Metting 25.02.2016

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Metting 25.02.2016

Postby Alex » 5:06pm on 22 Feb 16

I am intending to hold a short meeting on the 25th at about 20:00 so that we can discuss next month / the setting up of a third table.
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Re: Metting 25.02.2016

Postby cedrada » 2:08pm on 23 Feb 16

*salutes* Understood.

Probably best to discuss how things will work moving forwards as well. Given there are existing games that I know we all want to continue...
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Re: Metting 25.02.2016

Postby Anomandaris » 9:13pm on 24 Feb 16

Cool I will be there - I guess as one of the newer members I should volunteer to join a 3rd table as I'm not so ingrained into any of the existing groups and my presence won't be so missed. A shame as I was very much enjoying Alex's 5th ed game and though I'd not yet managed to play in Jason's Iron Kingdoms it sounds awesome!

Also happy to join a rotation of DMs on said 3rd table, though not for the initial couple of months as work's crazy atm but as we approach the summer, potentially May, I'm happy to run some D&D, most likely 3.5 Forgotten Realms.
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Re: Metting 25.02.2016

Postby Alex » 12:00am on 26 Feb 16

It has been decided that a third table will be set up for next month.

The three games being run will be:

D&D 5th edition.

I will be starting a thread in the Games/GM section for discussion.

I will also be going through and delete any old and unused threads from the board.

There has also been some discussion of changing the current system for running games.

Currently long running games tend to run on alternating months, it has been proposed that we change this so that for one set of alternating months there are long term games being run and for the other set there are shorter / one-shot games.
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