Crimson Exodus 2ed vs Fantasy Dice

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Crimson Exodus 2ed vs Fantasy Dice

Postby Jaracove » 7:56pm on 01 Dec 15

I've got Fantasy Dice and I'm thinking of buying Crimson Exodus 2ed. But is CE2ed an upgrade on Fantasy Dice?

I ask because when looking at CE2ed I noticed things like rules for using a d16 and a d18 (something I was considering a few years back).

Is CE2ed the product with the newer rule additions and tweaks?

In short, what extra rules will I get if I buy CE2ed?

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Re: Crimson Exodus 2ed vs Fantasy Dice

Postby Claus » 7:05am on 10 Dec 15

Hi Jaracove.

The rules are the same, but Fantasy Dice offers a bit more guidance on using it for your own setting, whereas Crimson Exodus 2nd ed. offers fleshed out peoples as player characters, quite a few distinct magical artefacts, beasts and monsters, as well as non-player characters, organisations, lore and locations for the setting (which you can likely scavenge for use in your own setting).

There are a few minor additions that appeared in CE 2nd edition that are not in Fantasy Dice. A new "Desperate Defence" tactic, suggestions for using D14 and D16 (basically, if you have them and want to allow skills to go higher then you can use them) and the optional matching sets rule for rolls (i.e. +2 bonus for each matching die beyond the first if chosen as the result).

So there is little new in the form of rules, but you do get more peoples, artefacts, creatures, etc. for your Fantasy Dice game. - Crimson Exodus and Trauma
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Re: Crimson Exodus 2ed vs Fantasy Dice

Postby Jaracove » 7:42am on 10 Dec 15

Thank you for clarifying
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