Best moment of my Con

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Seven Hills is a new roleplaying convention, to be held in Sheffield, the Rome of the north, on the 26th and 27th of April 2014.

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Best moment of my Con

Postby nclarke » 7:41pm on 25 Apr 17

Had a great time and thought I'd mention some great roleplaying moments of Seven Hills #4.

First up was Friday's Slot 0 DCC game run by Joolz. A certain mage who had really bad luck with his spell casting all game decided that as all the rest of us were in the kitchen dealing with the cook and, having left our wheelbarrow of loot outside the door guarded by said mage, he chose to cast a spell to lock us in the kitchen and run off with the loot. Trouble is he ran straight into the inner sanctum of the nasty mage running the place and was killed. We couldn't save him as the spell held the door for a long time. Oh how we laughed.

Second event was in Gaz's game when, as the longsuffering Roman ancestor of Private Walker from 1940, I had enough of being beaten with Joolz's vine stick and fled the final confrontation with the cult leader and his Dark Young. Trouble is I blew my roll for dealing with the murderous boatman and he stabbed me to death in the bottom of his canoe. Oh how everyone else laughed at that.

Third event was in my Roman Election game where everyone appreciated Mrs May being so accommodating with her announcement of a General Election and Donald Trump's inability to use an phrase that did not include yuge or bigly and proceeded to include every quip known to man in their monologues. The event that provided the funny moment was the decision to have a sacrifice done by a slightly shady auger to give some good omens for their candidate for Aedile. A blown Drive roll caused the beast to stampede and a second, follow up, roll of 99 caused the beast to trample a small child causing much dismay at such a poor omen for the PC's candidate for Aedile. Oh how we laughed when that second die roll came up.
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