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Postby Uber_Munchkin » 12:29pm on 11 Nov 15

So, I didn't play as much as I usually do this year, partially because there just weren't any slots available on the games I was interested in and partly because I was mentally writing plot for games I would run for my mates in the lodge. This is not in anyway to be taken as a complaint, Indiecon is my holiday away with my friends and it is always welcoming and fun.

But I did play a couple and at least one of those immediately led to a purchase once I was back in the world of mail order. What did I buy, I hear no one asking. I'm going to tell you anyway. I brought a copy of tremulus based on a really fun experience playing it on Sunday morning.

What about the rest of you, was there anything you played that you immediately decided to purchase?
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Re: Games!

Postby SJE » 7:17pm on 11 Nov 15

I backed the Chill KS after playing Matt Dawkins game of it.
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