The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of.......

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Seven Hills is a new roleplaying convention, to be held in Sheffield, the Rome of the north, on the 26th and 27th of April 2014.

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The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of.......

Postby ragr » 3:49pm on 19 Apr 16

Awesomeness, natch.

Friday night was timed to perfection for me. After a gourmet meal at the golden arches I made my way to the bar in time to completely miss the Fawlty shenanigans. The bar was quiet, which was excellent because it meant I could actually respond to what people were saying because I heard what they said in the first place. Really enjoyed Friday night despite Novalord's backhanded compliment about me being older than I actually post; Thanks. I think.

Slot One

j0rdi's Four Musketeers Savage Worlds with DPM, Nova and Massie. Surely there can't be a better fit than SW and swashbuckling? I will admit to being two steps behind DPM and Nova in the canon recognition; it's been many years since reading Dumas and I opted out of the recent tv series. So, I was happy to follow along in their wake as they solved all manner of stuff and I just went D'Artagnan when either a quip or two-bladed malarkey was required. Good game, good start.

Slot Two

My own Ravaged Earth Savage Worlds with James, Simon, Tom and TPK. My timing was a little out - as usual - but I built two potential climaxes into the scenario at different parts which meant things could be more player driven and hopefully this worked out well for all concerned; bringing down a tripod and claiming salvage rights certainly seems a fitting end to me. Hopefully, folks got a taste of what RE is all about. This version had malleable accents, corruption and some pc bickering. And, as usual, I forgot about my GM Bennies; I've decided this is because I stand too close to the table and they are out of sight, out of mind. Enjoyable game, then.

Slot Three

My re-run of The Iron Harvest, Trail Of Cthulhu from last year with Fil, Tom, Debut Jon and Mitch. Last time out I was dissatisfied with the ending so I made a few changes which I was largely happy with. Like last year there was an overrun and I could have gone another hour which would have been better for me, although that wouldn't have been acceptable here. The thing with this scenario is, like last year, the players were excellent in bringing out the characters and interacting with both themselves and the npcs and I love this so much I'm loathe to interfere to chase it up. The conclusion was better this time; very ambiguous, but I felt that uncertainty actually worked okay in the circumstances. I was quite determined that guns wouldn't feature this time but the non-ballistic solution was swerved past by the pcs; this was more my fault than theirs, however, as they legitimately skipped a scene which wouldn't have fitted into the timescale anyway. Like this scenario, love what the players do with it.

Two bottles of Newcastle in the bar and a wonderfully entertaining wedding fight between two women; I resisted the urge to explain to them exactly how "slag" is pronounced the Winstone way. It just doesn't sound right in Sheffieldese.

Slot Four

Planescape Barbarians Of Lemuria run by Dr Mitch with Alex, John and Fil. I always loved Planescape but never got to run it when it came out because it was a little "silly". Well, it is. But it's also pretty dark as well. And both of those elements (hah!) came out through Paul's typically excellent Gming. Yes, my half-ogre character died at the end. But, he died fighting a Pit Fiend. He died fighting so his fellows could escape with their lives. So no hard feelings at all. No. None. At all.

I like BoL. One thing I'm not convinced about in OSR games (I'm not calling out BoL as OSR, just comparing) is that sometimes there's a lack of support from the character sheet when seeking inspiration. Not so with BoL. My character had enough cool options, both standard and those that cost Hero Points, that there was no need to repeat any single one in a particular fight; this is something that bugs me with some games where simple repetition of an optimal trick is singularly effective but very soon tedious. Neither was the system too crunchy for me. So, I liked it and may have to bump it up the "to read" list.

The raffle saw me win Mr Burley's travelogue of Cons so I get to play the "let's put some names on these anonymised characters" game.

Slot Five

A Dirty World with Elaine running and Elina (walk like an Egyptian), Massie and Tom. I wanted to play this because I love the feel. I needed to play it to get a glimpse from the other side after my game at Furnace last year. Gangsters, dirty cops and corrupt bean counters all present and correct and trying to solve an internecine crime. I think I understand the system a little better now but I'm wondering whether I'd want to repeat an explanation each time if I run it myself again. Elaine kept things dark, mysterious and poker-faced; even under heavy questioning.

I will offer all concerned an apology, however. Quite early on I suspected a particular conclusion - a noir staple - and launched some devious pvp in an effort to keep the bean counter alive and on the winning team. Okay, and to buff the character a little or offer the opportunities for others character's to get a buff. However, I was wrong about the direction of the plot and it wasn't at all what I'd suspected; clearly I'm far too devious for my own good. Sorry :oops: . Anyway, we solved the crime and kept our hides intact. One thing I did learn is that A Dirty World isn't necessarily the best game for a straight investigative scenario as the pcs start so ill equipped for success; my dice in particular were lame. Couldn't even hit a running man with a car so treacherous were those d10s; there is something quite amusing about trying to mow a fleeing gunman down and actually sauntering past and executing a perfect right turn instead. :lol:

Nice end to the weekend's gaming.

Overall a great Con once more so big shout of thanks to Graham and Paul (how long will my character last in Ashen Stars?). Kudos to all the players and GMs. The venue was up to scratch and better than before in places - breakfast, room tidiness. Looking forward to next year.
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