Reminder - Spend your Sunday afternoon in Ancient Greece

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Consternation is a roleplaying, science fiction and fantasy convention to be held at New Hall, Cambridge from 19-21 August 2011.

Reminder - Spend your Sunday afternoon in Ancient Greece

Postby ChrisP » 5:11pm on 19 Aug 11

The sign up sheet for Go Tell the Spartans! will go up on the notice board on Friday evening. There are still lots of places available, so please join in.

Sunday 14:00 to 16:30 in the Long Room

Sunday afternoon at Consternation (c.14:00-16:30) will feature this LARP/strategy game that simulates conflict and co-operation between city states in classical Greece.

Each team of 1-3 people represents a different city state. Each city has its own advantages and disadvantages, which it will need to use to its advantage to win the game.

In a team of 3 people, each will take a different role:
- the King/Queen, who leads armed forces in battle,
- the High Priest(ess), who looks after the physical and spiritual well-being of your people, and
- the Ambassador, responsible for alliances, trade and colonisation.

In smaller teams, a single person will need to take on multiple roles.

The game typically involves 4-5 rounds of roughly half an hour each. Each round, cities receive commodities which they can trade with other teams or barbarians, or use to improve their settlements or military strength, or to build up colonies. They can also form alliances with other teams or launch attacks on them. But beware - the Persian Empire threatens all Greeks, and you will also have to deal with whatever the capricious Greek gods hurl at you.

Who will triumph and earn the title of Consternation champions of the civilised world? Who will be left in the dust of history?

You are likely to enjoy this game if you enjoy games like Settlers of Catan, Parthenon, Mare Nostrum, Perikles, and Heroes of Olympus. Go Tell the Spartans was developed by Chris Potter, who will be games master for the session at Consternation.
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