Indiecon 2015 - My unofficial rpg count

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Re: Indiecon 2015 - My unofficial rpg count

Postby MartinP » 12:11pm on 11 Nov 15

simonpaulburley wrote:The one that fascinated me most was the idea to run Intrepid Friday night to create a SteamPunk world for a Code of Steam and Steel game on the Sunday.

Thanks, Simon. I thought it went pretty well in the end, although I was sweating a bit on Sunday morning to get the basics of the scenario written. In the usual way of things the players took hold of it and ran off in some completely unexpected directions, so at least I didn't waste my time over-preparing.

Using Intrepid for world building was pretty awesome, and I got enough ideas and background for about five different con games. I think the experiment worked really well, and I can't wait to try it out again when starting a new campaign.

Having never played or run one of your Code games before, playing in the Manifold session on Friday night defintely helped me get a grip on the system. I think it was pretty straightforward for everyone to pick up on the Sunday, although the range of results did throw me off a bit. I apologise to the player of the character with the ineffectual Pocket Mesmeriser, I intended it to be more useful than it was.

Overall, quite hard work both playing in sessions and trying to write a scenario all in two days, but brilliant fun. Thanks to everyone!

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Re: Indiecon 2015 - My unofficial rpg count

Postby purpledragonwitch » 1:09pm on 11 Nov 15

Missing at least 1 more fiasco as I ran three and I think someone else ran 1 too.

Really interesting list!
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Re: Indiecon 2015 - My unofficial rpg count

Postby Kithran » 1:25pm on 11 Nov 15

Also missing are the boardgames I ran/provided the games for/participated in as there were no sheets put up for those, off the top of my head:

Roll for the Galaxy (lots of this)
7 Wonders
King of Tokyo
Lords of Vegas
Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride UK
Zombie Dice
Martian Dice
The submarine game that angus had
and probably some I've forgotten
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Re: Indiecon 2015 - My unofficial rpg count

Postby negromaestro » 9:48pm on 11 Nov 15

Thanks Epistolary Richard, first for running an interesting game of the Colonial experience in "Dog eats Dog" and next, for listing the relatively obscure "Red Aegis RPG" (which is also a much delayed Kickstarter project). :geek:
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Re: Indiecon 2015 - My unofficial rpg count

Postby Epistolary Richard » 7:47pm on 14 Nov 15

I've included everything above this line.
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