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Postby Dom » 10:53am on 02 Jul 17

I re-read Hollowpoint last night for probably the third time since it came out. I love the idea of the game, but find it strangely intimidating. Has anyone had experience of running it? How was it?

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Re: Hollow point

Postby oreso » 12:37pm on 02 Jul 17

Same experience here.

Never seen it played, but the book looked damn "kewl".
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Re: Hollow point

Postby Kaiserjez » 12:48pm on 02 Jul 17

Hollowpoint is the D6 pools one yeah? I only ever played it once and it took a bit of head scratching to grok the system. Once we had it all figured out it ran quite smoothly.

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Re: Hollow point

Postby PaulBaldowski » 6:26am on 03 Jul 17

Yes, many times. A couple of times as straight Hollowpoint, but many more times as my action orientated bad ass version of The Lord of the Rings, Hobbitpoint.

You read my Goodreads review, Dom. As a Greg Wallace impressionist would yawp, "I like it!".

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