New guy at 2016

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Seven Hills is a new roleplaying convention, to be held in Sheffield, the Rome of the north, on the 26th and 27th of April 2014.

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New guy at 2016

Postby Jiminy » 10:21pm on 23 Apr 16

My first time at the fortified Garrison of Seven Hills, and I would like to express thanks to all the GMs and fellow players who made for some really great games - in fact everyone that organised and participated in Seven Hills deserves congratulations!

My first day started with a mystical norse-tech saga (GM Pete Griffith), before embarking on post-American Civil War weird west horror (GM Matt Nixon), and ending for the evening with a shell-shocked missings person's case in 1930's Belgium (GM Richard Lock). Day 2 proceeded with a daring British Army escape from Napoleonic Spain (GM Pete Atkinson), and finally an afternoon of pulp-noir/chopsocky antics in 1930's Hong Kong (GM Alex Jeffries).

It's a tough call to select a favourite game due to the high calibre of all the GMs and players, so I would have to pick the dramatic Trail of Cthulhu and pulp-noir Dicey Tales (Barbarians of Lemuria) games - run by Richard Lock and Alex Jeffries respectively - to share top honours!
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Re: New guy at 2016

Postby ragr » 8:21am on 24 Apr 16

Pleasure to have you on board for the game, Jon. It was lovely that you delved so deeply within the character, to the point of keeping that Dorset accent up throughout. Your contributions helped to make it the atmospheric delight that I'd hoped for.

And, one of the best things about great experiences at Cons like this is that I get another player for my online games.

"He's an okay GM sometimes" - Pebsie
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Re: New guy at 2016

Postby Stainless » 8:33pm on 26 Apr 16

Thank you for the complement Jiminy. Nice playing with you. Apologies that Angry Joe got a side-role as the token 1920s Asian, but at least he went ballistic at the end. There were some very memorable Legendary Success rolls in that game.
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