Games Offered for 1b

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Spaghetti ConJunction, a one day convention devoted to Tabletop Roleplaying Games right in centre of Birmingham.

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Games Offered for 1b

Postby James Mullen » 8:25am on 06 Aug 17

I've added a game to the website list:
Title: Raising Damien
Description: The Anti-Christ was found 4 years ago and placed in a secure facility to prevent the coming of Judgement Day.

He is 8 years old.

You play Damien’s guards and tutors, dealing with him, raising him and asking yourself: how right is it to imprison a child for the sake of what he might become?

What will it take for you to release Damien? Can you be tempted by his pleas and promises? Or will you decide that imprisonment is not enough? Will you spill innocent blood for a cause you believe in?

GM: James Mullen
System: Primetime Adventures, a character-lead game using the language & structure of a TV program to tell the story.
Notes: Given the potential for adult situations, this game is not recommended for under 18s.
Players: 3 or 4
Slot: Afternoon
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Re: Games Offered for 1b

Postby simonpaulburley » 9:31am on 06 Aug 17

Not sure I can compete with "Ennie nominated" James Mullen but:


It is the year 2064. World Space Patrol ship Fireball XL5 has received an urgent message from Space City. Patrol ship XL14 - responsible for patrolling sector 24 - has been lost with all hands. Before being destroyed, the crew were able to send one last Neutroni radio message.

The planet Plytus has been obliterated by a fleet of Granitoid Warships. Granitoids are a race of virtually invincible robots. Their only weakness, the rare mineral, plyton, was only found on the planet Plytus. With that gone there is nothing to stop them wreaking havoc across the Milky Way.

And now they’re on their way to Earth.

Your mission is to do anything you can to slow delay their invasion fleet to allow the World Space Patrol to call in the other Fireball craft from their assigned sectors to defend Earth.

Anything you can.

A big budget Hollywood update of the class 1960's TV series starring:

IDRIS ELBA - as Colonel Steve Zodiac
ZOE SALDANA - as Space Doctor Venus
MORGAN FREEMAN - as Professor Matthew "Matt" Matic
ANDY SERKIS - as Robert the Robot
JOHNNY DEPP - as Zoonie the LaZoon

GM: Simon Burley

System: The Code of the Spacelanes - an easy to learn system based on 2d6 with magic happening every time you roll a double.

Notes: There is absolutely no need to have any previous knowledge of the TV series or the game system.

Players: 2-5
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