Crimson Exodus and Fantasy Dice 1-pg Primer discrepancies

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Crimson Exodus and Fantasy Dice 1-pg Primer discrepancies

Postby bushido11 » 2:24am on 02 Nov 12

I was looking through both Crimson Exodus and the Fantasy Dice One-Page Primer and noticed some discrepancies:

-Crimson Exodus uses d10s for Attribute Rolls, whereas Fantasy Dice uses d8s.
-The rules for Blunders and Perfect Rolls found in the 1-pg primer are absent from Crimson Exodus.

Are these differences found in the 1-pg primer found in the Fantasy Dice rulebook or are they an error of sorts?
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Re: Crimson Exodus and Fantasy Dice 1-pg Primer discrepancie

Postby Claus » 11:21am on 02 Nov 12

No, the primers are correct for Fantasy Dice. The core of the rules and much of the text remains the same, but there have been quite a few changes to make it run better and incorporate lessons learned since the launch of CE. For example skills no longer start at D4, but at D6 so that D4 is now the default for an untrained skill when such a skill roll is deemed plausible.

Tactics have been revised and the trauma chapter completely overhauled. There are also new ways of handling alchemy and herbs, a handful of new artefacts, some advise on how to use the system with your own games and such. There are also a three new paths: Way of the Heretic, Way of the Loremaster, Way of the Fey and a reworking of many of the abilities for the existing paths.

The changes for the trauma chapter deal mostly with reworking how stun and penalties work to improve the flow of combat, and to make post trauma easier and faster to resolve. A few skills that were rarely used have also been removed for various reasons, for example the Perception skill is now just an attribute roll, as is your sixth sense.

The blunders and perfect rolls were included by popular demand and introduce a new element of excitement, but it is rare to get a result of all ones or all 6, 8, 10 or 12s depending on the dice rolled so the impact is small. The attribute rolls were reduced to D8 as D10 were making attribute rolls too powerful in comparison to skills and difficulties. Finally, the character creation process was made a bit faster and simpler, while still retaining the flexibility from CE, and obviously the starting skill sets were modified to reflect the new starting skill rating of D6 which makes starting characters a bit more capable rather than fumbling around with 2D4 rolls.

Hope that answers your questions. - Crimson Exodus and Trauma
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