GoPlay Leeds 14 May 2017

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GoPlay Leeds 14 May 2017

Postby Jagusti » 6:26pm on 14 May 17

Good games and crowd at today's GPL.

I think Patrick(?) offered Cold & Dark - I'd be interested to hear how that went.

That guy Guy (Milner) offered up one of the Lone Wolf starter adventures. Only two PCs, but we had good complementary talents, and on-screen banter, to make it an exciting and adventurous tangle, physically and morally. I'd be interested to see how character growth happens as a campaign progresses, and to see some of the more elaborate talents come into play.

As it stands, the play is very reminiscent of the classic gamebook series. That's an enjoyable level of simplicity. Even down to random number grids printed on the inside of the boxes that you toss counters into, to avoid the need for a d10. I thought that might be a bit gimmicky, but it worked very nicely. And there wasn't much rolling/tossing anyway - we had a good character driven story.

Combat is satisfyingly quick. It could be stretched out to last a few rounds if needed for a big boss fight, but resolution against groups of mooks is fast, and dangerous enough with just 2 players. More PCs could make it trivial, and then I'm not sure that just throwing more baddies at them would make the system or players sweat.

Overall, a very enjoyable and nostalgic romp. Cheers to Guy for hosting and fellow warrior Neil Walker for an enjoyable afternoon.
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