Freefrom - Special Tribunal of the Boarders 1221

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Consternation is a roleplaying, science fiction and fantasy convention to be held at New Hall, Cambridge from 19-21 August 2011.

Freefrom - Special Tribunal of the Boarders 1221

Postby Mist77 » 1:21pm on 16 Jul 11

Special Tribunal of the Boarders 1221
Author : Mark Steedman
State : Written. Ready for you to sign up.
Players : 25 Magi

To Sign up:
Please email me at mark (dot) mist77 @ ntlworld (dot) com
Please send me a completed 'casting questions', see below to help me cast you.
I will hope to cast the game early August if i have enough players.

The Game:
The year is 1221 and a special Tribunal has been called in an attempt to resolve the large number of claims and counter claims between the covenants along the borders of the Loch Leglean and Stonehenge tribunals.

The principal business will be an attempt to resolve the claims and counter claims made between the covenants. To determine which are spurious and which the accused are truly guilty of. It is anticipated though that other matters will come up.

This is a freeform and therefore playable by anyone. However a basic understanding of what Ars Magica is all about would be a good idea as the setting is a Tribunal meeting and a basic understanding of common Ars Magica terms is assumed (What a Queasitor is, what Vis is etc)

Campaign notes:
A number of the magi and covenants used are mentioned in either the Loch Leglean or Stonehenge Tribunal books. I have changed things where it suits this game so don’t rely on published material being accurate to this game. At least one magus in Stonehenge has been moved to a different covenant!
Some of the other magi and covenants are completely my own creation.

The rules have been set to match a freeform environment. I have tried to match things passably to 5th edition Ars Magica but the primary objective has been simplicity and lack of actual mechanics.

Time slot:
The game is currently expected to run Sunday Morning, starting after breakfast in the college. This is to avoid clashuing with the dance troupe and the Workld of Darkness freeform Saturday night.

Casting questions:
I am to try and keep this simple but in order to aid my casting players as suitable characters please try and answer the following. I will aim to meet your requests but obviously I have only got so many characters.

1) Is there a hermetic house(s) you would like to play?
2) Any you would prefer not to play?

Not all of the houses are represented in the game. Due to the two tribunals there are a lot of Ex Miscellanea so if lots of folks say no to that I will have to ignore them. I need several Guernicus Quaesitors so if you all say no I will again have to ignore that.

3) What is your preference on good/bad guy or girl?
Don't care;

Almost no Magus is a paragon of virtue.

4) Do you have a preference for which Tribunal?
Loch Leglean;
Don't care;

A significant majority of the characters are Loch Leglean.

5) Would you like a characters with lots of plot to solve or a bias towards role-playing.
This is definitively a scale from quite a lot to a lot.

Some characters have a LOT of plots so I would prefer to cast them to players who want to be very busy. I don't write characters who don't have a fair amount to do but will try to avoid giving characters with lots of 'achieve this' plots to players who want more space to just role-play.

6) Do you have any preferences on character outlook or likely costuming?
Wizardly robes would probably be appropriate for anyone. But I can try to give you a more 'warrior' wizard or 'noble' wizard if you prefer.

All the characters are Magi of the order of Hermes.
All of them have been written gender neutral, many magi don't care all that much anyway. Names might not be but as those are assigned hermetic names they don't have to match the characters gender anyway.

7) Any other comments?
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Re: Freefrom - Special Tribunal of the Boarders 1221

Postby Mist77 » 1:22pm on 16 Jul 11

A few notes:

For those who are not very familiar with the Ars Magica background.
You can still play.
I will have a ONE PAGE! briefing sheet of terms used in the game that you do need to understand. Beyond that all you really have to know is that Ars Magica is set in 'Mythic Europe' where there really are Fay brownies at the bottom of the garden, mighty wizards in draughty towers in remote places and Dragons in the heart of the mountains.
Oh and you get to play wizards who have come to a councl to discuss who's been a naughty wizard (liberally interpretting the rules as 'thou shalt not get caught!')

As noted please can you email be (as address included below/sending this email to the list) with your best efforts at answering the questions. I don't mind if answers are incomplete but a few quick answers will help me cast you as someone you would enjoy playing. Obviously with 25 set characters who all have interacting plots i only have so much choice but...
It would be very helpful if those that have emailed either myself or Sheila already could send a new email adressing the questions. Booking has to be first come first served, so i will count those fast off the starting block as first if i get a casting questionaire by the end of the month.
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Re: Freefrom - Special Tribunal of the Boarders 1221

Postby Phil Masters » 7:07pm on 22 Jul 11

Incidentally. queries and sign-ups for this game can now go to .
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