ShaCon - surprisingly, not a Shaun Connery Convention!*

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A UK convention purely for Savage Worlds games. Currently in the planning stages.

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ShaCon - surprisingly, not a Shaun Connery Convention!*

Postby j0rdi » 11:46pm on 17 Aug 17

*I know it's Sean - but the joke doesn't work if I spell it properly and it's blimmin awful to begin with! :P

Hmmm, where to start - let's start with a bang!

...and that's when I realised I hadn't brought the sheets with me! - err, skip that part.

...and that's when I massively overran my slot! - nope, next!

...and that's when the dust had settled, the lights long since turned off and the music stopped. I looked back at the jailhouse; the once full chairs now empty and waiting, tables cleared of sheets and props offered the promise of just not quite enough space, and the remembered echoes of the weekend's laughter filled the night's silent air. 'I enjoyed that,' I thought.

I'll do a (not so) brief normal Con report and then add anything from a co-organiser pov at the end.

Slot 1: GM: Me! Game: The Siege of Dros Delnoch!
Based on the David Gemmell book Legend, this was a game about impossible odds - or at least it was meant to be. The highly competent players had their highly competent characters plan and execute a brilliant plan, kill the civilians themselves so the Nadir couldn't! Genius. Ruthless, murdery, genius... Seriously though I had 4 awesome players in Paul, Rich, Paul and Malcolm that made it a joy to run, doddgy accents included. In part this game was a test to see if SW could do Gemmell justice, and (without any bias) I really think it delivered in that respect, it does 'heroic fantasy' very well. Hugely enjoyable and it makes me look forward to putting a Jon Shannow SW game together even more now.

Slot 2: GM:Me again! Game: Heaven's Blade Peak
Using the Iron Dynasty SW book, this game was based on old samurai and kung fu movie tropes including a blind swordsman a disgraced samurai and a one-armed boxer. Our plucky heroes(?) met in a tavern(!) climbed a mountain and fought an Oni Mage and her pet Ogre to prevent the end of the world in a Shinto ritual (dealing with some tricky tengu and angry spirits along the way). Massivley overran (25mins) and didn't even really get the proper epic ending it deserved. Thanks (and apologies for eating into your lunch break) to Gaz, Debbie, John, David and Jagusti for being great players. I had a lot of fun running it, maybe too much!

Slot 3: GM: EvilGaz. Game: The Sun Never Sets.
A Space 1889 game (I think) set on Venus with typical British colonialism running rampant, along with T-Rexs and Zeppelins. I played an American Big Game Hunter called Dirk Stryker who just wanted to shoot a T-Rex (and the villainous Pierre Baptiste although no-one can prove that wasn't an accident!) and got roped into helping the Brits fight a proxy war against Prussian and Belgian aggression. Great fun and great characters that all the players dove into full on. An excellent game and cheers to Gaz for running it, and Tom, Massie, Andy, and Pete for bringing those characters to life.

Slot 4: GM: Me, yet again! Game: Agents of SHIELD, Agents of Oblivion!
An agents of SHIELD game using the Agents of Oblivion book and set in Earth 578 so Ward's still a good guy and Daisy can't 'quake' if that means anything to you. The players managed to stop a nuclear bomb from detonating but that was just the starter, the main dish was a satellite sending out a psychic catatonia (pumped up Puppet power). A longer than expected opening scene on board an escaping C17 meant the social/investigating middle section had to be pruned a fair bit to not suffer the same fate as slot 2 but then the players were straight into space and onto the cake-stand for the final zero-g showdown with the campest nazi robots ever. Like my other games I used the Jokers Wild setting rule, unfortunately everyone gets a few cards which meant I probably dealt about 12 jokers that session with the result being that when I finally realised and stopped the rule, some people had 10 Bennies. There's very little that can hurt a player with 10 bennies... Puppet power at d12+2 was a good try and ate a fair few but never enough to really trouble anyone. It was meant to be pulpy comic-book fun though and that was achieved largely through some great players so thank you Harriet, Arun, Andy, Jagusti and Matt for a brilliant time. I had so much fun and will definitely be running another AoS game in the future (that cake stand cost £20, need to get my money's worth...)

I won! In fairness, everyone won something, but I still won! We also got some sweet PEG vouchers that I've already spent on moar gamez! The card draw identifying unique badges worked really well I thought (again, no bias).

Slot 5: GM: Bed! Game: Sleepy sleeps.
After making sure that everyone was in a game I staggered back to my room and dropped onto the bed. I remember having enough time to think I should probably take my shoes off and then I woke up 3+ hours later. I went to say goodbye and thanks to those that were left.

Organisational thoughts:
I'm not! I somehow managed to forget 50 sheets I'd printed to help players out, despite having them in the same box as everything else, and also the last few pages of my AoS game! - How?! It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying ShaCon though, that positivity just wiped all the little troubles completely away.

Games Monkey-wise it wasn't too bad. Everyone who pre-booked in time managed to get in games they wanted even with a full pre-booking system in place. Most people wanted something different so there wasn't really a huge rush for certain games at the expense of others - I think that's to be expected in a single system Con as there're no 'systems to avoid' so it was all relatively quick and painless, taking about a morning to complete. I'm sure that would be harder for a larger Con though.

All in all it was a pretty amazing experience and I don't think I could've asked for a better one. Highlight of my year (slight bias). ;)
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Re: ShaCon - surprisingly, not a Shaun Connery Convention!*

Postby dpmcalister » 8:55pm on 28 Aug 17

I saw this and instantly thought of j0rdi :lol:

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