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Fareham Games Club - RPGs and Board Games

Postby stevebull » 2:22pm on 10 Oct 17

We are a long running games club based in Fareham, Hampshire, looking to expand our membership!
We play a large variety of games, including RPGs, Board Games and Wargames, meeting twice a week for various gaming fun!

Tuesday evenings from 7pm we run our RPGs, usually with two or three running at once.
We run games on three month rounds, allowing new GMs to step up and players to play a variety of games, and it occurs that I'm using the word variety too much. Rounds start in January, April, July and October, and are usually open to anyone (space permitted - under 18s on a probationary basis).
Games have ranged from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, to Dark Heresy, D&D, SHadowrun, Call Of Cthulhu and various iterations of Savage Worlds, and sometimes include our GM Bootcamp for people who want a small, confined space to try GMing for the first time.
Best to contact us beforehand if you wish to join an RPG, as the next round';s games tend to be announced and filled up about a month in advance.

Sunday evenings from 6pm we play Board, Card and Tabletop Wargames, with a.....variety........or interests and personally owned games available, and a willingness to try anything (including homebrews). Our wargames are rarer than most, with the exception of a strong presence from Guildball players (with occasional tournaments).
All are welcome to this evening.

We meet at the North West Community Centre, on Henry Cort Drive (Fareham North-West, next to Henry Cort School).

We can be contactable either on our forums here:

Or through our Facebook page:

Alternatively, I am Steve, and you can speak with me right here.
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