IndieCon 2017 announced

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A convention for independent RPG publishers.

Re: IndieCon 2017 announced

Postby Steven » 2:43pm on 11 Apr 17

Very interested in coming!
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Re: IndieCon 2017 announced

Postby purpledragonwitch » 12:52pm on 12 Apr 17

Dan Helsing says he's bringing at least 4 people
Talked to some other people who don't use this forum who say they will take a lodge too
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Re: IndieCon 2017 announced

Postby wraithben » 5:34pm on 17 Apr 17

We'd like a lodge. Probably 3 bed.
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Re: IndieCon 2017 announced

Postby pendoge » 9:47am on 25 Apr 17

Also interested here.
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Re: IndieCon 2017 announced

Postby Uber_Munchkin » 11:25am on 25 Apr 17

I am pretty sure my group will still be interested in attending, we usually fill one or two of the big 4 bedroom lodges (depending on who is coming, which I am polling now).
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