Roleplayers with Disabilities

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Roleplayers with Disabilities

Postby Wolverine » 2:43pm on 19 Jun 17

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd start a new thread on a subject that I'm actually curious about. A while ago I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and my life started to make a lot more sense. Before I found myself not fitting in during social interactions, sometimes unable to communicate easily or get across what I was trying to say. I was seen eccentric or odd and often bullied or misunderstood by my peers. Being intelligent I often could see what people were doing to me and it was very upsetting and humiliating. People would be nasty for no reason or would simply try to avoid me. Roleplaying was one my ways of escaping this, but unfortunately I sometimes encountered this prejudice at the gaming table and later I withdrew from roleplaying circles and conventions.

It was while after my diagnoses that I realised that I wasn't the problem. It was those few people who had discriminated against me and the issue lie with them and not me. If they wanted to be a dick to me then they were being a dick to someone with autism, plain and simple. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders when I was told that, "Hey you have Asperger's and that's okay. You're just different" my whole outlook on life suddenly changed.

I was wandering if other roleplayers with disabilities, whether they are physical or mental, have encountered a similar experiences like I did in and around the gaming table. Maybe you have had positive experience and would like to share it? That would be great! Or just talk about your disability and whether it has impacted on your gaming life or not. It would be nice to get a discussion going.
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