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Re: Achievements

Postby MartinBailey » 11:20pm on 01 Feb 12

I've been growing more and more curious about the "achievements" in peoples' sigs so eventually I read this thread. Once I started openly laughing with tears running down my face, my wife asked me what I was laughing at. So I tried to explain and immediately earned Stanislavski
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Re: Achievements

Postby Mick Red » 9:24am on 03 Feb 12

Then place yours in your sig please Martin for all to see what you have earnt
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Re: Achievements

Postby Shane » 2:58pm on 03 Feb 12

(Wo)Man of the World: Ask the Dutch Invaders if they are from <insert small british town name here>.

I Just Luke Like a (Wo)Man of the World: Get the above achievement while the Dutch Invaders are wearing thier Dutch Invader t-shirts and talking in Dutch.

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Re: Achievements

Postby lukelh » 6:08pm on 04 Feb 12

The town was Gilford, and I knew they were all dutch, I just thought they lived in / moved to Gilford . . . Probably not helping myself here
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