Book of Righteous

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Book of Righteous

Postby satbunny » 6:22pm on 06 Sep 17

The [5e] Book of Righteous just landed as a physical product with me and it's a lovely piece of publishing.

I have to say I like the idea of the Great Church as a pantheon based meta cult, and the mythology is well crafted to provide enough familiarity to most D&D players shared common core. As such it integrates very well with the PHB and the DMG, even when it presents it's own cosmology, it ticks all the usual D&D boxes, and even has sidebars for the perennial post 4e question of 'Where are the Feywild and Shadowfell?".

I was surprised at first how all the gods are good, with one clear exception and some minor ones. However I can kind of see that this makes for a very stable homogenous culture that works well for a 'we are the good people and we adventure and kill baddies' group, but there are more than enough spaces, niches, examples of linking in extra religions and diversity. However.. Warhammer Old World or Moorcock's Young Kingdoms or Glorantha this is not.

Familiar and accessible is not a bad thing, and after my first run thru I can see that it's a very high quality book and probably the 'missing' core book for me.

The rules crunch is nice, and in keeping with 5e, so extra archetypes, backgrounds, new domains, a few spells and some magic items, but nothing that mucks with the 5e design methodology. However one could also ignore that if you wanted to maintain a 'core book only' rule at the table, even the new domains are not essential, if very nicely done.

I felt it was all very 'good'. So maybe I need a 'Book of the Unholy' to counterbalance it..

However, my reason for posting, apart from my first freeform thoughts, was to ask the collective hivemind to share with me either your thoughts on how you view religion in RPGs. For those of brought up on Runequest it's very central but I that differs across UKRP and I bet amongst RQ-ers...

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