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Choose your adventure

Postby simonpaulburley » 7:09pm on 24 Sep 17

Geek Retreat 24/9/17

I don't want to clog up UKRP with detailed reports of all of my "Choose Your Adventure" sessions. I'll put a more detailed report on my blog but:

Went to "Geek Retreat" in Birmingham as I do on the last Sunday of the month. Very busy because of an MtG tournament. Ran a D&D 5th version of my standard intro dungeon. I'm trying to get a "regular" who's been introduced to RPGs through these sessions to try her hand at GMing for the "regulars" to free me up to concentrate on newbies.

Then ran a Dr Who intro scenario with a couple of "regulars" and a young man whose mum convinced him to try. I got her to play too. They both loved it and her devious student Timelord was the last woman standing.

I met the daughter of Martin Hackett - designer of Magic and Monsters RPG. It's a small world.

I then ran the intro to D&D 5th again. (The regulars had left). Again a young man whose mum was going to watch and again inveigled her in. This is a hobby for everyone. This time, though, a TPK. The 5th Ed Bugbear is a beast. I'll have to adjust the scenario before I run it under 5th Ed again. Everyone enjoyed it though.

Rounded off with a steampunk intro. One of the players remembered me from running the Actual Cannibal Shia Lebeouf RPG at London Anime con. It's a small world.

Four games, ten new players including two mums. Successful day.
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