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Re: Pompey groups

Postby scopperil » 11:51pm on 04 Jun 14

Hey; I never thanked you publicly for this. Thank you! it's much appreciated.
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Re: Pompey groups

Postby Karsvard » 8:56pm on 19 Aug 15

Hi all,

I have recently moved to Portsmouth and I am really looking forward to finding a D&D group in the area, or close to here. I have played 3.5 and 5e, and I could potentially DM (although I might be too busy to DM on a regular basis).

Is this forum still active? Could somebody give some advise on how to find people/groups? I will also try contacting the groups previously mentioned in this thread, but any sort of advice would be much appreciated :)

Many thanks!
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Re: Pompey groups

Postby JakeMilo » 6:10am on 01 Sep 15

This is like some form of thread necromancy if I'm any judge.

The Unreal Dimensions Group still seem to be active working out of Waterlooville. They have a face book group and a forum.

There is a wargaming shop down Elm Grove called Fistful of Dice that does the usual assortment of Magic/Wargames/RPG. I imagine they know far more current info about the current Portsmouth RPG scene than I have.

There are people about that game, however, as Shane's posting of last year, the group I game with has no more room for extra players.
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Re: Pompey groups

Postby Dadcubed » 5:01pm on 01 Sep 15

Arise, Arise from the dead!!!

Any action needed in pompey area hit me up: ptpierre@gmail.com

Cheers, Pierre :)
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Re: Pompey groups

Postby Elysium » 3:10pm on 08 Sep 15

Not exactly clear, i'll guess you are not summoning Cthugha, instead seeing if anyone wants to play in Portsmouth. :lol: Are you setting something up here? Have you moved into the area / living local now?
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