Fantasy Dice a narrative game (review)?

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Fantasy Dice a narrative game (review)?

Postby Claus » 3:26pm on 19 Apr 13

I tend to avoid GNS theory and putting games in boxes, but like probably anyone in this hobby who ever stumbled into Ron Edward's work I have of course spent some time thinking about narrativist, simulationist and gamist approaches to roleplaying. Being aware of these things can only make us better gamers and designers, right? As long as we don't fall into the trap erecting rigid barriers where there need be none, of course.

Even so I was both a little delighted, surprised and curious when Fantasy Dice was reviewed as a narrativist game. Not that I object in the slightest. It could also be simulationist, maybe even gamist in some of the more tactical aspects, but I find it very interesting to read how the reviewer has interpreted the book. Of course he starts the review by being very up-front about his difficulty in putting Fantasy Dice in a GNS-box - his take on GNS theory I should hasten to add. He says: "I don’t quite know where to place Fantasy Dice. It’s an odd sort of game to catagorise because it blends roleplaying and gaming really damn nicely."

Read the review here: - Crimson Exodus and Trauma
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