Microscope - life of a dungeon

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Microscope - life of a dungeon

Postby w00hoo » 4:56pm on 24 Dec 11

We played Microscope last night, the set up was looking at the life of a D&D mega dungeon from the dwarves first scrapings to the destruction of the mountain it was under. On the palette we liked the idea of complicated banking, robots, gods able to walk among the people, major volcanic activity and dwarves being turned to stone by sunlight. We decided no arcane magic, no undead, no travel between continents and no kind gods.

The story focussed heavily on the dwarves with the recurring themes of the cult of Arvath's Hammer. Arvath was the hero that smashed in to the earth to dig the first caverns after dwarves had been created by the gods to suffer. He stole the secrets of fire and metal from the gods using a bomb to blow open the gates of heaven having built a tower to get there so as to be protected from the sunlight.

The dwarves lost the secret of fire when their mechanics took the source of the ever lasting flame and split it between 100 mining machines which the gods later animated using fire spirits from the lava plains below the dungeon. A spurned twin of the dwarvish king split the dwarves, convincing them to build new towers to attack the gods once more but the offshoot tribes were turned to stone by the sunlight and the gods rent the upper levels of the dungeon asunder leaving them open to the sun. As the dwarfish monarchy waned the guilds took over but the fire spirits rose up and drove the last of the dwarves from the dungeon to the surface where the only way they could survive was to forge day walking amulets using the blood of lesser gods.

As Arvath's hammer was taken back by the gods a splinter group of the day walking dwarves travelled to the heart of the mountain and used Arvath's bomb to destroy themselves, the mountain and all of the remaining life around it seeing the lives of the dwarves as merely the playthings of the gods and choosing oblivion on their own terms over life under the gods.

Lots of twists and turns (and plenty of stuff I haven't mentioned) the game took around 4 hours with 5 of us playing and was excellent.
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Re: Microscope - life of a dungeon

Postby PaulBaldowski » 6:00pm on 24 Dec 11

Certainly sounds excellent. Some brilliant stuff in there... got my thoughts running and creative juices a-flowin'
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Re: Microscope - life of a dungeon

Postby James Mullen » 8:55pm on 24 Dec 11

Another excellent use of Microscope: I can foresee this game doing the same thing as A Penny for My Thoughts, that is being a slow-burner that suddenly ignites and catches on in wider circles.
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