the death; little man...” Of course, this entailed the usual rigmarole for an Honour-Duel in the Master of all AD&D systems (Hack-Master), except that the Megasapien was playing for keeps (i.e. to the death, not just first to three knock-downs, no below the belt, Queensbury rules). Morris accepted gladly, then immediately bent the rules – so to speak – by casting an Entangle spell on the massive creature towering over him. The Ogre Lord rolled a strength check (on a D30) to see if he could break the bonds. A twenty-seven. Unlucky for the Ogre-Lord, Morris quickly capitalised on this by whacking the giant ogrynn with his quarterstaff, time and time again. After nine rounds of hitting the thing, fumbling many times in the attempt, he managed to make a break for it, just before the dweomer expired. Casting it again, he repeated the process, this time the wounded Ogre Lord broke free of his natural chains; once liberated, the Megasapien bounded forward towards his fleeing prey. Morris legged-it, then cast his last Entangle spell he had memorised. Luckily, the Giant Ogre was held fast. It was close, to the penultimate round before the creature may have broken-free and wasted the little hobbit; however Morris the druid felled the monstrosity, netting him nearly three-grands worth of X.P. (for t'was Christmas time, and as such, is tradition here to dish out double X.P. for creatures.) This catapulted him to level three. After patting the slain creature down for coin, he felt ill at ease in this forest and headed back to town.

There he met Paco-Jay Meadri the death-mage, who had teamed-up with his new acquaintance – one Sophia Soverignsson. To cut a long story short, Paco told the others said that they had discovered the whereabouts of the bandits that attacked them on the river, some time back. Alas, the home-grown crew from Snuggle-Nook made there way to the Broken Tower Keep.

Morris boldly took the lead, followed by his companions. Sure enough, no-one had Detect Snares and Pits or Detect Traps, neither cast nor memorised. Thus Morris took a dive into a ten foot deep pit-trap (after a failed DEX check), spiking himself on a bunch of spears below. As he tried to free himself, Paco-Jay valiantly moved in to help his comrade by lowering his quarterstaff. The death-mage narrowly avoided a swinging noose and stone counter-balance after-trap. Like a feckless Ewok log snare, the secondary trap failed to connect. Movement could be seen on the ramparts. Cloaked crossbowmen eyed the newcomers warily. Morris cast a Soften Stone spell, all three wall sections he had hit made there saving throws. (It stated in the P.H.B. spell-list that it needed to be dressed stone in order to be able to be eligible for a save. Clearly this was a ruined keep, therefore perhaps not so well fashioned stone, however, I feared that the others would miss out as Morris had already been cleaning up on the X.P. gravy-train, so I provided the rationale that “they don't make 'em like they used to.”) Even with a few – only fair – modifiers in favour of Morris' spell, all three wall-sections he hit with his spell unfortunately made there saves with room to spare. Paco-Jay cast a Fireball: Barrage spell, to which two flaming balls of fire honed in on a guard, cinging him for a measly two points of damage. Sophia's elven war-dog Tœfu cast his Entangle spell-ability, tying up two of the rogues on the left rampart, tentacle-like thorns and creepers grew out of the wall, ensnaring them. Meanwhile, two of the defenders' armoured warriors came down the stairwell and out of the gates, towards our team. To which Sophia took a shot with her bow, hitting one of the defending rogues, grazing him. Morris began casting the spell White Hot Metal. One of the two armoured warriors who had descended the stairs began to boil, his chainmail and jewellery melted off him, solidifying in a pool around him. The fighter was badly burned due to liquid metal, searing his skin. Paco-Jay cast Disable Hand rendering the other fighter's sword-arm useless, incapacitated. The defender dropped his magick longsword, but piled in there with his fists, smacking Tœfu the elven war-dog for two points of temporary, subdual damage. T'other fighter laid into Morris with his longsword, caining him. Morris retaliating with a Cause Light Wounds spell, hurting one of them. Then Sophia cast a Sleep spell, bringing the two warriors down, into a deep, magickal slumber; Paco-Jay moved forward, past the dozing guards, the black-elf death-mage ran through the gates then up the stairs, laying into an archer on the right rampart. Three other enemies came to there friends aid. Morris cast another Entangle spell, snaring the halfling-thugs on the right flank. Sophia and Tœfu went-in, past the stairwell, to investigate the door beyond. T'was locked as it turned out. She made her way back to the stairs. Meanwhile, the only free thief inside fired his crossbow at the group, hitting Morris in the arm. After which, he rang a bell. A glider came in to view, circling about from behind them. Landing in a tree, the evil priest began casting from atop a branch. Morris began casting his last Entangle spell at the evil-cleric. The dark-priest saw this and took to his glider again, this caused a wild-surge spell-mishap, making him gain the seizures mental flaw, the dark-priest of Lazrou immediately went into a fit, his glider crashed into the ground directly in front of Morris. The dark-priest kept having his episode in the forty-foot cube of animated plant life but h is high-strength score and Ring of Free Action meant he escaped Morris' Entangle spell with ease; once he'd recovered from his fit of course.

Maxen takes a break from writing the log-book during the festive season, absolutely sozzled on god-knows what, a hazy blitz, snowfall and magicrystals of rainbow coloured delights, yes sirree, this Christmas was nigh-on unbelievable; anyhow, let's get back to cases with a hot cuppa and a smoke. Muggles. Where were we? Oh yes! The bad-guy made a break for it, that is to say the evil-priest. Um... what else happened? Yeah. Um. I remember Sophia and Tœfu running up the stairs to aid Paco-Jay Meadri, kicking some heads in while they were entangled, snared-up in a mass of writhing plants. The two stuck in there, poking them through the plants where limbs were exposed outside of the forty-foot cube of animated flora, the two spell-casters thwacked the baddies, using elements of their newly acquired training of Master Sung-Hu Check's Striking Staff Style. They tore up the enemy in a successive flurry of attacks. The remaining rogue on the rampart, with his liberty took a pot shot at the wizard still outside the gates; he missed, hit his near-dead buddy killing him, the shooter then failed a morale check, and started to dart down the stairwell on the left flank (facing the keep). Anyway, a loud bell could be heard once he had dashed down to the foot of the windey staircase, shouting, panicking, raising the alarm to alert others, who, as it happened, didn't arrive on the scene. The home-grown posse wasted the bad-guys with ease, though one or two got away, it mattered not. Due to real-life time constraints we wrapped it up shortly after this part, gathered up all the treasure, getting hit by some traps in doing so, finding a shed-load of treasure, gold coin** (half-crowns, or gold-pennies in our monetary system; which, I might add Hannibal has glady adopted in his English style campaign). The remaining home-brew boys cleaned up, found some gems, once set in now melted jewellery because of Morris's White Hot Metal spell, earlier on in the encounter. They also found some fairly rudimentary magick-weapons, mainly all +1 enchantment level, some plus two's, and not much else. We then levelled the character's up, seeing as it was Boxing Day, and therefore, technically speaking still during that festive season, within the twelve days of Yule-tide, accordingly t'was double X.P. awards for slaying bad-guys. So the home-brew crew cleaned-up on X.P. this time, though 'tis but a taste of what is to come; as soon after the game had drawn to a conclusion, some day or two, while Sophia was over visiting, we had a call, then a loud knock on the door, and t'was none other than Hannibal (a.k.a. Garag Tog, Zemiah Pangelli and currently playing Tehlu Aguna) and Beren'junior. (a.k.a. Berenger Baggins, now running Morris Beren'junior Baggins the second, a chip off the old block, just like his old-man, if only more druidic than clerical) Alas, we've the second sesh' to write-up, here we go!

--- time phased by, elapsed in twilight turning to a new day ---
Write-up for the session that happened on the Tyrsday after. Still the yule-tide festive season, so the home-grown crew were still entitled to double X.P. for bagging bad-guys. Writing this up on the first Moonday of January. First off, the crew skinned outta the keep, and were entranced by an elder green dragon, who dwelt deep within the færie-forest. Tehlu immediately tried to throw down the gauntlet, by challenging the Ancient Elder Green Forest Dragon to an Honour-Duel! The Grift-Meister's voice boomed out in the sky, “What are you doing Hannibal man? You're character is only level three!? This thing is majorly powerful dude.” to which I then rattled off a complete run-down of the creature from the adventure module, listing all spells, spell-abilities and the things like hit-dice, THAC0 and special attacks and defences. See attached image
Ancient Green Dragon
Inzeldrin.JPG (41.12 KiB) Viewed 2044 times

To which Tehlu Aguna replied up to the heavens and said, “What about the time Garag the Gnome-Titan Beserker handed it to Skag Fellow, that high-level Blade-Master back in Randall's Keep?” *** (see the bottom of this post, this thread, for more detail on the encounter with Skag)

As the clouds seemed to make the shape of a face, it's eyes rolling then spake thus, “Indeed it can.” The wyrm used Dragon Speak Ancient Language Skill, to influence the (social) reaction of the posse. Before you knew it they all sang like tweety-pie! Yes sir. By way of the archaic tongue, the crew began to reveal their troubles, secrets and hang-ups from their back-stories. Morris was blubbing his heart out about how he always felt isolated, alone, not being able to drink amongst his friends, what with his Low Tolerance to Alcohol Quirk. "T'was like a scene from Dick Emrey, such was the lewdness and debauchery, except that Dick Emrey is not yet born, so such a comparison, may not be drawn..." (Bill Bailey) The little hobbit druid, usually very stoic and indifferent to such emotions (as he's True-Neutral Alignment – Indifferent) was weeping loads now, like out of the scene in Red Dwarf Series Five, Episode Six: the despair squid, “back to reality”, where the dwarf-posse are outside the air-lock in star-bug, after they've been hit by a dose of the hallucinogenic suicide-squid ink, before they're able to find a chemical stabilizer agent to stop them tripping out, breaking up (four minutes into the episode) when Kryten says, “B-b-bouts of despair!” Morris spilled his inner-most secrets with his companions, under the influence of the Dragonspeak. He told his friends of how he was one of ten children growing up, what with Morris being the second-to-last born, he missed the due attention most children have from a smaller family (note: this was all rolled up at char-gen using Hack-Master, if however you play D&D third edition {Gayhawk}, version 3.5 {Path-looser} & fourth edition {W.o.W. / tabletop wargame, akin to Warhammer Quest or computer games} you'd miss-out, lose all this attention to detail) check this out: Morris started blubbing badly now, waterfall, telling everybody, especially about the fact saw himself, as he really was: a bumbling nincompoop, a stuttering fool, who drools all the time. (Morris rolled these quirks and flaws at char-gen: Nincompoop (Jerk), Stutterer, and Drooling!) He confessed to hating Gnomelings (Half-hobbits, half-gnome), disliking halfling-thugs. The little hobbit-druid of the shire was in floods of tears now, and started to bleed at the nose. (This is because Morris also rolled at the start Psychotic Aversion towards Gnomelings and the Chronic Nose Bleeds quirks and flaws.)

Alas, Tehlu Aguna passed her hobbit friend a hanky, then, like Lister in the despair-squid episode of Red Dwarf “I don't seem to be affected” (by the Dragonspeak) then her lip began wobbling, “I don't think anyone's truly loved me my entire life, but, theirs nothin' new about tha'.” Tehlu sang like tweety-pie! All about how she too was one of ten children growing up, starved for parental attention. How her twin brother was the first-born and about how Tehlu was denied all the privilege he was growing up. (Again, this is all rolled-up using the Hack-Master character creation tables.) Tehlu spilled her guts up about how she annoyed everyone around her with her incessant sleep-talking, that her nervous tic always played up at inopportune moments. She confessed that she's a chronic liar, also that she has a dark, sadistic bent, that she's self-obsessed and insatiably greedy. How she has shaky hands, and felt ugly at having lost her ear. Worst of all, was not her phobia of worms, but how she believed herself to be a boy! (Once more, these are all quirks and flaws Hannibal's character rolled in Hack-Master character creation. Beat that 3.5!)

Sophia cut-in like the Cat saying “This is like Saturnsday night at the wailing wall! What's gotten into you guys?” Sure enough, the elven princess began to sob, “Why does it always have to be me that has to be the strong one?” (More waterworks) “Without me you guys would just fall apart!” (Moan moan, streams of tears now) Sophia Sovereignsson began blubbing about how she felt isolated as a middle-child, about how this made her cling to Maggie McFinnigan while growing up about the Elfæn-court. Sophia poured her heart-out about how she knew only too well that she had an obnoxious personality, that she knew she always had to be the centre of attention (Loud Boor quirk), that no-one could ever wake her up unless they hurt her physically (the Sound Sleeper flaw) and that she felt embarrassed about having a Strange Body Odour impairing her progress, socially. The cherry on the icing however was about the love she never had from both her parents, who were ill-equipped to deal with her growing up, how their duties at court kept them from giving her the attention she required in her formative years.

Once the Ancient Green Dragon Inzeldrin had learned their inner-most deepest secrets, discerned that the home-grown crew presented no threat. She told them of some giant formorian which have been troubling the local region. Everyone agreed that the home-brew crew were too low-level to do anything about it. Eventually it was Tœfu the keen elven war-dog that came up with the idea that Inzeldrin should be persuaded to do something about it. The dragon, after consideration, agreed to do this, in exchange for some livestock, from the town. The wyrm also agreed to help the local farmers, using her Plant Growth spell-ability to aid the agricultural yields in the region. All thanks to Lassie (Tœfu). The posse moved back on into the town of Thurmeister.

Upon reaching the local weapons shop, the group weren't surprised to see the usual precautions, solid steel barred-up windows. Cast-lead bank-vault style transaction security, like some inner-city Liverpudlian off-licence in a ghetto up-north. This didn't stop Tehlu who immediately used Hypnotism to transfix the teller. The shop-keeper failed his saving throw. As a result, Tehlu had a shiny new magickal Scimitar +1, and the others managed to pick up some real bargains (Trading feathers for magick-items, copper pennies for whole suits of armour, etc.) Sophia had a magick bow. They sold a bunch of magick weapons and armour at their full market value. After two rounds however, the spell wore-off. The teller seemed very much out of sorts. He shut up the shop early today. Beside himself. It wasn't long before shouts of annoyance and fits of rage could be heard inside, upon the realization of what he'd done. Alas, t'was too late. The deal was done.

Our posse healed-up, Morris trained Tehlu in the druidic arts (spell list). Several weeks passed uneventfully, then they all headed back to the Keep. Tehlu nearly fell into another pit-trap, she made her DEX check. Then she went about, with Sophia, disarming all the traps carefully. Then they set the traps in other places, marked out where they were on a make-shift map, and told everyone else in the posse there location.

After investigating the already cleaned-out first-half of the building, the group came to a door they'd not been through before. Upon opening it carefully, they were greeted by magickal Darkness. Morris cast Soften Stone, this time bringing a whole section of the building collapsing on a dozen orcs, as well as a few zombies; slaying them all. (Double X.P. for the Christmas festivities meant our hobbit cleaned-up on experience points!) Then they could hear the opening theme to Carmine Burana by Orff (the dark-priests' title music). Sophia and Tehlu were surprised. A poisoned crossbow-bolt flew out from the other half of the now semi-collapsed building, hitting Sophia of Eltharion squarely in the chest! Luckily she made her poison-save so didn't suffer any ill-effects, other than her pride being hurt, and taking a couple H.P. damage. Morris was the only one able to cast spells after the evil-cleric cast Silence 15' radius on the home-brew crew. The hobbit-druid of ki cast Entangle, snaring two thieves and a couple of orcs. Sophia recovered her wits and fired an arrow at a Carrion Crawler that had slithered into sight. Morris unsuccessfully threw a flask of oil at the entangled lot, it fell short but still splashed them slightly with the liquid. Tehlu however strolled up to the plants and began pouring it all over them at point-blank range, the con-woman then got back. The dark-priest could smell that something was up, used his Ring of Free Action to get out of the entanglement then he cast Resist Fire. The intention was to save his minions but soon found he could only protect himself with the spell. Someone lit the oil, sending a gout of flame roaring up and around the moving plant-life, burning the captive orcs and thieves to death. The crew engaged the Carrion Crawler in hand-to-hand. It was down within a few rounds or so.

As the fire died down, the crew could see no sign of the priest. They looted the treasure and moved on, into the burning, half-collapsed ruined Keep. Upon opening the door to the study, another crossbow-bolt flew out, missing the crew. This time it was the dark-priests' turn to be surprised. Tehlu cast Heat Seeking Fists of Thunder. A disembodied magick hand flew towards the torch-bracket near the dark-priest, it exploded in a sonic-boom, hitting everyone within a 20' radius of the fire-source, wounding the evil-priest, his orcish lackeys and undead minions (skeletons). Morris moved in there, hitting them with his quarterstaff, the orcs fought back, trading blows with the home-grown crew. Sophia of Eltharion then cast Icy Sphere, caining the evil-priest with cold damage, also clipping on of the skele's. Tœfu ran in there and bit the enemy priest, who fought back with renewed vigour, hurting the elven dog. Then, the skeletons closed-in on Tehlu, who took some damage, then switched to her Fung-Chi style martial art, she attacked using Iron Fist shattering some bones on the lean undead beings.
Encounter in the Keep
KeepEncounter.JPG (88.42 KiB) Viewed 2040 times

The dark-priest tried to escape again, with Sophia and Tœfu hot on his heels. The evil-cleric smacked Sophia for twelve damage with his magickal Flail +3, but not before getting struck down with blow from Sophia's Quarterstaff +1. Tehlu used her Eagles Claw strike to down to down the last skeleton. The remaining orc lackey made his morale check and struck Tehlu Aguna in vein. He was downed the following round by another Fung-Chi Eagle Claw attack. Sophia and Tœfu tore up the last remaining orc emissary, and that – as they say – was that! The home-brew crew searched for treasure, finding a bucket-load of baubles, magick, coin and such. Whilst searching the adjoining chamber, Tœfu came across a giant rat. He didn't have any trouble with it, the posse downed it within a round or so.

Aftermath: Sophia made level three Battle-Mage (Spell-Slinger), Tehlu is now officially a level three Charlatan (Empiric) and Morris is now a level five Druid (Initiate of the Third Circle). Paco-Jay is level three, and Maggie McFinnigan is still levels three and four (in Mage/Thief, respectively). I've asked the person who plays Sophia nicely to write-up any sessions they have while I'm away. Here on this site of course. So hopefully we'll be updated on the events that transpire in Hannibal's “Yokel” campaign. Sophia is running a half-ogre warrior in that adventure, so they'll have a decent fighter at least. I wish you all the best. I can't wait to get some red, blue, yellow, purple and rose coloured precious gem-stone dice sets from abroad. The first set I brought back are now nearly engraved, many thanks to my friend and neighbour. I can confirm that three dice are done so far. The rest should be finished upon my return, ready for another bunch to be completed. By the way, if anyone wants D6's for Shadowrun or war-gaming then I can buy them already engraved, by laser, at the source. They're onyx and come in three different sizes. Unlike the expert engraving on the dice done here at home, the role-players set, these D6's don't have numbers on, but pips; and, instead of having to be rolled on baize, they are durable enough so that can be rolled on regular surfaces (such as a table) without fear of damage. Let me know if you're interested. I intend to go to the warehouse, to the source, cutting out the middle-man and getting hold of these beauties at the cheapest possible price. It should be a good annum ahead. Happy New Year everyone here at Ukrp. Especially Dave for putting up with my rants, not banning me, and appreciating the role-playing related material I upload here. Take care. All of you. Max-out.

*** Skag Fellow (a.k.a “Skraag Fallow”, “Fowl”, “Squinty” or “Anvil-Head”), Garag Tog, at level one, bested a Blade-Master (in an honour-duel) He had on him a +12 enchantment intelligent sword 'Atticus Noyle', as well as various other seriously powerful magickal artifacts and relics, including: the Heart of the Clan Lord, the Ring of Long Years (which doubled Saemuses life-span to thirty-odd, what seeing as he was hit by that Ghost a while back, ageing him for a score years, means he is well past his prime, his hay-day. Poor old Berenger has like strength two, constitution three after being magickally aged eighty or so years by that ghostie. Savage. A moment-Moray to them both, harsh.) ...Anyway, other treasures acquired during that memorable moment, the historical event, when Garag rolled two crits in a row against Skag, who was effectively a 28th level Fighter (that's to say, an 8th grade Blade-Master.) Right off the bat, I might add, then lay the boot in with a stomp attack, was himself knocked out in Skag Fellows retaliatory strike, but eventually came out of his coma, however, poor old Skag wasn't so lucky. He bled to death on the snowy-trodden streets of Randall's Keep, outside the Elfwood Tavern, nestled deep within the Voegan mountains, many moons ago. Anyhow let's not forget the Never-Empty Mead Tankard, the Grieves of the Troll-kin, also the Shield of Provocation +3 and of course the Kali's Eye-Tooth of the Ma'tæn Tribe. Some of these magickal items were stolen away by Mortimer Creo' the Mage-Slayer (a.k.a. “Lord Creo”, “Dredger”, “Mortimer Creosote”) and some by the invisible Sæmus McFinnigan the First. Though Garag Tog the level one Gnome-Titan Berserker still won the +12 Hack-Master sword, Atticus Noyle he donated to the temple of pangrus. One more thing, the territory, the turf this all happened on, is now known as O'Finniga. It long-since signed a treaty of independence from it's former colonial power, the empire of Fang. Among the neighbouring provinces are Eltharion and the Elfæn Woods, the Færie Forest of O'Finniga, also, to the east it borders the Mountain Kingdom. Made up of the original Dwarves and disaffected Gnomes, the disgruntled believers of Gærdal Ironhand, a number of Forest Gnomes were exiled eastwards. Led by Zemiah Pangelli in an Exodus, where he parted the sea of trees, the conquering lion prince of judah, archprelate patriarch of all faiths moved forest and mountain to lead his people free. The king of all kings, the lamb of Aten, the celestial chosen one, a freak-mutant star-child from way-out beyond the cosmos. Far-out. The Messiah, not unlike Brian (Monty Python, the Life of...) He is actually the 'Chosen One' that is his career-class. In reference to this shift in the topography of the region: next Snuggle-Season will be the continuation of the Evils of Haranshire adventure, the current module (prefab) I'm running, however it'll be alongside a new BirthRight style campaign, adapted to suit the Snuggle-Nook campaign setting, the world of Tadisaga. Muggles. It fits in neatly with most of the character's backgrounds: Maud is hier to the throne of the Elfaen-Isle, Sophia is next in line to inherit Kingdom of Elfwood, Maggie is daughter of Maud and Saemus, the first-born daughter of the clan McFinnigan, lays claim to the Vowjeanne mountain range (O'Finniga) and the neighbouring Faerie Forest. Also Berenshire, home of the hobbits, is in the hands of Morris Berenjunior Baggins the second. Next door to that is Pangellia and Garagorn, Hannibal's rightful inheritance. Let's not forget Nercropolis: Paco-Jay Meadri's land of the Black-Elves. Put simply: each player runs his own country, comprised of only one or two provinces, all neighbouring one another. They're land-locked, and although O'Finniga and Berenshire lay claim to the isle of the cyclops, as well as other holdings throughout Snuggle Nook, also, with both Sophia and Maud laying claim to the far-away Elfaen-Isle, it'll be a while before they really get a chance to flourish. To bloom. I've worked it so they'll have to work together, rather than be at each others throats in some dire espionage campaign wrecking scenario. This is because, the surrounding nations are all much larger, fitting in with Hannibal's human-world idea, also coincidentally what Papa Gyagax once said in his 1st Edition AD&D DMG, about world design. Anyhow, I've the twelve tribes of man designed, and the ones neighbouring the players' land are the Keltio tribes, the Lands of Hessan, the Kingdom of Fang (Allansia, the olde worlde), Daenor to the north, and bordering that, the only demi-human nation-neighbour, the Mountain Kingdom (of the Dwarves, and the Gnomes and the little-people). Stay on the flex. So ends this write up. Ciao for now.

Monetary system in Snuggle-Nook and beyond...
Copper Piece (1p) = A groat or a farthing.
Silver Piece (10p) = A schilling or shilling.
Gold Piece* (£1) = A sceatta (sceattæ) or a half-crown.
Hard-Silver (£2) = A crown or gold-crown.
Electrum Piece (50p) = A manca, mancus, or a florin.
Platinum (£5) = A sovereign or a guinea.

* Note that most players prefer to call these coins simply “G.p.” so we've come to a compromise, in that gold-pennies are a valid term in usage. Half-crowns never caught on, despite my tenacity. Even so, I think the rightful term for the most common coinage should be the sceatta, as it is the oldest example of English coinage (sixth century, the dollar has only been around since 1798, and was originally English first – like almost anything [historically] in north America, we (the English) were the founders. Dollars were only worth four shillings and sixpence back then.)
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Re: SNUGGLE NOOK: The Next Generation

Postby Maxen » 10:23pm on 17 Jan 11

Money, Money, Money

Living with geologists who fully understand the true value of precious gemstones and metals have broken the stereotypes I held about which metals hold what value, and such. Once again Papa Gygax was way off the mark. I have recently discovered from professionals in the industry that platinum is not among the rarer metals found in abundance. Being geologists they work more with precious stone than metal, so I probed and it is simple fact that diamond is the commercial stone of choice, mass produced and nowhere near as rare as Alexandrite, nor is it as rare as any other number of precious gems. I'll keep you all updated on this, as and when I make more discoveries of the truth. Oh, and BTW I intend to return to Blightey after purchasing some more precious dice. Also, I went to see this band playing in Paris the other day, you people haven't lived until you've seen these play live:
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Re: SNUGGLE NOOK: The Next Generation

Postby Maxen » 2:54pm on 19 Jan 11

Here's the latest addition to my encylopedia sideratus, it's an entry un-marked in any English literature I have read thus far, and is home to the Voegyan Mountains, where I am at the moment.

Sautré: Lutin des Vosges et Lorraine (The imp of the Voegyan Mts.)
A miscreant yet sometimes benvolant spirit found exclusively in this region. The Sautré are neither Good nor Evil but delight in both hindering and helping folk. If one loses an object in about the house, 'tis oft tiles suspected that the Sautré are to blame. They tease (taquin). If one extracts the pine-needles from the trees about the locale, a pair of white lines are evident, a trace of a scar, said to be made by the Sautré.

Other folk-lore surrounding the little imp is the fact that he/she/they rut uncontrollably, pleasure-seekers who ravish maidens, lost in the mountains. They also leave trails of leaves or stones to their lair, where it is said they horde many treasures. The Sautré is not unlike the Satyr in many ways, a being of the forest, of the earth, of nature.
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Re: SNUGGLE NOOK: The Next Generation

Postby Maxen » 12:08pm on 31 Jan 11

CHARACTER SHEETS from the all new Underground Home-Brew Crew

Morris Baggins the Second
Morris.JPG (198.35 KiB) Viewed 2056 times
Morris II
Morris_Reverse.JPG (242.16 KiB) Viewed 2056 times
Morris_Skills.JPG (159.33 KiB) Viewed 2056 times

Maggie McFinnigan the Second
Maggie.JPG (178.74 KiB) Viewed 2056 times
Maggie II
Maggie_Reverse.JPG (151.58 KiB) Viewed 2056 times
Maggie_Skills.JPG (58.47 KiB) Viewed 2056 times
Maggie_Spells.JPG (100.94 KiB) Viewed 2056 times

Sophia the First
Sophia.JPG (185.04 KiB) Viewed 2056 times
Sophia of the Elfaen Isle
Sophia_Reverse.JPG (95 KiB) Viewed 2056 times
Sophia of Eltharion
Sophia_Spells.JPG (116.77 KiB) Viewed 2056 times

(Rovus resumed as normal from this week onwards, woohoo! Game ON!)
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Re: SNUGGLE NOOK: The Next Generation

Postby Maxen » 10:29pm on 01 Feb 11

More Charactersheets (Hannibal a.k.a.Garag Tog, a.k.a. Zemiah Pangelli)

Tehlu Aguna the First
TehluAguna.JPG (175.48 KiB) Viewed 2046 times
TehluAguna_Reverse.JPG (108.45 KiB) Viewed 2046 times
Tehlu Aguna
TehluAguna_Skills.JPG (46 KiB) Viewed 2046 times
Tehlu Magick
TehluAguna_Spells.JPG (65.93 KiB) Viewed 2046 times

MAUD (Old-school, 1st Generation)
Maud Reginaulde the First
MaudReginauldLv7-8.JPG (113.79 KiB) Viewed 2040 times
MaudReginauldLv7-8 II.JPG
Maud Reginaulde
MaudReginauldLv7-8 II.JPG (114.02 KiB) Viewed 2040 times
MaudReginauldLv7-8 III.JPG
Maud McFinnigan
MaudReginauldLv7-8 III.JPG (113.12 KiB) Viewed 2040 times
MaudReginauldLv7-8 IV.JPG
Maud McFinnigan-Reginaulde
MaudReginauldLv7-8 IV.JPG (124.82 KiB) Viewed 2040 times
MaudReginauldLv7-8 V.JPG
Maud of the Fae
MaudReginauldLv7-8 V.JPG (110.45 KiB) Viewed 2040 times

We have a surprise appearance from Maud on our next session, Saemus is also confirmed to be here (Maggie), also Berenger (Morris) is due to be turning up, as well as Sophia; it should be good. We also might have Hannibal (Tehlu) and Paco-Jay too! I'll let you all know what is going on, no problems.
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Re: SNUGGLE NOOK: The Next Generation

Postby Maxen » 12:47am on 02 Feb 11

Atop the misty snow-capped peaks of the Vœjyan mountains, lay a house of fair size, nestled within the folds of the Beyard. A gentle fall of snow-flakes drift lazily down all about the place, leaving trace of track, imprints, impressions of savage, wild animals. Evidenced by trodden hoof or claw. As you look down upon the sizeable, yet modest wooden dwelling of Didier the artisan, a small wisp of smoke drifts up slowly towards the heavens. Crystal-like flakes of soft snow fall all about you and your companions as you tread wearily down through the rock-covered mountain side. The wind picks up slightly before dying down again. You have the feeling of being watched from within the dark gloom of the forest. As you turn about to see the source of the watcher, a fleeting glimpse of a lynx, running away fast throughout the trees, weaving in and out with expert aplomb. Turning your attention down to the wooden building, the sun began to sink below the horizon, it spilled a gigantic orange light, that reflected off a sky filled with a blanket of clouds. Amber, yellow and salmon cover the azure stratosphere, casting long shadows over the snowy landscape. As you reach Didier's door, the smell of onions cooking mingled with wood-smoke fill your nostrils.

You ring the bell, glancing unknowingly at your compatriots. The shuffle of foot-steps emanate through the foyer, then the creak of a door, and another, then the creak of a third door as the white wooden portal opens before you to the ring of chimes from behind the door. A small man stands before you dressed in modest habits, plain-looking clothes, sporting a well-trimmed beard and a golden chain about his neck, with a turquoise scarf. His beady youthful eyes dart this way and that, surveying your group, before saying (in broken Anglyn/Common) “Welcome to my home...”
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Re: SNUGGLE NOOK: The Next Generation

Postby Maxen » 7:48pm on 03 Feb 11

Roleplay-session at the start of February, in the year of our Lord 2011 Anno Dominii

Morris Berenjunior Baggins the Second and Sophia of Eltharion had a strangely intense dream whereby they were in a jacuzzi, surrounded by a dozen vestal virgins, who were pouring milk over them, asses milk, goats milk and cows milk. In the steamy scene, white-dressed fair maidens, scantily clad rubbed oil into their bodies while scantily clad servants fed them grapes and fruits from silver platters. Zeus appeared and healed the two adventurers of the ill-effects from previous critical-hits taken, effectively casting Cure Critical Wounds on them both. Then, the scene faded, back to reality, t'was “all just a dream.” (But the Cure Crit' was oddly real.)

Morris and Sophia stood outside the artisan-house of Didier, who invited them in to the warm fireside haven. To the left was a fabulous museum, a collection of fossils, rare gem-stones and meteorites, from around the world of Snuggle Nook. The two travellers both mused, “I know what Maggie would do if she was here...” eyeing the collection suspiciously. Didier closed the door to the museum under lock and key, and ushered them into the other side of his house. The hearth-home fire was burning and a skinny looking man played a strange looking musical instrument. Another man, broad shouldered and tough-looking drank wine, whilst stirring an onion soup. They offered the characters some beverages, then Morris began singing along with the music, making his artisan-skill: Singing check. This impressed the sage Didier very much, who began to dance merrily. After the festivities had died down somewhat, they dined together. They regaled one another with stories, Sophia asked if anything unusual had been happening in the locality. If there were any rumours of adventure around. They spoke of taverns needing singers, musicians, artists in the nearby town of Geramy. Also the group told them of roving bands of ravenous wolves, accosting lone travellers. But of most interest was the mystery surrounding the Glimmering Glade (see adventure description images at the end of this thread).

After a morning coffee and a quick smoke of hobbit pipe-weed (which Morris refrained from, as he had the alcohol from last night), the two were well motivated for the day's early adventuring. The Glimmering Glade lay some distance across the other side of the valley. Nearing the edge of the dead-wood, the guys surprised a group of wolves, Morris cast Speak with Animals, they parleyed with the animals and skirted around there lair.

As the elven princess and hobbit druid entered the dead-wood, they noticed that the clouds darkened, the skies covered over and that it had become night-time already. Not a sound stirred, and an eerie phosphorescent glow illuminated the region from the moss and bark on the spindly branches and trunks of the now-dead trees. As it turned out they stumbled across a clearing inhabited by a Wight. Tœfu the elven war-hound used her Entangle special ability at the behest of her mistress – Sophia, the Wight was unable to break free, despite being able to move a little (the branches of the trees ensnaring it was brittle, so afforded the Wight a bit of room to manoeuvre, giving it a +4 to being hit, instead of the usual automatic chance – providing the target's at the edge of the area of effect, of course.) Sophia ran in there, scoring a whopping hit with her magickal quarterstaff. Fresh round, Morris reached the target, his little hobbit legs getting there, he too sweded the undead energy-drainer for some, however his weapon was ineffective, being a standard quarterstaff (i.e. non-magickal, nor silvered). Sophia threw her Quarterstaff+1 to Morris, then cast Shocking Grasp on the Wight, causing a spell-critical (open ended damage, native to Hack-Master, lacking in 3.5 and the other inferior editions of D&D!), the helpless Wight took the pain. Morris swiped at it with his loaned magickal Quarterstaff+1, he fumbled, the staff dropped at his feet. Tœfu was unable to do anything to harm the Wight, so stayed out of it. Sophia missed on her second Shocking Grasp, the last one she had memorised. The elven princess grabbed her Quarterstaff+1 back.

Morris pulled out his Dagger+2, with him having Sickle proficiency, the dagger was a related weapon and so, in accordance with the Hack-Master ruleset, the penalty for attacking with such a weapon was less than t'would be if he used another type of weapon he wasn't familiar with. Anyhow, it made little odds as Morris missed. Then Sophia fumbled, hitting her ally! Poor old Tœfu failed his dexterity-check, took the full amount of damage, despite Sophia only rolling a one, her whopping strength, high honour and magickal bonus for the weapon meant Tœfu was clipped pretty bad. Their luck changed, and within three more rounds the undead bad-guy bit the dust. Tœfu began digging in the dirt, finding a Dagger+1, before you knew it, what with Morris casting Soften Stone and Purify Water the whole team managed to dig-up, to unearthed a Long Sword+1, a Ring of Protection+1, a medium-sized metallic Shield+1, a piece of jewellery: a Platinum Choker encrusted with Emeralds (worth a grand and a half), and a Silver Scroll Case. This contained a letter (see attached image) as well as three spells: Stinking Cloud, Dispel Magick, and Melphs Acid Arrow, all cast at 11th level. They also found 48 Miscellaneous Items (weapons, armour, and other paraphernalia), oh and 54 sceatta (G.p.)
Kanthar's Note
LetterClueSignedKanthar.JPG (55.83 KiB) Viewed 2027 times

On the return to the house, the two decided to have a fire-side chat. A lone wolf howled in the dark distance, and it occurred to the pair of heroes that they had been journeying for some time together but had never really gotten to know each other. Here they unearthed some of their secrets, shared painful memories with one another (based on their Quirks, Flaws, and family history). Upon reaching the Artisan house, Sophia exchanged the emerald embedded choker for two pints of Dragon's Blood, in an attempt to copy Stinking Cloud and Melph's Acid Arrow into her spell-book, she failed abysmally, the two scrolls perished into dust. Didier the sage arch-mage felt pity for the apprentice elven battle-mage, and gave her a copy of Melph's Acid Arrow for free (cast at 2nd level). Then the grand-wizard cast Teleport Without Error on the all-new home-grown crew, delivering them safely back to the ruined Keep, in a flash of lights and smoke.

One of the rogues, previously thought to be dead was now crawling towards a fountain in the courtyard. He had lost a lot of blood. Morris rapped him on the head with his quarterstaff, then bound the prisoner with some silk rope. (Attacking an unarmed and obviously inferior opponent who has already yielded would net some characters a loss in Honour, but seeing as the druid was not good, nor lawful alignment, he actually gained a point of Honour!) They pumped the prisoner for information, getting a general idea of the layout of the first dungeon level. Only vague and sketchy details about the first few chambers, but good enough to be wary of a few tricks and traps found within the dungeon. The two toyed with the idea of flooding the tunnels, until Tœfu suggested that there may be innocent lives dwelling down there. A voice in the clouds also mentioned that local rangers have access to a Ring of Water Elemental Control which would feasibly be able to regulate any abnormal flooding eventualities.

The two descended after a good-nights sleep, which was uneventful. Then the two managed to surprise a Wyvern (very lucky to have done-so) guarding the first chamber. They rushed in there and attacked the beast, sweding it for chunks of damage on the first round. Then it turned around a tried to bite Morris, it missed, then the stinging tail struck poor old Sophia, who failed her poison-save, killing her outright! Of course, this is Hack-Master, so the elven princess purged nine-tenths of her honour to get a fate-point. She passed her saving throw versus poison (only just, I might add, by the skin of her teeth!) All three of them piled in there, doing as much damage as they could, no spells were cast in these rounds, the all-new home-brew crew did as much damage as possible, taking the Wyvern down to a mere three hit-points. It attacked back with renewed vigour, biting Sophia, taking her down to hardly any hit-points, and stinging Morris, who failed his poison-save (after only needing a six or more on a twenty-sider!) the hobbit druid purged his Honour too; disaster! He failed it again! So Tœfu used her Honour-purge 'mulligan' (fate-point) to try and save the hobbit: he made it! Third times the charm. So then, afterwards Tœfu bit back. As did the beast, biting Sophia so bad it put her down to minus eight hit-points, she was bleeding all over the cavern floor now, unconscious. Debating whether or not to heal her friend, Morris decided instead to try and slay the flying beast. He missed. Tœfu however hit home, slaying the Wyvern, dead. However, rather than keeling over on to the floor, the Wyvern faded out of existence, disappearing in to transparency. For t'was a mere illusion all along, however the threat of death was very real, as no-one thought to disbelieve. Morris immediately cast Cure Light Wounds on her near-dead companion, stabilizing him, then the druid cast Cure Minor Injury to bring Sophia up to a lone hit-point. After coming round, the elven princess drank deeply from her Never Empty Flask of Healing using two doses (it should refill within a few hours). They retreated upstairs above ground to rest-up. What an encounter! After calculating X.P. Sophia of Eltharion is now a level four battle-mage, Morris is well on his way to being a level six druid, and after doing an Honour-audit, Morris is back up to nearly average honour, as is Tœfu, whereas Sophia is crawling back up slowly. Can't wait for the next game, I'll keep you all posted; have fun, take care, and stay on the flex. The Mac-attack.
GleamingGlade.JPG (66.35 KiB) Viewed 2027 times
GleamingGlade2.JPG (34.07 KiB) Viewed 2027 times
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Account of the all-new home-grown crew, rovusession in the winter of 2011, Anno Domini.

Sophia of Eltharion bade farewell to her companion Morris Baggins the second, and left him guarding their prisoner at the ruined-spire. She headed into town on her horse, little Tœfu the elven war-dog sitting atop the cart that trundled behind. The keen elven senses of her canine spied a fly-over. Alerting her mistress, Sophia looked up into the midday sun on this winter morning, only to see Paco-Jay Meadri, the Dark-elf Death-Mage, who smiled and waved, nearly crashing the glider in doing so, but adroitly recovering at the last moment swooping low over the grass ground. Aside the road he landed, they greeted one another and without further ado, loaded-up the glider on the wagon, then headed into town. On the slow-road to Thurmeister they, relaxed, had some lunch, a spot of fine ginger-ale, and had a smoke. The two caught-up on what they'd each been up-to, since they'd last seen one another. Paco-Jay said that he'd been into town, seen Tauster the Wizard for spell ingredients, scrolls, magickal-inks and owl-bear feathers, to scribe new spells he'd been learning, namely Telepathic Mute, Choke, Slow Healing, Invisibility and Web. Meanwhile, Sophia the elven-princess told her about her adventures with Morris, battling the Wight of the Gleaming Glade, and then nearly falling to the deadly-poisonous tail-sting of the illusionary Wyvern the two encountered only last month. She also mentioned that she too had learned Choke and Web of late, as well. Not only that, but she also recently discovered Fluttersoft, Run, Detect Disease, Filter, Divination, Know Alignment, Preserve, Improved Phantasmal Force, Levitate, Heat Seeking Pummelling Fists of Thunder and Stinking Cloud, she also had a Hold Person (Priest) Scroll about her. Alas, they soon all reached the town of Thurmeister. Upon passing through the gateway, people smiled and greeted Paco-Jay warmly, for the help and reconstruction efforts to repair their livelihoods – the wharf and jetty, there homes and families. The people warmly received Sophia, not least because she was a princess, but also because t'was common knowledge that she be a companion of Morris Baggins the second, who helped re-build the church, is the towns own resident druid, and also because of the great many deeds which the heroes had now so far accomplished, all cheered and offered generous hospitality wherever they did so choose. However the two decided to try and buy some more spell-materials (namely owl-bear feathers and dragons-blood – for writing spells of which they had the scrolls for, to write them into Paco-Jay's spell-book.) Tauster was feeling quite reclusive, solitary this afternoon, and he had already spent all morning Mr. Meadri, so the door to his tall tower was shut. Across the street was a quiet man, watching the strangers. He was adorned in a simple white robes, carrying a staff. The young-man had the first beginnings of a neat-beard but seemed bald under his hood. Of coppery-complexion, the Human (Grecosidian/Odyssian) Monk: Ezekiel stepped forth. “We could use a warrior, do join us stranger if you will.” said Paco-Jay. “I accept.” replied Ezekiel. After a short-time deliberating as to whether or not take on a smaller side-quest, instead of the main campaign (seeing as Ezekiel was only level one at the moment; that and the other Paco-Jay and Sophia were wizards, of only levels 3 or 4 respectively.) In the end, the group decided to head straight for the main adventure site, no messing about. They stocked up on a few essential supplies, then turned straight about and went back to the camp. That is to say, the ruined-spire. Well stocked with food, ammunition and lamp-fuel, the underground crew made a bee-line back to Broken-Spire...

The two day journey was uneventful, the weather clement, albeit fresh on a frosty winters morn' turn afternoon, into twilight and so forth until they had reached the building, just after the witching hour that fateful night. Leading the horse and cart through the debris, Sophia turned into the main chamber leading opposite the section of the building Morris had previously managed to level with a Soften Stone spell. The partially collapsed meeting-hall was large had a gap just large enough to admit the horse and cart. Ezekiel and P.J. Meadri followed in tow, Tœfu too, not far behind. The group looked at the sheared section on the other side of the clearing, filled with rubble and once molten stone, re-solidified to form strange puddles and gloopy shapes, bumps of stone in between them and the dungeon entrance. Tœfu winced, telling Sophia telepathically that, whoever they disturbed below-ground with the phantasmal Wyvern must know that we would return, it is not safe here. “Yeah yeah.” replied Sophia whilst turning to her compadres to formulate a battle-plan. The all-new home-brew crew spent some time in discussion, hammering out the best mode of attack, deciding which course of action to take. All the while, there in the courtyard was the wounded hostage, once again trying to make it to the fountain to drink. The bandito from the posse was crawling using his hands and bleeding all over the place from a nasty stomach wound. Ezekiel offered him a sip from his canteen and helped the feller up. They helped him eat something, then coaxed some more information out of him. The layout of the place, how many of them there were. “Five.” groaned the wounded road-robber. He continued mumbling slowly, in-between deep rasping breathes, “Two hobbits, and three humans, a warrior and two mystics.” The others restarted their conversation regarding how this information might change the plan when the noticed the wounded guy crawling away slowly toward the door, leaving a trail of blood in the grass. Minutes passed, the wind picked up, the home-brew boys, including Tœfu all sensed that something was amiss. The messed-up bandit was nowhere in sight now, but men started to appear on the walls opposite, the same rampart they had fought the dark-priest and his men. Groans could be heard as five shambling zombies came out of the keep-side gate, flanked by a half-a-dozen orcs led by a large brutish looking orkin warrior (level five), and on either side of the ramparts came two clerics (around level five-ish each), one darted down the stairs, quick as a flash, t'other, a lady dark-cleric flew down from the battlements, helping swarm the main doorway where the adventurers were, ordering her minions to spread out, to attack around all of the three side doors. The enemy warrior, flanked by two bandits and a halfing-thug, approached the arch carefully. Wary from what they'd seen and heard from this particular posse (The U.H.G.C.) they inched forward, not knowing what to expect, waiting for the slow moving zombies, shambling into position. A group of four orcs broke off and followed another bandit and hobbit-rogue, on the other side. Everyone in the party reserved their inititave, Tœfu attacked however, the bandit fired two flight arrows into the canine: the first flew wide, the second hit the dog straight in the chest, the bitch dog winced then ploughed in there, biting the rogue road robber. The hobbits tried to Hide in Shadows but failed both times. The posse (U.H.G.C.) stalled for time, as did the monsters. All except for the ones trailing behind, the orcs on the left had entered the meeting-hall chamber now, two of them reaching Tœfu, taking swipes at the little hound.

The bandit head-warrior piled through the door, leading the charge. There was only room enough for fighting two abreast in the archway so he was flanked by a (level 3) bandit. Paco-Jay missed with his quarterstaff, the head-warrior didn't, attacking Ezekiel. He rolled a natural 20! Only worked out as a severity level four critical-hit to the Monk's right elbow. The bandit took a shot at Paco-Jay, he missed. P.J. Meadri attacked back, he fumbled! The end of his quarterstaff was sheared off. Ezekiel retaliated using his Fung-Chi Style Martial Arts Manoeuvre – Iron Fist attack. It hit, striking for ten damage in revenge against the big bad boss. Sophia moved in to attack, she stumbled with a natural one, harsh! Dropping her Quarterstaff+1at her feet. A priestess cast Silence 15' Radius on them all, another cast Hold Person on P.J., it didn't hold for long, only a round or so. Many people traded blows, lots of people missing their attacks, being wide off the mark, on both sides. Tœfu was fully surrounded by orcs, a bandit and halfling-thug now. Then suddenly, from outta nowehere, Ezekiel attacks the boss-man with another Martial Arts Manoeuvre – Iron Fist attack, this time using the Sung-Hoy Style. The Monk failed his proficiency check for the special manoeuvre (so the damage was normal subdual – that is to say a quarter real, three-quarters temporary, with a chance of getting knock-out like normal.) Anyhow, he rolled, a severity level twenty-four critical-hit to the shin! Unfortunately the bad guy passed on the rolls regarding paralysis and bleeding to death, but did take triple damage, and had the guy at -4 STR and roll to attack as well as having -4 against him being. The actual crit' did only about 6 points of real-damage (as well as 18 points of temporary subdual damage), but the guy dropped what he was carrying (a Broadsword+2), and the veteran thought twice about advancing any more, despite having the posse surrounded with overwhelming odds. Tœfu bit and clawed at her assailants, a valiant attempt at survival but she then took a severity level nineteen critical-hit to the hip, savagery! She just about survived it, but is now on the deck with half-a-dozen bad-guys beating her. The head-warrior slunk off, P.J. Meadri made his attack of opportunity roll, taking a chunk out of the leader as he ran away in shame. The two priests came in now, flanked by the zombies, who covered every door. The action was suspended there, people had to go, so we wrapped it up early. I just couldn't leave the battle in such a state and tried to persuade the only remaining player to help me resolve it, he couldn't stay, so I made all the rolls myself, on the following day.

Put simply, the action was fierce, but they were all captured. With any luck the old-school home-grown crew might just bail the new-guys out of trouble. We'll just have to wait and see. Rovus on! During this session Ezekiel made level two Monk: making the jump from “Grasshopper” to “Brother”. I've copied his character sheet down here for y'all. I would have scanned the original in but I'm all outta printer ink so it's on a first edition sheet, when we've re-written both he and Paco on an original Hack-Master character sheet I'll upload them as soon as poss'.
The fight
OurGroup.jpg (105.89 KiB) Viewed 2012 times

Name: Ezekiel; Class: Middle-Class; Culture: Human (Osidian); Career: Monk; Alignment: Lawful-Neutral;

Level: 2 (Brother); Height: 6'; Weight: 170lbs; Hit-Points: 22; Armour Class: 6; Fame: 1; Exp.: 1,595;

Age: 19; Gender: ♂; T.H.A.C.0.: 19; Move: 15”; #attacks/rd.(Open Hand): 5/4;

STR 15 (24%); DEX 16 (61%); CON 11 (86%); INT 12 (46%); WIS 16 (36%); CHA 13 (75%); BEA 17 (27%);
HONour: 24 (Honour-dice size: d4);

Saving Throws: Paralysis/Death/Poison: 12; Rods/Staves/Wands: 14; Petrification/Frenzy/Blood-lust/Polymorph: 13; Breath Weapon: 16; Apology: 18; Spells: 14;

Quirks&Flaws: Maintenance Compulsion, Hearing Impaired, Depression (minor), Flatulent, Psychotic Aversion to Pixie-Fæ and Albino.

Talents: Opportunist (see log above), Lucky (+1 to chosen dice-size rolls: D20); Weapon proficiencies: Military-Pick, Bo-staff; Weapon Specialization: Pole-Arms;

Adolescent History: Born into a middle-class family of warriors, Ezekiel was the only-child of an Osidian family. He attended a regular army boot camp at Vesuvius. The quality of this outpost was sub-par. A couple of his instructors were competent but the facilities were in a state of disrepair, and training aids were rudimentary. The camp commander was approaching retirement age, and he seldom left the barracks. While at the Academy of Vesuvius, Ezekiel was trained in the arts of warfare (he acquired Pole-arms weapon proficiency and weapon maintenance skill). He suffered from heat stroke during a long route march and as such Ezekiel suffers -1 to all rolls when he's dehydrated. He was also impaled on a pole arm during weapons training. Though no permanent harm resulted, he gained another weapon proficiency with one (making him a pole arm specialist).

After Vesuvius he was posted to the Osidian Engineers regiment, the quality of his work while serving here was most excellent. So much so that he was thought to be definitely made of the right stuff. He flew through the engineering course. He gained military pick weapon proficiency, and also a number of skills: entrenchment construction, and also construction (hasty defence works). The regiment was then posted to help in a cold-war theatre of warfare against some orcs. When the action occurred his regiment was deployed as a flanking force during a minor victory, Ezekiel didn't see any action this time though. After that, the Odisian Engineers did a tour of duty against hobgoblins, in an attempt to quell a guerilla war. The hobgoblins were hostile to the occupying Osidians, this took the form of them being uncooperative whenever Ezekiel or his fellow soldiers were nearby. Here Ezekiel participated in frequent patrols through rough terrain, marshes and jungle. He was exposed to various nasty diseases but fortunately didn't contract any. His unit played a significant role in routing a large force of enemy hobgoblins. Ezekiel unfortunately suffered a major wound to his body and has horrid scar across his chest. He started the game with a magickal Hand-Axe+2, his fathers weapons and Ezekiel's signature item.

Martial Arts; styles: Sung-Hoy (29%), Fung-Chi (31%) and Gung-Fu (23%); he also has the following special manoeuvres; Mental: Meditation (57%), All-around sight (60%), Mental Resistance (52%), Iron-Skin (53%), Levitation (35%); Vital Area: Pain Touch (60%),Stunning Touch (31%); Strike: Iron-Fist (56%),Crushing Blow (54%) and Eagle Claw (22%);
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Dimension Rift the continuation...

The Scimitar A.P.C. sped along the dusty mountain trail, leaving a belching black smoke and kicking up the reddish dust that lay all about this Afghani' landscape. Inside was a section of U.S. troops with a British liaison officer in the front. They were coming back from a mission, a reconnaissance patrol, deep in the heart of Taliban territory. This was no ordinary unit, but the Jedi, the men that stare at goats, ex-special forces, on a mission to scout out the enemy positions through remote viewing, astral projection, the mind-expanding program that was shut down in the early seventies, then re-opened using the goat-lab' and then P.S.I.C. incorporated under the command of Gus Lacey.

A flash and an explosion simultaneously happened, the armoured Scimitar vehicle toppled over on to the side of the dirt track. An unmistakeable sound of an A.K.47 chattered from behind rocks, it stitched a line of holes in the side of their ride, then kicked up sand as it peppered the soldier's position. Rather than the panic of untrained civilians, these hardened veterans stayed calm, cool, collected. Radioed-in some support, then once the tell-tale sound of the shooter changing clip could be heard, the whole unit came up from behind cover and showered the rocks with belts of ammo and a few grenades to boot. Silence. Smoke drifted from the barrel and ejection chamber of Lyn Cassidy's M16. The smell of cordite hung in the night air. A chopper sounded. Before long, the section cleared the area, searched for survivors, then loaded up on the now landed Chinook and got the hell out of there.

On the way back to base, they went through a strange weather phenomenon, a cloud of extremely dense vapour, thunder, lightning and heavy rain. Something struck the double-bladed helicopter, warnings bleeped, the thing spun about, this way and that, the pilot shouted back, “Hang on!” They were going to make a crash-landing. Lyn spotted something out of the window, a reddish vortex, a tear in the fabric of reality, a light and then silent unconsciousness...

He awoke to find himself with William Django, chained up in a wet prison cell, nearby three strangers, a regal yet dirt-covered lady with pointy ears, another pointy-eared fellow, with dark-skin and yellowish cat-like eyes. Then one more person, a black curly haired Greek-looking guy, dressed in filthy looking white robes. Where the hell were they?...

A new beginning

Cassidy Bimbow the Amazonian warrior-woman (an elf) and Gerhard Schneider, a beast-friend of weasels from Dænor, wandered haplessly through Darkwood forest. They are adventurers, swords for hire, and have been roaming the northern borderlands of the Dænor kingdom, for some time. Having always spurned the dullness of village life, they now wander the lands in search of wealth and danger. Despite the long walks and rough outdoor life, the two companions are content with their unknown destiny. The world holds no fears for them, as Cassidy was a skilful warrior-woman, well practised in the art of slaying evil men and beasts with her trusty short-sword. Not once during the last ten days since wandering the northlands had they set eyes upon anyone else. This did not worry the duo, as they had each other for company. The two enjoyed the slow, sunny days hunting, eating and sleeping. It is evening, having feasted on a dinner of rabbit (conies), spit-roasted on an open fire, they settle down to sleep beneath their sheepskin blanket. There's a full moon, and the light sparkles on the blade of Cassidy's short-sword skewered into the ground by her side. Cassidy gazed at it, wondering when she last wiped the blood of some vile creature from its sharp edge. These are strange lands, inhabited by weird and loathsome beasts: goblins, trolls and even dragons.

As the flame of there camp fire gently died, she began to drift asleep, and images of screaming, green-faced trolls flickered through her mind. Suddenly, in the bushes to there left, they heard the crack of a twig breaking, under a clumsy foot. Gerhard leaped up and drew his own short-sword (this is because he has the Acute Alertness talent). He stood motionless but alert, ready to pounce on there unseen adversary. Then he heard a groan, followed by the dull thud of a body falling to the ground. Is it a trap? After waking Cassidy gently, the two slowly walked over to the bush where the noise came from and carefully pull back the branches. They looked down to see a little old man with a great bushy beard, his face contorted with pain. He was wounded (see accompanying image)...
WoundedDwarf.JPG (74.37 KiB) Viewed 2010 times

with a crossbow bolt embedded in his leg, coated along it's tip with a poison that made the dwarf delirious. He kept talking of a hammer that had been stolen from Stonebridge, that a rival dwarven clan had sent an eagle-familiar to fetch it, and upon it's return had been downed over Darkwood forest. The dwarf was helped up by the two travellers, given some broth and a little water. He told them of the wizard Tauster, and how to reach his tower, before keeling over, brown bread, dead. The next day, they buried the little feller, using an untrained Dig Hasty Grave skill check, relieved him of his coin (30 G.p.) then headed for the tower. The journey bright, uneventful and the way was clear.
TaustersTower.JPG (65.59 KiB) Viewed 2010 times

Rapping upon the door to Tauster's tower, a large gong sounded. A man peeked through a eye-slot, after deliberating a little, the wizard admitted the two adventurers to his tower. They explained what had happened with the dwarf. The wizard told them that he had discovered the whereabouts of the dwarven hammer. Some people had said that a pair of goblins had found it, argued over it, then took it to pieces, one taking the handle, the other the head. It was marked with the Geofu rune (an 'X'), and that that would be how to recognise it. The two were charged with it's recovery and safe return to Stonebridge. Then Tauster said that he had the following items for sale, all for only 2 or 3 scætta (G.p.) a piece: (Lesser) Potion of Healing - heals 1D3 H.P. only, Potion of Plant-Control, Potion of Stillness, Potion of Insect-Control, Potion of Anti-Poison, Holy-Water, Ring of Light, Boots of Leaping, Rope of Climbing, Net of Entanglement, Armband of Strength (+1), Glove of Missile Dexterity (+1), Rod of Water-Finding, Garlic Buds, Headband of Concentration, Fire Capsules and some Nose Filters. These items, although cheap, would only work within the realm of Darkwood. Gerhard bought the Boots of Leaping and some Holy Water, whereas Cassidy bought three healing salves. They left, the way was west, the path turned northwards, they met man trapped in thorns...
WoundedTraveller.JPG (63.8 KiB) Viewed 2010 times

after freeing him, he gave them 20 G.p. each; they realized he was a thief after t'was too late, and that they were a little light on healing salves and holy water. Also the coins he gave them were counterfeit.

Some time later, the two travellers heard a scream from near the path, they investigated only to find a goblin.
ShapeShifter.JPG (64.57 KiB) Viewed 2010 times

They tried to speak to him, but then saw him metamorphoses into Cassidy. T'was roll initiative time! The first couple of rounds went well. Gerhard used his Boots of Leaping to vault over the shape-shifter, then thwak him on the back of the head with his sword. Cassidy waded in there, clobbering the beast for some. Then, as per usual, disaster happened! Cassidy took a severity level nineteen critical hit to the neck! She was down! Paralyzed, the elven Amazonian warrior-woman was really badly messed up. K.O. Unconscious. She only took four hit-points worth of damage, but immediately fell to the floor, in a bad way. Gerhard then also took one to the arm, the next round. (Two natural twenties in a row!) This time a severity level seventeen harsh! He was taken down to only a handful of H.P. (Two, I think). Then the immortal Shirawaz and Oleanne arrived on the scene, healed the pair of them (they just happened to have a pair of Cure Critical Wounds scrolls on them...) then slunk off again in to the undergrowth. The two warriors hammered the evil shape-shifter, it was close. They found a shed load of scætta, florins and sovereigns on the dead doppelganger. Gerhard also found a Bone Saw of Optimal Yields. Here endeth the session.
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Bit bleak at the moment. News on the grape-vine suggests a new Pixie-People Roleplaying System published by WordClay is out soon, artwork by a fantastic local artist chick I know, she's really groovy. It's written by me, and it rocks. (I'm not modest, I'm honest) It took me ages to write and I'm glad I've found an in-house artist and also an easy means of publication. In the meantime, here's a really funny video I made, it's about fantasy roleplaying, check it out people!

The next session bodes well, a break from the lull we had recently. We have Gerhard is confirmed to be there, not sure about the others, hopefully some more folks will turn up. I will roll up an N.P.C. to join the party. (Prolly a Minstrel)

Encyclopedia Siderāus: Verbatim et Literatim

This is a concise list of all the creatures that are technically classified as faeries, from the Brewer's Dictionary

Afreet or Efreet, one of the Jinn tribe, of which there are five.
Apparation. A ghost.
Banshee or Benshee. A supposed domestic spirit of certain Eire or Highland Ecossæ families, supposed to take an interest in its welfare, and to wail at the death of one of the family. The Welsh “Cyhyræth.” is a sort of Banshee. The distinction of a Banshee is allowed only to families of pure Milesian stock. (Gælic, ban-sith, a woman-fairy.)
Benshie, Benshee. The Scotch Bodach Glay, or Grey Spectre, is a similar superstition; and the Pari-Banou (Nymph of the Air) of the Arabian Nights is also a sort of Benshee. Bahr Geist. A banshee or grey-spectre.
Boggart. (Scotch) A local hobgoblin or spirit.
Bogie or Bogle, a bugbear, Scotch form of bug. (from the Blugarian word, bog, meaning a god; also derived from the Slavonic, bogu; the Cymræg [Welsh], bwg, a goblin, our bugbear.) A scarecrow, a goblin. The Assyrian mothers used to scare their children with the name of Narsës (Gibbon); the Syrians with that of Richard Cœur de Lion; the Dutch with Boh, the Gothic general (Warton); the Jews with Lilth; the Turks with Mathias Corvi'nus, the Hungarian king; and the English with the name of Lunsfort (q.v.). The Bogie in Orlando Furioso is one of the allies of Charlemagne. He promised his wife to return within six moons, but was slain by Dardinello.
Bogey or Bogy. Indefinite object of terror, or supernatural appearance. Generally used as a vague term to frighten children, it is applied to any merely imaginary evil.
Bo or Boh, [from the Greek, boi, meaning bah!; the verb boaô, to shout out; also from the Latin, böo, to bellow like a bull (bos)] in old Runic (the elder Furthark), was a fierce Gothic captain, son of Odin. His name was used by his soldiers when they would take the enemy by surprise. (Sir William Temple.) From this name comes our bogie, a hobgolbin or little Bo. Gifford Castle is called Bo Hall, being said to have been constructed by bogies or magick.
Bugbear. (from the Cymræg [Welsh] word, bwg, meaning a hobgoblin; called in Russia, buka.) A scarecrow. Note: the latter half of this word is somewhat doubtful. The Cymræg bár = ire, fury, wrath, whence barog spiteful, seems probable.
Bugaboo. A monster, or goblin, introduced into the tales of the old Italian romancers.
Brownie, also known as the Good Folk: a Scotch domestic fairy; the servants' friend if well treated. The house spirit in Scottish superstition. He is called in England Robin Goodfellow. Mostly of a helpful kind, if placated by a bowl of milk set aside for them, brownies will perform various kinds of domestic work while the household slept. At night they are supposed to busy themselves by doing little jobs for the family over which they preside. Farms are their favourite abode. Brownies are brown or tawny spirits, in opposition to fairies, which are fair or elegant ones.
(The) Cauld-lad of Hilton Hall. A house-spirit, who moved about the furniture during the night. Being resolved to banish him, the inmates left for him a green cloak and hood, before the kitchen-fire, which so delighted him that he never troubled the house any more; but sometimes he might be heard singing.
Djinn, Jinn, or Ginn (Arabian)
Duende (Three syllables), a Spanish house-spirit.
Dwarf (too many to note) Trows. Dwarves of Orkney and Shetland mythology, similar to the Scandinavian trolls. There are land-trows and sea-trows. "Trows tak' thee" is a phrase still used by the island women when angry with their children.
Duer'gar (Two syllables). Also knowns as dwergugh or dwerger. Dwarves who dwell in rocks and hills; noted for their strength, subtlety and magickal powers. The duergar are skilled in metallurgy. They are the personification of the subterranean powers of nature. According to Gotho-German mythology, the duergar were first maggots in Ymir's flesh, but afterwards assumed the likeness of men. The first duergar was Modsogner, the next Dyrin. N.B. – the Giant Ymir is [the personification or epitome of] Chaos.
Elf (plural, Elves, word of Anglo-Saxon origin, œlf). Properly, a mountain fay, but more loosely applied to those airy creatures that dance on the grass or sit in the leaves of trees and delight in the full moon. They have fair golden hair, sweet musical voices, and play magick harps. They have a king and queen, marry and are given in marriage. They impersonate the shimmering of the air, the felt but indefinable melody of Nature, and all of the little prittinesses which a lover of the country sees, or thinks he sees, in hill and dale, copse and meadow, grass and tree, river and moonlight. In nursery mythology it is written that elves or elle-folk are the personification of Providence, they are good fairys.
An elf is a being common to the folklore of most countries of northern Europe. If left undisturbed elves maintain peace with men and do them service; but if interfered with retaliate with mischief. A common characteristic of the elf is his power of becoming invisible. Elves are supposed to be fond of practical jokes.
Spenser says that Prometheus called the man he made “Elfe,” who found a maid in the garden of Adonis, whom he called “Fay” of “whom all Fayres spring.”
Red Elf (from the Icelandic word, raud âlfr). A person gaily dressed is called a red elf, in allusion to a superstition that...[âlfr]... wear scarlet or red clothes. Black elves are evil spirits; white elves: good ones.
Note: their is a lot more to this than meets the eye. In Johnson's dictionary, there are similarities between the original elves and goblins. It gets more complicated in that, although these words existed long before these divisions arose Heylin in is Cosmography tells us that in 1670 some people supported that opinion. Skinner gives the same etymology.
Clu'ricanne (Three syllables.) An elf of evil disposition who usually appears as a wrinkled old man, and has knowledge of hidden treasures. From Irish mythology.
El'vish or Elfish. Irritable, peevish, spiteful; full of little mischievous ways, like the elves. Our superstitious fore-fathers thought such persons were actually “possessed” by elves; and elvish-marked is marked by elves or fairies.
Hill-people or Hill-folk. A class of beings in Scandinavian tradition between the elves and the human race. They are supposed to dwell in caves and small hills, and are bent on receiving the benefits of man's redemption. To all intents and purposes, Hill-people are trolls.
Elle-maid (evil elf)
Esprit Follet (singular) Follets (plural) Goblins from the north of France, who live in the house of simple rustics, and can be expelled neither by water nor exorcism. They can be heard but are never seen.
Færie (from the French and German fee). A supernatural being, fond of pranks, but generally pleasing.
Familiar. An evil spirit attendant on witches, etcetera.
Fata. An Italian fay, or white lady.
Fates (from the Latin word fata) the three spirits (Clotho, Lachěis, and Atropos) which preside over the destiny of every individual.
Fear Dearg. A house spirit of Munster. The Red Man.
Genii (plural, from the Latin word genius) genie (singular). Eastern spirits, whether good or bad, who preside over a man or nation.
Ghost. The immaterial body of noumenon of a human being. They are free to visit the earth at night-time, but obliged to return to it's Hadē at the first dawn.
Ghoul. A Persian demon that feeds on the dead.
Gnome (from the Greek word meaning a Cabalistic being). The guardian of mines, quarries, etcetera.
Goblin (thought to be derived from the word guelph or ghibelline, other possible origins of the word come from the French, gobelin, meaning a lubber-fiend; Amoric [Breton] gobylin; German kobold, the demon of mines; Greek, kobalos; Russian, colfy; Cymræg [Welsh] coblyn, a “knocker;” whence the woodpecker is called in Cymræg “coblyn y coed.”; yet another contender is in Spanish duende, a house-spirit.) A familiar demon or phantom spirit. According to popular belief goblins dwelt in private houses and chinks of trees.
Guardian-Angel, is an angelic spirit which presides over the destiny of each individual.
Habundia, queen of the white ladies.
Hag, a female fury. Milton speaks of "blue meagre hags" in his book Comus.
Hamadryad, a wood-nymph. Each tree has it's own wood-nymph, who dies when the tree dies.
Hobgoblin, Hob is Robin, as Hodge is Roger.
Horns is the devil.
Jack-a-Lantern, a bog or marsh spirit who delights to mislead.
Jinn or Ginn. These Arabian spirits are formed of a "smokeless fire".
Kelpie. In Scotland, an imaginary spirit of the waters in the form of a horse.
Kobold, see goblin.
Lamia (from the Latin Lamia.) A hag or demon. Keats's Lamia is a serpent which had assumed the form of a beautiful woman, beloved by a young man and gets his soul.
Lamies, African spectres, having the head of a woman and the tail of a serpent.
Lar (singular, Lares is the plural - two syllables.) Latin household deities.
Leprechaun, a fairy shoemaker.
Mar, (from the Welsh word mab) the faries' midwife. Sometimes incorrectly called queen-of-the-fairies.
Mermaid, a sea-spirit, the upper part a woman and the lower half a fish.
Merrows, both male and female, are spirits of the sea, of human shape from the waist upwards, but from the waist downwards are like a fish. The females are attractive, but males have green teeth, green hair, pig's eyes, and red noses. Fishermen dread to meet them.
Monaciello, or Little-Monk. A house-spirit of Naples.
Naiad (singular, Naiades plural, three syllables), water nymphs of Latin origin.
Nis or Nisse (two syllables), a Kobold or Brownie. A Scandinavian fairy friendly to farmhouses. (A contraction of the name Nicolaus.)
Nix (female, Nixie) a water-spirit. The nix has green teeth, and wears a green hat; the nixie is very beautiful.
Oberon, king of the fairies.
Ogre (French origin, pronounced og'r), an inhabitant of fairy-land said to feed on infant children.
Orends (from the Greek word oros), mountain nymphs.
Peri, a Persian good fairy. Evil peris are called "Deevs".
Pigwidgeon, a fairy of very diminutive size.
Pixie or Pixy (also pigsy, pisgie), a Devonshire fairy, the same as Puck. The Devonian Robin Goodfellows; said to be the spirits of infants who have died before baptism. The Pixy monarch holds his court like Titania or Oberon, and sends his subjects on their several tasks. The word is a diminutive of Pix, thought to be the same as Puck. (Old English, pouk, bug, bogie; Swedish, pyke; Danish, pog and pokker.)
Puck (from the Icelandic and Swedish word puke.) a merry little fairy spirit, full of fun and harmless mischief.
Salamander (from the Latin and Greek word salamandra.) A spirit which lives in fire.
Shades, ghosts.
Spectre, a ghost.
Spook (in Theosophy), an elemental.
Sprite, a spirit.
Stromkarl, a Norwegian musical spirit, like Neck.
Sylph (from the Greek word silphe, and the French sylphide.) A spirit of the air; so named by the Rosicrucians and Cabalists.
Triton, a sea deity, who dwells with Father Neptune in a golden palace at the bottom of the sea. The chief employment of tritons is to blow a conch to smooth the sea when it is ruffled.
Troll or Trold (from the Icelandic word, troll.) A hill-spirit. Dwarves of northern mythology, living in hills or mounds; they are represented as stumpy, misshapen, and humpbacked, inclined to thieving, and fond of carrying off children or substituting one of their own offspring for that of a human mother. They are called hill-people (q.v.), and are especially averse to noise, from a recollection of the time when Thor used to be forever flinging his hammer after them.
In Scandinavian folklore, a creature sometimes described as a mere unearthly spectre. Sometimes, however, trolls are giants or giantesses possessed of magickal, and generally maleficient, powers. In Icelandic legends the trolls are cannibalistic. Trolls are reputed to be immensely rich.
Undine (from the Latin unda, two syllables.) A water-nymph.
Urchin properly means a hedgehog, and is applied to mischievous children and small folk generally.
Vampire (two syllables.) The spirit of a dead man that haunts a house and sucks the blood of the living. A Hungarian superstition.
Were-wolf (from the Anglo-Saxon words wer-wulf, man-wolf.) A human being, sometimes in one form and sometimes another.
White Ladies of Normandie.
(The) White Lady (of Prussian royal family.) A "spirit" said to appear before the death of one of the family.
White Lady of Avenel (two syllables.) A tutelary spirit.
White Lady of Ireland, the banshee or domestic spirit of the family.
White Merle, of the old Basques. A white fairy bird, which by singing, restored sight to the blind.
Wight, any human creature as a "Highland wight." Dwarves and all other fairy creatures.
Will-o'-the-Wisp, a spirit of the bogs, whose delight is to mislead belated travellers.
Wraith (Scotch), the ghost of a person shortly about to die or just dead, which appears to survivors, sometimes a great distance off.
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Re: SNUGGLE NOOK: The Next Generation

Postby Maxen » 11:04pm on 23 Feb 11

Maxen's method of rolling stats.

Roll three dice (3D6), except that if your culture (race) specifies that you have a stat-modification, then you must either subtract or add the amount of dice (D6's) one rolls, based on the modifier of the stat in question (with a minimum of one dice, i.e. one must always roll at least one dice; also, we do not apply the usual + 1 to the statistic, the additional dice are enough, the same applies to stat penalties, don't apply them, roll less dice instead.) Stat minimums and maximums for culture (demi-human) are ignored using this method. The player declares the culture he wants to play and that determines how many dice he rolls for each stat. Career (class) minimums (and max.) stats must still be adhered to.
e.g. Orogon the Half-Orc rolls for his STR characteristic. He rolls four six-siders because half-orcs get +1 to their Strength.

For your convenience I have listed the stat-adjustments specific to Snuggle-Nook. They replace table 2B on p24 of the PHB.

HUMANS: No Modifiers.
DWARVES: +1 CON, -1 CHA & -1 BEA (All dwarves have the same stat' modifiers.)
GNOMES: +1 INT, -1 WIS & -1 BEA (All gnomes have the same stat' modifiers.)
HOBBITS: +1 DEX & -1 STR (All hobbits have the same stat' modifiers.)
Half-ORCs: +1 STR, +1 CON, -2 CHA, -2 BEA
ELVES: Wood-Elves: +1 DEX, -1 CON & +2 BEA;
High-Elves/Grey-Elves: +1 INT, -1 CON & +2 BEA
Grel (Grunge-Elves): +1 DEX, -1 CON & -1 BEA
Drow* (Dark-Elves*): +1 DEC, -1 CON & -2 BEA
Half-Elves: +1 BEA
Half-Dark-Elves* (Darkmen*): -1 BEA
Aardvarkians (Molemen): -1 STR, +1 DEX, +1 CON, +1 WIS & -2 CHA
Half-OGREs**: +2 STR, +2 CON, -1 WIS, -2 INT, -2 CHA & -2 BEA

G.M.'s should permit the players to use the Conan method of dice-rolling, for it is by far the best way of rolling up characters. Roll however many D6's as your race allows. The player is then allowed to retain as many of the dice as he wishes, but he must retain at least one of the die. He may then re-roll the remaining dice, again, the player's obliged to hold one of those dice each time. Whatever the next dice result stands, even if it is lower than the first dice roll. Obviously rolling only one dice for a stat' means no re-rolls are allowed, as one must hold one dice, each throw.

* Dark-Elf magick-resistance is diminished on Tadisaga; it inherits the flaw of drow items, in the respect that it diminishes in power, the further you are from the drow homeland (Necropolis and Arachnædia). By contrast, however I've decided to make it a two-way thang, in that the players items he possibly acquires during character creation do not fade in power as they get more distant from the drow motherland. I would urge G.M.'s to give drow players one or two of these items to start with, just to offset the fact that their hideously overly-powerful innate magick-res' has been reduced in lethality. Whether the drow magick item(s) the player starts with perish if exposed to sunlight? That's up to the individual arbiter, it's your call: the G.M.

** In Snuggle-Nook all Half-Ogres roll a D4 instead of a D6 for their CHA characteristic, and only a D3 for their BEA score. This is to redress the balance, because my dice-rolling method cannot cater for more than two points each way. Normally Half-Ogres start with -3 CHA & -5 BEA, hence the diminished dice-sizes.

The lone barred demi-human culture with both Hannibal and I is the Elfæ or Elvariel (7' tall flying elves, without the physical stat' penalties to offset the innate magickal abilities Elfæn get). In Snuggle-Nook all Pixie-Fæ and Pixie-Hybrids are banned. As are Gnome-Titans. After two years of solid play-testing, I realize these demi-human tribes are too unbalanced to be playable, feesable, fun, and fair. To do what is right, by also limiting the following professions and careers. In my game no-one is allowed to play Darknights, Berserkers, or Assassins. This is because of the insidious mission to kill off all of your companions, slowly, one by one, means that the Assassin is out of the question. We're playing D&D, not Vampire. We are like a band of brothers and soul-sisters, friends, companions, good people, who look out for one another. However, by contrast, Hannibal (God bless him) will actively encourage people to run gnome-titan Berserker characters or one of his favourites: half-orc multi-classed Berserker/Assassin! Each to his own. Hannibal's got his own style: for instance he awards Exp. for P.vs.P (killing other player-characters) whereas I do not. It's all good. The Mac-attack.
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Re: SNUGGLE NOOK: The Next Generation

Postby Maxen » 11:24pm on 23 Feb 11

What is magic or magick? How does one quantify it?

First off I shall tell you of what I know: I was told (by the learnèd Muffin) that the word magic (without the letter 'k') means fake, illusionary or tricks, deceiving the eyes. Hence why I have tenaciously spelled it correctly in all my writings: magick. True magick, (with a 'k') is not mere illusions or trickery. (Please note: this post applies not to D&D but to Pixie-People, my roleplaying system, and the magick therein)

I also learned from another sage that their exists two kinds of wizardly people: those that create magickal energy, and those who manipulate it. We shall call the first type “Essence” or “Source” (Sorcerers, or Sorceresses) and the second type “Channelling” or “Channellers”. (As in Middle-Earth R.P. or Role-Master) That much decided upon, we will now read the dictionary meaning, the true meaning of magick. Let us look at the etymology of the word, from where and whence it came, what it means, and how it applies to the art of storytelling (D&D).

Magic(k): The art of influencing events by occult control of nature or spirits; conjuring tricks; inexplicable or remarkable influence. Magical: of magic; resembling or involving or produced, as if by magic. Magician: A conjurer; a person skilled in magic(k).

We find a great deal of errors in D&D, flaws inherited through the original first edition. That is to say the schools of magic. Here is the description of some of the magical-schools, as per the books 'Spells and Magic' and the D.M.G. We will examine each school mentioned on an individual basis, comparing it to the Oxford dictionary meaning and see how wrong the original naming was.

(D&D falsity) Abjuration spells are specialized protective spells designed to banish some magical or non-magical effect or creature.
(The truth) Abjure, abjuration is to renounce on an oath (in the dictionary meaning, the true sense of the word). This has nothing whatsoever to do with protective magick.

(D&D falsity) Enchantment spells cause a change in the quality of an item or the attitude of a person or creature.
(The truth) Enchanter is one who sings incantations. From the Latin word, in-canto, to sing over or sing against some one. It means to bewitch or to delight – via song. Spell-singer would have been more appropriate for this school, looking at the true etymology.

(D&D falsity) Necromancy is a school concerned with the manipulation of the forces of life and death.
(The truth) Necromancy means prophesying by calling up the dead, as the witch of Endor called up Samuel. (Note: not in the plagiarized StarWars film, but stemming from real literature.) It comes from the Greek words, nekros, meaning the dead; manteia, prophesy. Healing and such life-giving magicks have no place in this school.

(D&D falsity) Invocation/Evocation spells channel magical energy to create specific effects and materials.
(The truth) To Invoke is to call on, in prayer, summon spirits by charms. To Evoke is to call up feelings, to tend towards feelings. These words are nothing to do with lobbing fire-bolts. They allude more to the word adjure, meaning to charge or request solemnly or earnestly. Adjuration.

Divination and Alteration are a part of all other magick, except for Illusion, which as I said before is another kind of magic completely. Conjuration has ties with all magick, but is specifically linked to Necromancy (Dæmonology). Witchcraft is demonopathy. It is written in the dictionary that "By drawing the blood of a witch, you deprive her of her power of sorcery." (I would have thought that much was obvious, put the witch down and she can't cast!)

Here's a school I think shouldn't have been left out: Geomancy. (Though later added in D&D 2.5) Divining by the earth. So termed because these diviners in the sixteenth century drew on the earth their magick circles, figures, and lines. From the Greek words, ge, meaning the earth; mantei'a, prophecy.)

I am studying “The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus” at university level, a degree in History, at this very moment in time. Alas, my learned studies lead me to conclude that Gœth and Marlowe were writing about magick, necromancy and such, five hundred years before R. R. Tolkein put pen to paper. We have many examples of sword and sorcery, hundreds, thousands of years before this fake founder (Tolkein) began to write of the Shire and such imaginings. Greek tragedy, the Norse and Icelandic sagas, even Egyptian and Sumerian writings, all wrote fantastic tales long ago. I hasten to add that the Celts had an illustrious history of cataloging tales through song and poetry. I actually field a Hiberno-Norse 28mm army at home, I really like there style of brooches, ornaments and such. Actually a lot of the words I research in Great British mythology have Celtic roots.

“And, melting, heavens conspir'd his overthrow; For, falling to a devilish exercise, And glutted now with learning's golden gifts, He surfeits upon cursed necromancy; Nothing so sweet as magick is to him, Which he prefers before his chiefest bliss: And this the man that in his study sits....These metaphysics of magicians, and necromantic books are heavenly; Lines, circles, scenes, letters, and characters; Ay, these are those that Faustus most desires. O, what a world of profit and delight, of power, of honour, of omnipotence, is promis'd to the studious artizan! All things that move between the quiet poles shall be at my command: emperors and kings are but obeyed in their several provinces, nor can they raise the wind, or rend the clouds; But his dominion that exceeds in this, stretcheth as far as doth the mind of man; A sound magician is a mighty god...” - An excerpt from “Dr. Faustus”, by Christopher Marlowe.

Now let us examine another term, the word arcane. So, verily I say unto thee: what means arcane? Truly.

Arcane: Mysterious. Secret. From the word: Arcanum. Related words include: Penetralia, enigma, conundrum, rebus, logogriph, acrostic and chaos.

Alas, the word arcane has little to do with magician-spells. But instead it means something hush-hush or esoteric. Coincidentally, t'was also the name of a most excellent roleplaying publication back in the mid-nineties. My favourite. The Mac-attack.

THE BEAST-FRIEND (Animalist Career) in Hack-Master

Humans may now be Beast-Friends if they wish. (One of the few advantages of playing a human is the fact that they can play any career.) Here is the new catagories for animal types for this occupation, they were soooo lame as written, half-hearted. The 1st edition Palladium had it down perfectly, 2nd messed it up. Here's my stab at how the various animal totems are grouped.

EQUINE (Horses, including donkeys & zebra)
CANINE (including jackals, dogs & wolves)
FELINE (including bobcat, leopard, panther, jaguar, lion, tiger & hyena)
AQUATIC (including dolphin, octupi & many types of fish)
BAT (including vampire-bats)
BEAR (including brown-bear & grizzly-bear)
AMPHIBIAN (including frogs, toads & salamander)
REPTILIAN (including alligator, crocodile & iguana)
SNAKE (including boa, mamba, rattler & adder)
BIRD (inc.flightless,forest/jungle, game, marine, birds of prey, songbirds & water-fowl)
BOVINE (inc.antelope, buffalo, sheep, elk, giraffe, hippo, goat & wilderbeast)
INSECT (including arthropods & scorpion)
MUSTELID(including badger, ferret, otter, skunk & weasel)
RODENT (including chinchilla, mice, rat & squirrel)
(Other individual animals include, armadillo, possum, sloth, deer, elephant & rhino)
Note: This is only a first preliminary stab at trying to quantify animal categories, I need to put more work in to finish it properly.
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Re: SNUGGLE NOOK: The Next Generation

Postby Maxen » 12:29pm on 08 Mar 11

Playing Catch-Up

Well, we had a week without rovus then last week Gerhard and Maggie turned up and I was too ill to G.M. shame really. I was pretty hard-hit this weekend so was in recovery-mode, even missing my uni' lectures. Harsh. To make matters worse, the gemstone dice I had engraved were sent in to be polished for a nice finish, some greedy tradesman stole them and swapped them out for plastic ones! However, the engraver made good by buying me two brand new sets, and engraved the other set I bought. Although I must say that the second set were cut by hand, the sides were not even. The stolen set were precision cut by laser and superior. Even so, the engraver put the lower numbers on the larger faces so they roll high. However, in future, I will only be getting the decent stones, cut by computerized laser, not by hand (unless done perfectly well). We have the tools for the engraving work to continue, so the business is starting. I am also painting up party's of adventurers, by race (Gnomes, Hobbits, etcetera) so let me know if you want anything particular (such as females, wizards or whatever). I have been partying with the illustrator gal, she is still well up for illustrating my roleplaying game. Which by the way now has it's magick-system fully fleshed out. Six 'schools' or disciplines. Illusion + the one's on this picture:
PixiePeopleMagick.JPG (114.02 KiB) Viewed 1978 times

Anyway, I have one more write-up to do (Wfrp) and if anything happens in Snuggle Nook I'll be sure to let you know. Not sure what I think about the new theme for this site boys. Though I'm just saying that because I liked the way it was, am against needless change, and also blue is my favourite colour. Still, it doesn't look toooo bad.

Oh! I just re-kindled my friendship with the mighty Conan so he'll be down next session, so looks like we can rovus after all. Woohoo! Rovus on!
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