7Hills 2017 - A View to a Hill

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Seven Hills is a new roleplaying convention, to be held in Sheffield, the Rome of the north, on the 26th and 27th of April 2014.

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7Hills 2017 - A View to a Hill

Postby j0rdi » 11:41pm on 26 Apr 17

I'd like to thank everyone who signed up and played in my games last weekend, I hope you had a good time and enjoyed them as much as I did. To the all the people in whose games I played and who played along with me, I hope we get to play together again soon. (I thought I'd put that there so you can skip all the boring waffle to follow.) :)

Day 1: Friday
I took the day off work so I could get there before traffic turned the M1 into the world's largest stop'n'go ride. Success! I was ensconced in the bar no later than 1208, the perfect time to start drinking... Had great chats & beers with various people over the course of the day and it was really good to catch up. The garrison cons always feel more of a social gathering to me than, say, the vast halls of expo. It did however (despite tactical naps) provide me with a 3-day hangover, grrrrrrreeeeeat!

Day 2: Saturday
Slot 1: I had offered The Wyrd of the Black Wyrm (based on the Lambton Worm) but only had 1 pre-sign so wasn't sure it would run. Luckily it filled up and we were off! The players were really great at embodying the characters and playing to the times (ie - disregarding peasants). So much so that I wasn't convinced that they'd do the 'heroic' thing when faced with a moral dilemma (although I shouldn't have worried, when faced with option A - Hitting the French or B - Anything else, it's a pretty safe bet most times). The players successfully besieged Acre, partied with Saladin, haggled with an actual hag and divided and conquered the Wyrm! I'd like to thank Massie, Stephen, Harriet and Steven for playing, I really had a great time and I hope you did too!

Slot 2: As Giants Dance (based on the various Welsh Urban Legends of the fae). A last minute replacement game and my first ever Pendragon GM session. 3 pre-signs meant I was pretty sure it would run, 2 more signed up for a full house but 1 pre-sign didn't turn up (boo, you know who you are! ;) ). I enjoyed running Pendragon and may have worried about its lethality (everyone had a spare character just in case) too much, although clever play by the players helped avoid too much trouble (that and lance charges, +10 always helps). Everyone got into the scenario and their characters with gusto and I was loathe to interrupt most of the time. They trained during the day (designed for new players which 3/4 weren't so I need to take that into consideration next time and have another option to switch out 'sucking eggs'). And then investigated the missing party, mostly ignoring the red herring of Leucomagus. They managed to navigate the faery world almost without harm apart from 'noble' Tegwin who upon realising he was doomed, took one (or three) for the team. They returned with as much of the party as they could possibly save and were knighted for their troubles. I think I stuffed the landing on this one and the end felt like a disappointment to me. True to form I thought of a fair few ways I should have done it differently afterwards, but that horse had bolted. I'd like to thank Mark, Pete, Gary and Gaz for playing in the game and I hope they had fun in it. I will no doubt run some Pendragon again, but I may well try the vanilla version and see how that goes.

Slot 3: Perchance to Dream a Deadlands Noir game by Tony Parry. There was confusion over the start time so I arrived late and took the remaining character, Jeremiah Johnson a smooth-talking southern son of a gun. I enjoyed getting to use my (probably offensive to any real) 'texan' accent. I'm just glad I never veered off into a Mexican or German one and managed to mostly stick to the right landmass... We pieced the clues together and solved the crime, I think. We did shoot a few people so I hope they were guilty. I had the immense foresight to bring a gun to a slap-fight, spoilers: I won. Thanks to Paul, Dan, Massie, Tony, Dave and Chris for a great game, although if Dave ever says 'the Spectre' again there's a good chance one of the aforementioned will kill him. Not joking. ;)

Day 3: Sunday
Slot 4: And what better way to start a Sunday morning than with a Saturday morning cartoon! TMNT: Urban Legends (original, I know) was fully pre-signed and everybody knew the system (Savage Worlds) and the setting so we were off and running with strange monsters spotted in the sewers... not the players but a 'friendly' alligator mutated by some nefarious ooze held in a secret floor of a research building. Luckily the players banded together (although things looked bleak at one point after a big tail-whip knocked everyone for 6), saved the workers, befriended the monster, evaded a mob and stormed the castle (er I mean skyscraper). Once inside they made short work of getting to floor 13 (the alarm 'clock' went up by a grand total of one... they could've held a party and still not been caught, as it was they did release all the animals from their cages) but once inside the mutagen research centre things got punchy as the team took on some terrible titans! Who turned out to be not too terrible it seemed, some ridiculous rolls (including the oddest roll I've ever seen, all 1s on 3 dice bennied (naturally) into 3 Aced rolls - amazing) made short work of the Rapid Response Robots and our heroes grabbed the ooze and made their escape... until next time. Thanks to Ric, Paul, Dave and Harriet for a great game that I really enjoyed running, I hope you enjoyed being a turtle for a few hours and come back to play in more.

Slot 5: Assault on Precinct 1.3 a Resident Evil Savage Worlds game by Paul Lawrence. I had prior warning of the semi-PvP nature of the game in the tags and so made sure to choose the biggest di... sruptive character I could see, Jack Krauser. I made the decision early on to use his RE4 voice... big mistake. It is one of the stupidest voices I've ever had to keep up for four hours and I wouldn't be surprised if the other players weren't considering just ganking me to shut me up. I made the call early on to take out a bad guy with a rocket launcher which surprisingly didn't backfire! I also helped kill the 'big' 'bad' 'boss' at the end with a grenade doing 52 damage (I think my highest roll yet in SW). I then got arrested by a man in a golf-cart... the rise and fall... There's not much anyone can do in those circumstances except bask in the awesomeness of Jack 'Smarts is my dump stat' Krauser! I had a lot of fun playing Leon's jilted lover (I think that's what we were, it was never 'official') and liked the mini-faction element between the players (consisting of me, Dave, Gary, Gaz and Michael). I'm not sure I'd have liked full on PvP but the bloodless conflict was good. My plan was very zen, I was hoping the others got killed and I could scarper, it didn't work.
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