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Seven Hills is a new roleplaying convention, to be held in Sheffield, the Rome of the north, on the 26th and 27th of April 2014.

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Monkeyless 2017

Postby Jiminy » 11:24pm on 24 Apr 17

As I crossed the great stone threshold of the Garrison, the urban legend of it as a veritable roleplaying bastion of the north gave me a cold shiver.

To prove that the legend is all too true, gaming kicked off early due to an impromptu and raucous Friday-night pre-con game of Dungeon Crawl Classics with GM Julian Hayley. Hi-jinx ensued. The finale saw a salutory and mirth-inducing lesson in what happens to a character who locks up his companions and then marches off with all the loot (in a wheelbarrow)... straight into the archmonsters's lair!

The official Seven Hills event commenced on Saturday morning. Sadly, the Monkey RPG special event games had been unavoidably cancelled at short notice, but several GMs gamefully stepped up to fill the resulting voids.

GMs Graham Spearing and Paul Mitchener spun a special double-table tale of defiance against the musty and cobwebbed fantasy urban traditions of Dramaguhl. Against the odds, and despite great costs, the characters delivered on their mission to change the city for the better.

The afternoon continued into a Petal Hack-powered descent beneath the fantasy-science surface of Tekumel with GM Nigel Clarke. The vaults beneath Tekumel certainly hold some tall statues and extremely weird critters!

GM Paul Mitchener engaged thrusters on an evening journey into the far transhumanity of Mindjammer. What started as a rescue mission rapidly transformed into a surgical voyage of delicate alien discovery and negotiations. Or at least it might have, if the characters had not embarked on shock-and-awe military destruction.

Sunday started with GM Nigel Clarke channeling his gravitas into the ancient city of Mythic Rome. Dodging and concocting rumours, secrets & dirty tricks seemed well suited to all the characters, and despite some infighting they eventually saw through a successful bid to elect their patron to power.

To crown the event off, I joined another Dungeon Crawl Classics outing from GM Julian Hayley. This time, a small mob of medieval villagers were pitched into a rescue mission leading to a slimy ever-living meatgrinder. The outcome was a moderate success, with the crowd of sixteen characters whittled down to a small moblet of seven survivors.

Hilarious dungeon bash capers not withstanding, I would highlight the power-plays, conspiracies and daring action presented by both Wordplay2 (Dramaguhl) and Mythic Rome games as standout experiences over the three days.

Many thanks to all the people that made Seven Hills possible!
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