GoPlay Leeds 17th July 2016

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A forum for the Go Play Leeds team and their events.

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GoPlay Leeds 17th July 2016

Postby negromaestro » 8:44pm on 04 Jul 16

82 North Street, Mabgate, Leeds, LS2 7PN

Go Play Leeds has a new venue, and games will take place on Sunday, 17th of July from about 11:30 through 5pm.


(a) John Carter of Mars (playtest)
(b) Fate Accelerated (a cool scenario)
(c) Gamma World
(d) Dungeons and Dragons 5e

(a) John Carter of Mars (playtest)
System: 2d20 Momentum
Players: 3

John Carter (the soldier from Jasoom)
The Civil War was over and John Carter was alone
So he thought he'd seek a mountain full of gold.
He heard the call, "Go West Young Man;" to do it he was prone,
And thought he'd better start 'ere he got old.

Tars Tarkas (the warrior of Barsoom)
Using gestures, Tars made clear he'd like to know John's name
"John Carter of Virginia," he replied.
"Ah, Vorrrginia," Tarkas smiled, "Our thoats are very tame
"And one of them will take you for a ride."

Dejah Thoris (the princess of Helium)
Meanwhile, in Helium, the jeddak, Tardos Mors, began
To tell his daughter, "'Tis your wedding day."
Dejah Thoris said she'd never marry cruel Sab Than;
He told his girl, "There is no other way.

An adventure for a trinity of dashing heroes across the red deserts of Mars, with action, danger, and of course camaraderie.
Running 2d20 games before they turned cool
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Re: GoPlay Leeds 17th July 2016

Postby IamBert » 7:54pm on 11 Jul 16

Also on offer England Upturn'd for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Lots of mucking about in Civil War England - silly hats, Levellers, matchlocks, the ague and possibly the lost treasure of King John.

Review here - ... html#links
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Re: GoPlay Leeds 17th July 2016

Postby IamBert » 6:27pm on 17 Jul 16

If anyone is interested in more Civil War related LotFP look on my blog at and in Undercroft magazine available here: which has a few articles.
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