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Holmes review

Postby satbunny » 12:25pm on 10 May 17

Given the love for Holmes D&D and Blueholme I thought this review of a Holmes book was worth linking to

https://www.rpg.net/columns/advanced-de ... ns12.phtml

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Re: Holmes review

Postby dpmcalister » 12:44pm on 10 May 17

I used to own that book (back when I first started roleplaying) and loved ready about all these other games that I hadn't come across (at the time).
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Re: Holmes review

Postby Vile » 4:34pm on 10 May 17

It's one of he better books of its ilk IMO, I have it on my shelf next to What Is Dungeons And Dragons? by Butterfield et al. Holmes has two sample dungeons in his, though one is really just a map. He also has a remarkably simple little RPG in there as an example of what an RPG is. IIRC someone made it into a little 4-page PDF, though I can't remember who or where or when.

Applecline gets mixed up about AD&D's Appendix N and the difference to Holmes's own reading list. Actually, when Holmes's gaming stuff was being auctioned recently there was quite a good insight into his reading habits. ERB was king, especially Pellucidar, but he was generally really into that type of pulp adventure.
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