A slightly less busy IndieCon for me

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A slightly less busy IndieCon for me

Postby DuchessK » 10:46am on 09 Nov 15

This year I had a far less full con games-wise but no less good.

I ran 2 games (both the 3rd part of my samurai Grim's Gangs scenario). They went well, both groups making me laugh and making me work (in a good way!) to shape my ideas to what their plans were. There were some lovely touches of colour added by the players to my ever-expanding world... I wish I could show you everything I see in my head! It really means a lot to me that people want to play my games. As ever, any feedback on anything I need to improve (via DM/email please) will be welcome! (And that's not me fishing for compliments, it's a genuine wish to improve and learn!)

I usually try something new at each con, this year I had to limit myself to trying the card game Machi Koro (which I loved!) and another one similar to werewolf (can't remember the name) which was interesting but not quite my cup of tea.

Other than a game of Robo Rally, I pretty much just rested, which was very much needed.

The thing I will take away from this con is a staggering realisation of just how many lovely lovely friends I have made over the years. Thanks for all the hugs and for being so patient in the early part of the con when I was so wiped out and not really with it. I know everyone has 'stuff' going on (much bigger than mine) and I'm touched you were all so selfless in your concern. Your understanding and giving me space to just 'be' has started to heal parts of my brain that had burnt out.

I am coming away from the con a bit more rested, feeling very very loved and so grateful to be part of such an amazing community - so thank you, my lovely gaming 'family' :)

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