New players interested in coming along to iWARPUK

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New players interested in coming along to iWARPUK

Postby mad_mac_hl » 2:10pm on 30 Mar 15

Hi all

My name is Martin. I've been living in Gloucester the past 2-3 years and decided it would be worth finding a local gaming group :)

I'm a roleplayer, happy to play, but I tend to GM most of the time. Happy running Pathfinder, oWoD, Rifts, among other things.

My partner and a friend of ours are also interested in coming along so potentially three new members.

Would this week be a good session to come along to and see how we get on? What games do you have on and do you have space or would you like us to bring something along?


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Re: New players interested in coming along to iWARPUK

Postby MarkC » 6:01pm on 30 Mar 15

This is a great week to come along, the start of the month tends to be when new games get started and old campaigns picked back up again. I'm not entirely certain what is running this week, though I believe there's a group doing 5th ed D&D and another starting Cthulhu. With 3 new players though we might want to get a 3rd group going as well. I'll make sure to bring a mini 'one shot' style game with me this week so I can make sure there's something to be ran for you guys or there might be some other suggestions come in from the other guys.
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Re: New players interested in coming along to iWARPUK

Postby Paul H » 9:37pm on 31 Mar 15


Glad to see another Pathfinder player/GM.

Not many of us at the club, I'm afraid. Think you're the second PF fan, though there is a couple in Cheltenham who might join us if we get some PFS going.

This month I'm starting up a Cthulu Britannica game. You're most welcome to join us.

Paul H
Paul H
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