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Seven Hills is a new roleplaying convention, to be held in Sheffield, the Rome of the north, on the 26th and 27th of April 2014.

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Seven Hills 2017 Thanks

Postby First Age » 7:05am on 24 Apr 17

Thanks again to everyone that came along for our weekend of games at Seven Hills. I had a great time, played some very good games and, as ever, really enjoyed catching up with gaming chums again.

It seemed a slightly quieter one with some players dropping out, so we had more games than players this year. Thanks to the GMs who prepared but didn't get to run this time, please keep the game in the bag and ready for another time.

My timetable was:

Slot 0 - Julian Haley's DCC Lankhmar - a predictably riotous game, built on a simple premise and with lots of great roleplaying round the table. My first ever Slot 0 and a great way to kick off the convention.

Slot 1 - Me and Paul ran Wordplay 2 Dramaguhl City n the Edge of Nowhere in the Armoury. Many thanks to Paul for the scenario, which worked very well and I thought the game went well and good to see how much I still enjoy playing and running Wordplay; even more in its new incarnation.

Slot 2 - Nigel Clarke, Into the Underworld of Jakalla, The Petal Hack (Empire of the Petal Throne/The Black Hack). At last some Tekumel roleplay, accessible and fun and a good session.

Slot 3 - Me running A Storm Eternal, Powered by the Apocalypse. Described as 'very metal' - my players seemed to have a very good time and I enjoyed flowery descriptions and the drama of the custom battle cards. I need to think a bit more about the 'Resort to the Sword' mechanic for this and how I might wish to apply it.

Slot 4 - Pete Atkinson, Tales of the Water Margin- the Writ of Justice, Tianxia (Fate Core). Oh what fun. Pete always runs a cracking game and I had the prefect character for me in the session. Fate Core Tianxia makes for a perfect ruleset for The Water Margin, with Pete's impish and quick thinking GMing delivering some fantastic set pieces and character interplay. Andrew Watson really knows how to get the best out of Fate Core and, together, I thought the Fate 'economy' flowed very well throughout the session. I was reminded as to how much I like Fate.

Slot 5 - Andy Sangar, Destiny in Viridistan, Barbarians of Lemuria. A fun end to the weekend, with Andy getting out his 1970s and 80s bling to play an old school adventure of relaxed heroes ambling into the greatest citadel n the world to casually assassinate the emperor. Barbarians of Lemuria is another fantastic traditional system that is easy to play with just enough options to give you some game.

My thanks to Elaine for helping me with the sign-ups, which went much more smoothly as a consequence. Overall it felt like a slightly more busy convention from an organisation point of view and I kept thining of things that I probably should have been doing.

Far Frontier conjures many options in my head. Symbaroum, any number of SF games, Tekumel, Lost Lands and more. Maybe I'll try to learn and run an accessible introduction to Fragged Empire?

A super weekend and hope you all had fun. :)
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