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Publisher of the Crimson Exodus sword & sorcery style roleplaying game, the stand alone wound encyclopedia Trauma, and the Fantasy Dice game system known for fast and simple game mechanics with lots of tactical depth.

Thank you...

Postby Claus » 5:08pm on 22 Mar 12 people who take the time to write even a short review, blog about something you like or even just share it on a forum, facebook, google+, pinterest or wherever.

Speaking from the perspective of a writer and game designer it is incredibly rewarding to hear from people who enjoyed your work. Doubly so with roleplaying games, where the effort usually far outweighs the coppers earned.

Why this post now? Well, I was reading the latest Gnome Stew post about a new GM book in the works "Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep", and I started thinking about getting a copy of Masks... again. I decided to read a few reviews before making up my mind. I had pretty much made up my mind to get a copy when I decided to read a couple more reviews from actual customers on RPGNow and I stumbled across the one written by Paolo Pustorino:

His last line of the review took me by complete surprise and put a big, happy smile on my face.

"With Crimson Exodus, this is the best product I've ever bought on this site."

So thank you Paolo for putting a smile on my face, and for your long review of Crimson Exodus, and to NulSyn, Adam Maturin, David Vershaw, Chris Parker, Frank Mitchell, Chris Wortham, Simon Sullivan, Gary Miller, EpicFreak and everyone else who has taken an interested on this forum or another. - Crimson Exodus and Trauma
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Re: Thank you...

Postby stickgrinder » 8:15am on 12 Aug 13

Last night I couldn't sleep and I began to roam the interweb to kill the time. Headed to the RA website to see if there was any news and for the first time I landed to the forum.
I eventually stumbled into this post (I like credits and I thought it was a credits post) and there it was, my name O_O

I created an account to make you know that the smile is well deserved, but it's not me to be thankful to: it's yourself. :)

Trust me when I say that CE was a game-changer (no pun intended :D) for me as a player and game master.
I just can't say how much FD is just... perfect? Well, it is.

So thank YOU for giving this to the world. :)

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