[UKRP 2011 Awards] UKRP newcomer of 2011

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[UKRP 2011 Awards] UKRP newcomer of 2011

Postby mr toad » 11:45am on 09 Jan 12

The hobby we are in is all about the people. Let's recognise that fact by thanking those souls who have been brave enough to become part of our community and be prepared to participate in a meaniful way during the last year. Has there been a player, GM, forum user or games designer during 2011 who is new to our community but has made a difference?

Let us know with a vote.

To vote for your winner all you need do is write a short citation as to why you think the person you are nominating should win this award.

The judging of the award will be down to the votes you receive from the committee based on the citation you have submitted.

Thanks in advance for your input.

mr toad
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Re: [UKRP 2011 Awards] UKRP newcomer of 2011

Postby Mick Red » 3:58pm on 09 Jan 12


Yep i know hes Pompey Crew but he has been on the forum less than a year and has contributed a decent amouth of thought and conversation to the community, his willingness to help others is also to be admired. He is one of the first to reply when people introduce themselves here and is a great advert for this forum and gamers generally
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Re: [UKRP 2011 Awards] UKRP newcomer of 2011

Postby thenovalord » 6:04pm on 09 Jan 12

+1 thumbsy to Shane

on first perusal this was the only 'given' category for me.
He has made a very good contribution to the boards.
He has have given good 'game' input

i am not pompey crew, and have only very briefly met him, and never gamed with him, so am voting purely on forum input
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